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5 Best Online MP3 Tag Editor That You Can't Miss

If you are looking for something to edit tags, we got you! Read the article below and learn about 5 amazing online MP3 tag editors.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 28, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Do you like songs? Generally, people love and enjoy listening to songs because it relaxes them. Some people work with music, some study with music, whereas some go to the gym and sweat on the beats. The question is, do you just enjoy the music or do you get proper knowledge about it?

ID3 tags are the metadata in MP3 files which contain information regarding the content like its title, artist, album, genre, and other things. In case you want to change the tags, you can take help from the online MP3 tag editors. Let us discuss the 5 best tag editors that could be used.

Part 1. 5 Best Online MP3 Tag Editor Websites That You Can't Miss

There are two types of music lovers, one who just listens to enjoy. Whereas others like to collect music and maintain a tag library. MP3 files have metadata, and this consists of information regarding the music file other than its name. Do you know the MP3 tag is the best business? Let's talk more about it and share 5 great music tag editors online.

1. is a free website for changing music tags, album arts, and other ID3 as well. With this website, you don’t have to download or install any software or application to change the ID3 tags of your MP3 files. A cool thing about is that it can be accessed from any platform regardless of the device being used. You only need a strong internet connection to use the online editor.

This online automatic MP3 tag editor updates the ID3 version to ID3v2 for the MP3 files. This editor comes with a very easy and user-friendly interface, and you don't need much assistance to use it. With, you can easily upload the audio file from your hard drive, or else for uploading a file from an online database, enter its URL.

How to Use

Step 1: Start by searching and opening the editing tool on your browser. Then you have to upload the files for that, hit the ‘Choose Files’ button and add the file. Or else, you can also copy-paste the URL or drag and drop the file.

add your mp3 file

Step 2: Now, the music tag editor online will spontaneously add the metadata found on the internet. You can then check and verify the added information and make changes if required.

insert the information

Step 3: After all the data is finalized, you can tap on the ‘Generate New File’ button. As soon as you do this, you are redirected to the ‘Download’ page. At this point, download the copy of the audio file that contains the correct metadata.

click on download link

2. MP3Repair 

MP3Repair is an online MP3 tag editor with many other diverse features. Apart from editing MP3 tags, the tool could also be used for repairing online audio lengths and playtimes, cutting MP3 files and removing advertising, etc.

MP3Repair is a freeware, online editor that allows both repair and edit of MP3 files uploaded from your device or else from an online database. This online tool has a clean and understandable interface that users can work with easily.

Guideline to Use MP3Repair:

Step 1: Open the web browser on your device and search for MP3Repair, then open its official webpage to start the work. After that, upload the MP3 file by pasting the URL to get the file from an online database. Or, hit the big ‘Upload’ button to add files from your device.

insert your mp3 file

Step 2: After the file has been added, tap on the ‘Upload MP3 File’ button. Now, among the provided options, select the ‘Edit ID3 Tags’ option. All the detailed information will appear on the screen; from here, edit the metadata and tap on the 'Repair/Edit your MP3 File Now!' option.

click on upload mp3 file button

Step 3: Lastly, when the repaired MP3 file is displayed on the screen, hit the ‘Download your new MP3 File’ button. This will automatically download the MP3 file with the edited ID3 tags.

download your new mp3 file

3. Watermark Images 

Looking for a tool to add metadata? Let’s talk about Watermark Images. This online tool is free to use for unlimited time. You can add metadata to any of your files like images, audio, etc. The best part about using Watermark Images music tag editor online is that it offers an active customer service help center.

Moreover, this online freeware tool supports you to add or change the album artwork. This easy-to-use tool has no requirements to download anything on your machine; you just need good internet connectivity.

Follow these Steps to Use Watermark Image MP3 Tag Editor:

Step 1: To use Watermark Images online MP3 tag editor; first of all, browse for its official webpage. As soon as it opens, hit the ‘Select MP3 File’ button and select your preferred file to add metadata; it takes a few seconds to upload the file.

select your mp3 file to upload

Step 2: Next to the ‘MP3 output settings’ section, you will see a long list of empty fields asking for genre names, artists, etc. Here, search for all the asked questions and then enter them in the empty fields. After that, tap on the ‘Process MP3’ button below the details to add the information in the MP3 file.

add your mp3 information

Step 3: At the end, click on the ‘Download File’ button. This will insert all the metadata and information regarding the audio file, and lastly, a link will be shared to download the final file.

click on download file button

4. MP3 ID3 Tag Editor 

Are you a beginner? Try MP3 ID3 Tag Editor for adding and editing tags in your MP3 files. This tool is very useful and simple because of its easy interface. Your audio files can be edited like compressing, album title, album artist, genre, etc.

With MP3 ID3 Tag Editor, you can either add or also change the album art. Moreover, the online automatic MP3 tag editor extends support to auto-fill bags. The best thing, save your files to Google Drive or your computer with this tag editor.

Use MP3 ID3 Tag Editor by Following these Steps:

Step 1: For editing the metadata in any MP3 file, start by opening the webpage of the tag editor. Next, you have to upload the file, for that either import file from the available cloud storages options. Or else, tap on the ‘Choose Files’ option to browse the file from your device.

upload mp3 using available options

Step 2: As soon as you have uploaded the file, the screen will display different options and various fields. You should fill out the form and update the metadata.

edit mp3 tags

Step 3: After all the amendments are made in the metadata, tap on the ‘Save Tags’ option to save the file to your computer or Google Drive.

tap on save tags button

5. NeatMP3

If we talk about another nice tag editor, then, NeatMP3 is on the list. This online tool provides you with complete assistance, and you simply have to search for the metadata and fill in the correct spaces. This online automatic MP3 tag editor has a free version, and a premium version is also available. Are you ready to know about the most amazing thing? The offline version of this tool comes with a built-in media player.

Learn From Us to Use NeatMP3:

Step 1: To edit the tags, first of all, search for the official website of 'NeatMP3' on any browser on your computer. Next, for uploading the MP3 file, tap on the ‘Choose File’ option from the webpage.

click on choose file option

Step 2: We have mentioned this earlier; this online MP3 tag editor does not automatically fill the metadata. Users have to fill out the form after searching for the information manually. After filling out the information, tap on the ‘Write Tags’ button and download the MP3 file.

click on write tags button

Last Words

Was the above article helpful? Like we said earlier, we will introduce the 5 best online MP3 tag editors, so we did that. We hope that the article has shared a sufficient level of detail to increase your knowledge. Talking about increasing your knowledge, let’s also introduce a great video editor.

We are talking about Wondershare Filmora. This editor offers a wide variety of tools and diverse features. You can edit videos, audio, and a lot more than that. Features like Split Screen, Stabilize Video, AI Portrait, etc., are not a big deal for Filmora.

Apart from advanced features, you can also get your hands-on basic editing features like trim, cut, split, merge, join, etc.

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