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Quick and Easy Vocal Removal in Audacity: A Guide

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 10, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Removing vocals from audio tracks or songs can be tricky. You may want to create a video and need an instrumental track to add to the background. Maybe you are a content creator looking to remove vocals from a song and extract the instrumental parts for background music in various projects. The Audacity vocal remover makes it easy to achieve this. The vocal remover in Audacity is a great tool that brings satisfactory results without losing the quality of the original track. In this article, we explain two methods of vocal reduction and isolation Audacity and the steps you can follow to do the same in Filmora.

In this article
  1. Method 1: Remove Vocals Using Audacity Vocal Reduction Tool
  2. Method 2: Remove Vocals Using Audacity Splitting Audio Channels
  3. Alternative Way to Remove Vocals from Audio with Filmora
  4. Conclusion
AI Vocal Remover
A cross-platform for facilitating your video editing process by offering valuable benefits!
Wondershare Filmora

Method 1: Remove Vocals Using Audacity Vocal Reduction Tool

The first method of removing vocals in Audacity is using the built-in vocal remover. This method is effective in completely removing vocals depending on how much processing is on the vocal. Even if the vocals are not completely removed, the method will reduce the volume significantly to give you great results. Let’s have a look at how to isolate vocal audacity with this method.

Step 1: Open Audacity

The first thing you need to do is open the Audacity software in preparation for the vocal removal.

open audacity

Step 2: Import the Audio Track

Go to File > Import > Audio to import the audio track you want to edit.

import audio

Step 3: Select Audio Track

Select the song or audio track from which you want to remove the vocals. This allows Audacity to load the waveform of the track into the editor.

file import

Step 4: Export as MP3

Backup the file so that you still have the whole song available for use later. Go to File > Export > Export as MP3. Audacity will export the track in the original file format. If it was a WAV audio file, the export will be to that type. This ensures that the audio artifacts are kept in the best condition for editing. Be sure to name the exported file in something you will easily remember.

export audio

Step 5: Import the New Audio File

Once you have exported the audio file, click “Close “on the original file. Then import the file you exported in the last step.

import new audio file

Step 6: Apply Vocal Reduction and Isolation

Click on Select, then Select All. On the Effect drop-down menu, select Audacity Vocal Reduction and Isolation.

apply vocal reduction

Step 7: Remove Vocals

Click on the Action tab and select Remove Vocals. Wait for Audacity to remove the vocal and click Play to listen to the edited track. Audacity isolate vocals giving you clear instruments for your audio track or song file.

remove vocals

This method is a quick and easy way to remove vocals from any song in Audacity. It works best with any kind of song and will produce the edited track in just a matter of minutes. On the drawback, this method does not always wholly remove vocal and you may at times still hear bits of it. It may also remove other elements of the audio in addition to the vocal. Nonetheless, it is an effective approach that will work most of the time.

Method 2: Remove Vocals Using Audacity Splitting Audio Channels

When working with songs or audio tracks with vocals in one channel and instruments in another, this is the best method to use. The Audacity vocal remover plugin gives you a simple way to separate the vocals and other sounds in an audio file. However, you cannot tell song that has multiple channels simply by looking at or listening to it. Therefore, you can try this method with any of your files and see the quality of the outcome. Here are the steps for this audacity separate vocals method:

Step 1: Import Your File

Start by importing your audio track or song file into Audacity.

import file

Step 2: Split Stereo to Mono

In the title of the audio, click the Down Arrow. Then select Split Stereo to Mono.

split stereo to mono

Step 3: Play Solo

Click on the Play button and choose Solo on each track. This allows you to see if there is any isolated vocal on either channel.

play solo

Step 4: Delete Isolated Vocal

From the results, delete the section that contains the isolated vocal from the Audacity session.

delete isolated

This alternative method is also effective in extract vocals Audacity. The main benefit is it has fewer steps than the first method. It will also completely remove vocals that are on their own channel. However, the method is limited in that it does not work for the vast majority of audio. It will only work for audio tracks with vols on one channel and instruments on another.

Alternative Way to Remove Vocals from Audio with Filmora

Another great option for removing vocals from a song is using Wondershare Filmora. The video editing software comes with some interesting features, including vocal removal. The recently released Filmora Version 13 is more versatile and user-friendly for better edits. With the integration of AI, users can automate vocal removal which would normally require a lot of time and incredible skill to execute. The AI in the software does this in a few minutes. Filmora also has some amazing features that automate video editing, allowing you to do more with less effort.

Free Download
Free Download

Quick Tutorial on Removing Vocals with Filmora

The AI Vocal Remover feature on Filmora separates vocals and music from any song or audio track. You can use this feature to extract any acapella from music tracks or dub videos freely by removing the vocals completely. The feature allows you to keep high-quality audio while removing the vocals. It uses advanced algorithms to isolate vocals while maintaining exceptional audio quality. This ensures that vocals are effectively separated from the background music, by audio fidelity is not lost. To remove vocals from your video or audio files, follow these simple steps:

Method 1: Filmora Top Toolbar

Step 1 – Launch Filmors and Create a New Projects

Click on the Filmora icon on your desktop to launch the software. Log in to sign up using the Profile icon at the top. Navigate to the control panel on the left side, and then choose the Create Project Option, and click New Project.

launch filmora
Step 2: Import Source Files and Add to Timeline

On the Main Filmora Interface, select Media from the custom toolbar. Then click Files and import the files you want to use to Filmora. Select the imported files, and drag and drop them into the timeline panel.

import files
Step 3 – Enable AI Vocal Removal

Select the audio track or music clip you want to use in the timeline. Navigate toward the Tools tab at the top toolbar. Choose the Audio option from the drop-down menu and click on the AI Vocal Remover.

ai vocal remover

Method 2: Running AI Vocal Remover from the Timeline

Once you upload media Filmora, select the media that you want to remove vocal from. Then drag and drop it to the timeline panel.  Right-click on the video and choose the AI Vocal Remover from the options panel. This will automatically remove vocals from the video.

ai vocal remover method 2

Compared to Audacity, Filmora’s AI Vocal Remover tool is quick and easy to use. It will facilitate your video editing process by allowing you to remove vocals and use instrumentals on the go. For instance, this feature allows you to easily dub any video without having to cover up the current vocals. This means that your videos will be more entertaining and engaging while keeping great soundtracks. Match the energy in your videos with the quality of the instrumentals with just a few clicks.


Removing vocals from a video song or audio file gives you more freedom in your projects. You can use the audio as an instrumental or in other creative ways. Audacity is among the most popular vocal removers on the internet. It offers several ways to remove vocals clearly from your audio tracks or music files. Vocal isolation audacity is easy and takes only a few steps. However, we recommend the AI vocal remover feature by Filmora because it is more versatile and accurate. The automated feature takes care of everything for you when removing the vocals from your audio files. You also get to utilize other useful video editing features that automate mundane tasks.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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