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Happy Background Music for Birthday Video in 2024

After learning from this article, you will be able to create an attractive and stunning birthday video with happy background music.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 05, 22, updated Jul 17, 24

Every person on this planet has different preferences and likings. There are very versatile preferences among the different groups of people like someone prefers to celebrate New Year, and some prefer to celebrate Christmas wildly. In contrast, another group of people prefers to celebrate their birthdays. This is because it was a special moment when you came into this world.

The social media era has changed the way of celebration. Now are days people share cute birthday videos with happy background music. If your birthday is around the corner and you want to create a video with amazing background music for your birthday video, then this is your destination. Read to learn more about it.

Part 1. What is a Good Background Music for Birthday Slideshow?

Slideshows always look attractive and interesting if the background music matches the theme. For your birthday video to shine and stand out, one factor that should be in your mind is to add suitable birthday background music to your slideshow. Birthday videos are always a compilation of happy and fun moments. So why not add happy background music to it?

Every music consists of a beat-up and beat-drop. While making your cute birthday slideshow, attach the happy background music upbeat accordingly to sync it with the video. You should always select joyful background music for the birthday slideshow. The collection of images and videos should also somehow resonate with their interests, passion, and goals.

Part 2. 15 Trendy Happy Background Music for Birthday Video

Happy background music is essential when it comes to birthday views. Birthdays are to celebrate, and celebration comes with joy and happiness. So, adding happy birthday background music to your videos is a necessity. The question is, exactly what music is suitable for a birthday slideshow? The following section of this article will share 15 great and trendy birthday music.

1. Happy Birthday - Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson's Happy Birthday is one of the best birthday music for birthday videos. The music was published in 2011, on the 2nd of November. It instantly grabbed the audience's attention and reached 1,894,387 views and 8.7k likes. Jennifer has a very strong yet subtle voice that makes the music attractive.

jennifer hudson song

2. Happy Birthday song for Children - HeyKids

HeyKids made stunning birthday music, especially for children. If you plan to create a birthday video for kids, then nothing is better than this song. It has 3D animations and 9 happy birthday background music that your kids will love.

heykids birthday song

3. Disneyland Birthday Song

If you want to add funny yet heartwarming birthday wishes to your birthday slideshow, consider this option. Disneyland Birthday Song is the perfect fun-filled happy birthday music. The songs gained 1.7 views and a total of 469,588 likes.

disneyland birthday song

4. 16 Candles - The Crests

16 Candles is originally a 1984 movie, and this is its title song. The Crests performed 16 Candles. As the name indicates, this is the perfect 16th birthday background music. This music is very appropriate for blowing 16 candles on your 16th birthday.

the crests sixteen candles song

5. Birthday - The Beatles

The next song is 'Birthday' by the very famous band, 'The Beatles.' Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote the song. The album was released in the year of 1968. This song is about having fun on birthdays, so feel free to use it as birthday background music.

the birthday beatles song

6. Birthday Cake - Rihanna

Who doesn't like to listen to Rihanna? For any Rihanna fan, this birthday music is perfect for you. The song 'Birthday Cake' is a mix of Rihanna with Chris Brown. The whole vibe of this song is about birthday fun and dancing, which makes it very interesting.

rihanna birthday cake song

7. Happy Birthday - Minions

This Happy Birthday music is a minion rendition. Minions are singing birthday songs with balloons everywhere. This is the cutest background music for birthday videos. It was published in the year 2015 on the 14th of September. The video received more than 22k likes and 13,128,373 views.

minions happy birthday song

8. It's my Birthday -

'It's my Birthday' was originally an Indian song which was later converted into English and sung by Many people find the song familiar due to this very reason. The birthday music received great hype and had 110M+ views till now.

its my birthday song

9. Happy Birthday - Altered Images

This birthday music is very famous as it got to number 2 rank on UK pop singles Chart. For your birthday slideshows, this song is perfect as it has a funky and fast guitar to add cool vibes to your video. This is one of the most successful songs of Altered Images.

altered image happy birthday song

10. Happy Birthday - The Click 5

Happy Birthday by 'The Click 5' is another option for happy birthday background music. The song was written by Jez Ashurst, Ben Romans, and Chris Braide. The song became very famous in Singapore and the Philippines.

the click 5 happy birthday song

11. Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder

This Happy Birthday song was a part of a campaign. The campaign celebrated King Martin Luther Jr.'s birthday as a national holiday. This song is widely used today because it is a piece of successful, happy background music.

stevie wonder happy birthday song

12. Birthday - Katy Perry

Who has not heard about the great Katy Perry? The next amazing birthday song that is perfect for spreading smiles and joy is Katy Perry. The song video was published in 2014. By then, the video has gained 71,872196 views.

birthday katy perry song

13. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen - Neil Sedaka

Another 16th birthday-appropriate song is 'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen.' Neil Sedaka performed the song. It was Neils 4th song that reached the top 10 pop songs.

happy birthday sweet sixteen song

14. It's My Birthday - The Next Step Performing Arts

The last trendy song to be discussed is 'It's My Birthday.' The song is full of fun. It has 2 brothers who are dancing and having fun with their friends.

the next step performing arts birthday song

Part 3. How to Create an Unforgettable Birthday Slideshow Video?

With Wondershare Filmora, you can create cute and equally stunning slideshow videos for your birthday. It has hundreds of different effects and transitions that could be used to make something worth watching. Follow the steps below to create your birthday video with Filmora.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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Step 1: Start by launching Wondershare Filmora and importing the media files. Then, head over to the 'Titles' section and add your desired title. Drag and drop some birthday-related templates to the timeline.

 access titles section

Step 2: You can customize the title template. For that, double-click on the title track and click on the 'Advanced' option. This will redirect you to the 'Advanced Text Edit' window. You can edit the text here.

edit text from advanced options

Step 3: After that, it's time to drag and drop the media files from the 'Media' tab to the timeline. You can customize the media file by double-clicking on it.

 drag and drop media files

Step 4: With Filmora, you can add amazing transitions to your video. Drag and drop your favorite transition from the 'Transitions' tab. From the 'Elements' tab, you can also add cool birthday-related elements.

add transitions and effects

Step 5: You can edit and trim the birthday video like you wish to. Lastly, export the file and enjoy sharing it when you are satisfied with all the edits and changes.

Final Words

Your search for birthday background music will end after going through this article. We have shared 15 top and trendy birthday-appropriate music. You can use them in your birthday slideshow and make a classy video.

We also talked about Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is the best platform to create cool and stunning birthday videos by using its different transitions, effects, and elements.

Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

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