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10 Popular Sound Recorder for PC in 2022

The audio voice recorder is extensively used these days in a diverse range of activities. One has to use the voice recorder in the music industry to mix the sound and make it worthwhile. The teachers also record sounds from the computer to send regular lectures to the students.

The audio recording software makes editing effortless. Plus, its usage is productive. The article introduces the 10 best voice recorders in the business. Its time! Let us begin!

Part 1: 10 Best Sound Recorder to Record Voice on PC Easily

Are you looking for the 10 best voice recorders? Follow our lead! We have got you covered!

The voice recording is one thing, and editing it for multiple uses is another. The user has to edit audio, mix one music with another, enhance the effects, and improve multitasking at the workplace. In short, a voice recorder is important.

For this very reason, the section offers an insight into the top ten audio recorders for PC. So, without delaying this any further, let us commence this. Shall we?

Wondershare DemoCreator

The first PC audio recorder on the list is Wondershare DemoCreator. The tool does a phenomenal job recording with a camera and microphone so that the voice recording process can go flexible and free of friction.

wondershare democreator

The features of DemoCreator include:

  • Advanced tools perform professional audio editing.

  • The program allows more than 50 formats to import video, audio, and other media files.

  • It is very easy to use as a graphic user interface is offered to the users.


Willing to know the features of WavePad? Allow us to walk you through them! Bringing revolution in the market of voice recorders for PC, WavePad is a strong name. Being compatible with most formats and supporting the basic editing features, WavePad helps enhance the quality of the video. The batch processing feature plays a great role in applying the same effect to the batch files.

wavepad interface

The traits of WavePad are as under:

  • The user can change the audio effects and amplify, equalize, reverb, echo, reverse, normalize it in seconds.

  • One can restore the track with the built-in noise reduction functionality.

  • Speech synthesis and spectrum analysis are advanced and professional audio editing tools.

Adobe Audition

The concern is what Adobe Audition offers? Right? Regarded as one of the most advanced Windows voice recorders, Adobe Audition takes the user's needs seriously. The tool plays a vital role in multitracking, audio restoration, and wave editing. Additionally, one can count on Adobe Audition to support several formats during the workability process.

adobe audition recorder

The features of this exceptional sound recorder for PC include:

  • Adobe's noise reduction tool suppresses and reduces the background noise for professional results.

  • The tool can easily be integrated with other Adobe apps, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • The software is responsible for adding crisp and high quality to the audio files.


To record audio from the computer like a pro, Audacity offers its unmatched services free of cost. With a simple interface, Audacity pretty much covers most of the audio editing tools. It operates on all operating systems offering a professional user experience to the lot.

audacity voice recorder

Following is a list of features presented by Audacity.

  • One can export and import the audio file in any format.

  • There are no ads in the software to slow down the process.

  • The audio editing options include cutting, deleting, pasting, and copying.


Ocenaudio software to record audio makes the process flawless by providing a cross-platform for its numerous users. Essentially, a free track editor manipulates the metadata and edits to particular channels in seconds. The player of the tool has to be professional to handle the voice recorder.

ocenaudio sound recording

The attributes of Ocenaudio are:

  • You can count on this tool to auto-trim and use the voice recording controls like a pro.

  • The real-time effect previews make the process productive.

  • The Sound Spectral analysis is one of the advanced tools of Ocenaudio.

Sound Forge

Why is Sound Forge the best of all? Continue scrolling down to find! Sound Forge is the right tool for you if you are looking to control the audio editing process all in all. Sound Forge offers digitization and restoration of the audio in the true meaning as a voice recording software. The tool supports the multi-channel recording with robust editing features to get the desirable results with minimal effort.

sound forge interface

Let us have a glance at the features of Sound Forge!

  • The software supports a one-touch recording feature that helps streamline the process.

  • The waveform of the audio can be easily edited by redrawing it with a pencil.

  • The VST3 effect support permits you to access the required plugins for all the audio creations.


What is MixPad featuring at the moment? To know, follow us! Another best audio recorder and workable sound recording software for creative professionals are MixPad. This voice recorder was designed to cater to audio production concerns in a seamless fashion. The tool helps fade the audio, reverb, equalize, adjust the volume, and mix music effortlessly.

interface of mixpad

The additional characteristics are:

  • The interface has a sleek design that facilitates the audio editing and effects processes.

  • Almost every format is supported by MixPad that makes importing frictionless.

  • The latency rate is minimum, and ASIO support is offered for viable and accurate processing.


A digital audio workstation and an open-source Windows recorder introduce you to a free PC audio recorder. Ardour does an amazing job of extracting the audio track from a video. Additionally, the tool supports a wide range of audio and video formats, making it very handy.

ardour audio workstation

Follow our lead to further what Ardour desktop audio recorder brings to the table.

  • The user can keep track of the audio recordings flawlessly through the in-built Monitor feature.

  • The unlimited multi-channel track editing gives you the freedom to record as you wish.

  • Ardour is an excellent choice for musicians as it allows an extensive set of plugins and add-ons without any complications.


How Record Pad brings effectivity to the workplace? If you want to know, be our guest! The next on the list of best voice recorders are RecordPad. Acting as a high-quality audio recorder for PCs, RecordPad offers voice-activated recording. The feature is mostly useful in minimizing the long periods of awkward silence in the input. One can customize the interface according to their needs, thus, bring efficiency multifold.

recordpad sound recorder

The features include:

  • Noise reduction, voice fading, equalizing, and pitch shifting are audio editing tools introduced by RecordPad.

  • RecordPad allows you to share the recordings via email. Essentially, one can upload them to an FTP server as well.

  • The tool offers compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS X.


Last but not least, the Spek sound recorder has changed the narrative of all the voice recorders in the business. The tool is free, ultra-fast, and can effortlessly be accessed in 19 different languages. Moreover, the spectral density ruler plays a pivotal role in auto-fitting the time. Speck also supports the FFMPEG library.

spek sound record

The multiple features of this audio voice recorder include:

  • Speck is highly famous for a lossless quality audio track that works in favor of professionals.

  • The cross-platform accessibility makes the tool compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

  • It is a user-friendly interface that makes navigation easy and flawless.

Final Thoughts

The voice recorder software is the need of the hour as they help manipulate the audio effortlessly. The article introduced the ten best voice recorders in the market with their key features. The users are recommended to effectively use the tool that suits their workplace needs.

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