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Show Audio Waveform and add Waveform Animation in Premiere Pro | Tutorial

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

By using waveform of the sound waves in Premiere Pro, we can better edit audio. In the following article, we'll learn how the audio waveform auto-sync feature in Premiere Pro helps automatically align and merge clips in the Project panel, in the timeline, and when setting up a multicamera project and how to insert audio waveform on your clips using Premiere Pro.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to show Audio Waveform on clips in Premiere Pro? (2 ways)
    1. 1. Click the wrench icon on settings button
    2. 2. Automatic generate audio waveform
  2. Part 2. How to add audio waveform animation in Premiere Pro?
  3. Part 3. How to change the incorrect audio waveform in Premiere Pro?
  4. Part 4. How to add audio waveform animation to video with Premiere Pro alternative?

Part 1. How to show Audio Waveform on clips in Premiere Pro? (2 ways)

Users frequently complain that the audio waveform can suddenly disappear while editing audio in Premiere Pro, which is quite annoying to deal with. In the following tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make the audio waveforms visible.

1. Click the wrench icon on settings button

If you are not seeing them on audio clips on your timeline, then you drag on an audio clip to your timeline or your sequence and just click on the wrench and check to show audio waveform.

click the wrench icon on settings button

Once you check that you should see the audio waveforms on your clip you can click it again you should see a checkmark and it is highlighted in blue and if you don't want to see them all you have to do is click it again.

audio waveforms

That will toggle off the audio waveforms and that is how to show the audio waveforms on your audio clips in adobe premiere pro.

adobe premiere pro

2. Automatic generate audio waveform

Make sure "Automatic audio waveform creation" is selected by going to "Edit > Preferences > Audio" first. When importing files, no waveforms are generated if option is unticked. Only clips you import moving forward will be impacted by this; clips already imported won't be affected.

Second, for creating audio waveforms on clips that don't have them, select the clips in the Program panel and go to “Clip > Generate Audio Waveform”.

select the clips

Part 2. How to add audio waveform animation in Premiere Pro?

If you want to simply add a dynamic effect to your audio, just follow the tutorial below.

Step1Click After Effects Composition

First, make sure both the video and audio are selected. Right-click and select replace with After Effects composition.

click after effects composition
Step2Create a new solid in After Effects

After creating a new project in After Effects, you need to choose a new solid of any color in your composition.

create a new solid in after effects
Step3Open audio waveform effect

Search audio waveform and drag and drop this effect on your solid. The waveform will now respond to the audio in your film if you use the audio layer option for your clip in the effect parameters for your solid change.

open audio waveform effect
Step4Adjust the audio waveform effect

The position of the waveform on your video can be changed by utilizing the start and end point settings. Make sure the last values for each selections are the same to maintain an even level. Next, you can change the characteristics to give your waveform the desired appearance. Here, I applied some fundamental settings that are effective for singing. Using the two-color picker options and the display options, you may also change the waveform's inner and outer colors.

adjust the audio waveform effect
Step5Check the animation and export the video

Back in Premiere, you can pick whether you want the traditional analog lines to appear or a more contemporary digital waveform. Your clip will now be replaced with an After Effects composition that is dynamically tied to the audio waveform.

check the animation

Part 3. How to change the incorrect audio waveform in Premiere Pro?

These problems typically result from corrupted cache/peak files. If you have cleared the cache from the application. I will recommend cleaning them manually by going to the location specified in “Preferences > Media Cache”.

Clean the contents of the folder named Media Cache, Media Cache files, and Peak files (Before cleaning them, please ensure to open these folders once and verify if they have any of the media files in them to avoid any accidental deletion of required media or asset).

media cache files

Please make sure that the option “ and.pek cache files next to the original media files when possible” is unchecked. If it is ticked, you will have to remove them by hand from the folders where the media files are kept.

media files

The Audio previews can also be cleaned (File > Project Settings > Scratch Disks > Audio Previews).

The following time you open the project, these files will be cleared. Rebuilding the necessary cache and peak files could take some time.

Part 4. How to add audio waveform animation to video with Premiere Pro alternative?

In reality, based on the above process, it is clear that you must use After Effects to add audio waveform animation effects in Premiere Pro. Although you can further modify the animation, this approach is very difficult for beginners to understand, and it has a high learning cost. In this situation, we strongly advise you to try Filmora Audio Visualizer. We provide more than 25 animation effects and fixed pre-made waveform elements, and you can also adjust the color and frequency in Advanced Settings. Come and give it a try!


This article will help you in resolving various audio waveform issues in Premiere Pro. Additionally, you can discover how to create waveforms in your audio clips. You should try Wondershare Filmora to add the waveform animation even if Premiere Pro is one of the greatest audio and video editing programs. Beginners will find it more convenient and simpler. If you simply want to quickly polish your music video or podcast video, the Filmora audio visualizer is a better option.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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