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How to Record Audio with Audacity for Free?

Natural audio recording software, such as Voice Memos for Macs or Sound Recorder for Windows PCs, is included with every machine. These applications enable users to record audio using either the desktop's internal or an external microphone, and they generally have basic audio editing features.

However, when you're looking for a higher-quality recording program, Audacity is the way to go. Audacity is a free audio editor with a lot of cutting-edge features. More significantly, recording using Audacity is as simple as clicking a button.

In this Audacity Record Computer Audio guide, we will show you all the methods of recording internal audio on your computer and Mac.

Part 1: How to Record Audio On Audacity with a Microphone On Windows and Mac Computers?

For both Windows and Mac, the procedures for recording audio from a microphone are the same if you're utilizing your desktop's built-in mic or an external microphone. Here's your step-by-step guide to audacity record using a microphone:

Step 1: Launch Audacity and get to know the Device Toolbar, situated underneath the playback controls. You may modify the Audio Host and the Recording and Playback Devices—all of which are required for Audacity recording.

audacity interface

Step 2: To begin, select Tracks under the Add New tab, Stereo Track, or Mono Track to create a new track.

audacity add new track

Step 3: Select Recording Device from the options list. Select your microphone from the dropdown menu and hit the Record option.

audacity record audio

Step 4: A soundwave emerges along the track as you talk into the speaker. The Recording Level may be found at the top of the display. To pause or stop the recording, click Stop or Pause until you select Record anew.

audacity recorded audio waveform

Step 5: With the mouse over any recording area, click the Delete button to cut out any portion of it quickly. Click Ctrl + A, then Delete to erase whatever you've just saved. Alternatively, press the X button to delete the track completely.

remove unwanted clip in audacity

Part 2: How to Record Sounds Playing on Your Computer Using Audacity On Windows?

Unlike Mac, Windows makes it simple to capture audio from a movie or media file running on your desktop. There seem to be two primary methods for accomplishing audacity record desktop audio in this way:

1. Use MME as the Audio Host

Step 1: To use MME as your audio host, go to Tracks in the Add New tab in Stereo Track and create a new file.

record playing sound with audacity

Step 2: Change the Audio Host (to the left of Recording Device) to MME—this is the standard setting, so you might not have to change anything.

change audio host in audacity

Step 3: Choose desired option from the Recording Device dropdown menu. Based on your configuration, this might be referred to as Wave Out or Loopback. When you're uncertain, try it out.

choose audio recording device in audacity

Step 4: To record your audio source, click Record, then play it back.

2. Use WASAPI as the Audio Host

WASAPI provides higher-resolution digital recordings. If capturing audio from an external monitor, it's also a good idea to utilize it.

Step 1: Convert the Audio Host from MME to Windows WASAPI after creating a fresh Stereo Track.

  audacity change host

Step 2: Switch the Recording Device to Speaker (loopback). To display the entire label, you might have to slide the toolbar's knobs outwards. Begin recording by pressing the red dot and then listen to the audio source. Audacity will capture the audio even if your PC is muted.

Part 3: How to Record Sounds Playing on Your Computer Using Audacity on Mac?

Unfortunately, there's no ready-made method to record computer audio using Audacity on a Mac. Some alternative ways to use Audacity to record from Mac including using a loopback cable, or download and using a third-party software. You can try some Audacity alternatives to record the computer audio on Mac.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

If you have installed Filmora already, you can use it to record the sound playing on your Mac with some tricks. 

Step 1: Luanch Filmora, and then click the Record button and select Record PC Screen.

 filmora mac record pc  screen

Step 2: Set up the recording settings based on the need. Since we’re going to record the playing audio from the Mac computer, select Microphone and System Audio On and click the Red button to start.

 filmora mac record pc  screen

Step 3: Now you have a screen captured video with sound included. Since we need th audio only, we can attache the audio from the video first and then do some editing such as adding fade in and fade out effect, or remove unwanted audio clip.

 filmora   detach audio

Part 4: How to Set up Audacity to Record as Schedule? 

A streaming video recorder or cassette can be used to arrange a recording. All of those are identical to Time Recordings in that they are used to schedule recording. The Timer record configuration dialog box may be used to set the beginning and finish of the recording. This is how you do it:

Step 1: By definition, the recording's Start Date and Time are set to the present time. It will begin recording on the present day and hour by default when you don't alter it. There is no default setting for the End Date and Time. You must either choose a date and time to determine the end time.

audacity schedule recording

Step 2: There is a Checkbox to Save the work immediately. By Ticking the option, you may choose the path or Folder where the file will be saved when the recording is finished.

audacity timer record


Well, there you have it – your complete Audacity Record Computer Audio guide. One thing is for certain that Audacity allows some great ways of recording audio from internal and external components of your Windows and Mac. However, if your Audacity is having issues, we would highly recommend opting for another software, such as Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora is the finest thing that has come out in recent years for recording audio from a desktop. It is intended not just for pros but also for any enthusiast videographer who desires to create a high-quality movie for their family and friends. Download it today to make your movie a delightful journey with high-quality audio recording.

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