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Where Can I Find Bell Sound Effect?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 11, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Chiming into a perfect sound effect is quite challenging as any mistake in this might flop the impact of the sound. It will be a lot of pressure to take a responsibility of matching the perfect bell sound and its effect to bring the right music. Here we will help you to know where you can find the best bell sound effects. Reading this article will give you an idea of where to get the bell sound effects and where to download them from.

 Part 1 Ways to Download Various Sound Effects

There are many ways to download or get various sound effects including bell sound effects. With overwhelming sites offering the options to download free bell sound effects for your videos, you might still have to take lot of measures to select the best effect that suits your video. With various types of Chimes ranging from hourly intervals, and generic bells – there are sites that provides free downloading effects suitable for different purposes. These sounds on the sites have been recorded professionally and thus you will not be finding any noises or other disturbing effects while you are matching them with your videos.

Here are some of the ways where you can download all kinds of sound effects that are free to use.

1. Download from Some YouTube Video:

As YouTube doesn’t allow downloading videos directly to your device all the time unless the video owner allow it, you need to use third party websites that allows users to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. MP3FY is an awesome website that will allow you to download the audio part of the YouTube video that you want to download. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: First you need to visit MP3FY website from your computer browser.

Step 2: Next you need to copy the video link from YouTube and paste the link into the box.

Step 3: Then click on the Convert button and click Confirm after that so that you can verify the video.

Step 4: Finally you need to click on the Download MP3 button to Save the MP3 file to your computer, where you can play it in your favorite music player or simply use it to add into any video of your choice.

mp3fy web

Another way to download audio from YouTube video is by converting a video to MP3 directly from YouTube. Here is how.

Step 1: First you need to add the letters fy between youtube and .com in the URL for the YouTube video you want to convert.

Step 2: This will take you to the MP3FY website, where you need to follow the same steps like before to convert and download the MP3 file.

2. Make Bell Sound Effect by Yourself:

If you have FL Studio and 3xOSC plugin then you can easily create bell sounds mp3 effect by yourself. The process is a bit technical but we’ll get you through this process step by step.

Step 1: First you need to load 3xOsc to your FL Studio project and choose Sine Wave as the shape for the Oscillator 1. Also, for this process, we’ll only need ONE oscillator so disable the Osc 2 & Osc 3 by turning their volume levels to 0%.

load 3xosc

Step 2: Next you need to navigate to the “Instrument Properties (INS)” tab and from there select “VOL” subtab (volume envelope) and click on the “Use envelope” button to enable it. Then you need to edit the envelope curve to look like below image (short Attack time, quite low Sustain level and semi-long Release time is the key here).

vol subtab

Step 3: Next, you need to click on the “TNS” button (Tension) to edit the envelope line shapes a bit. We need to lower the tension level of Decay to add sharper “drop” from the Decay to Sustain. This will make the bell sound sharper for you. Also lower the tension level between Sustain and Release so that it doesn’t let the long Release to be too dominant

tns button

Step 4: Finally, you need to add that spacious depth and color to the sound via Fruity Reeverb. So, you can assign the 3xOsc to a free mixer track and drop a Fruity Reeverb to its effect slot. You need to set it like – “Color to Warmer (all the way to right – to make the reverb sound less metallic), Decay to 7 sec (long Decay time is the key here to make the bell sound huge and atmospheric), HighDamping to OFF and Reverb level to 24%”.

add that spacious depth


Here in this site, you can find almost more than 200 bell sound effects ranging from small bells to long sound bell sound effects. The site offers loads of other generic bells that can be used that are available in various formats.

4.Orange Free Sounds:

If you wanted to enjoy free bell sound effects for your video, this is the right site where you can find numerous sound effects that are available free for you. With various range of bell sound effects including small bell, church bell toning, elevator bell sound effects, bell ringing sound effects, and other related ones are available that can be matched with your video effects.

orange free sounds

5.A Sound Effect:

Here is another site where you can get amazing bell sound effects with clear and high-quality audios. These sound effects are tuned to the lovely musical notes and are recorded by experts so you will not find any flaws. The files once downloaded can be used directly as these are trimmed and attached in easy format to use in videos. The files are available in almost all the format to help you download them as per your video.

sound effect


If you can’t find suitable bell sound for your video, you will surely find it in this site. The FreeSFX site have a great collection of free bell sound effects of all ranges and they don’t just stop with this. They update the site with new bell sounds often and so you can make your videos with these latest ones uploaded on the site.

 Part 2 Use Filmora to Add Sound Effects in Your Video

The Filmora is the best editor enabling you to enjoy the music along with your video with the incorporation of its powerful features. You can edit the audio detaching it separately from the video. As it is an easy-to-use tool that makes flawless blending of audio and video, you can now relish the best music and video in single file.


  • The audio mixer feature helps user to edit audio files separately.

  • Various effects including audio fade in and out helps to adjust the background audio easily.

  • Enhances the video clarity adding the stunning effects and it has the huge collection of audios.

  • Contains royal free music collections and sound effects.

Guide to Add Sound Effects to Video with Filmora:

Step 1: Go to the Filmora official website, install wonder share Filmora and lunch it. Once it’s launched, you will find a tab just below the menu bar, tap media, and click import. After this, there will be a drop-down where you can click on import media files and choose the video file. Repeat the process to pick the desired background music. You can also use build-in music tracks to add music to your video by selecting the Music tab.

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add music

Step 2: Now you can navigate over the video you imported to Filmora, then tap on the sign ‘+’on it alternatively; you can drag down to the timeline the media file.

Step 3: Now edit your music by double-tapping the audio from the timeline. It will display the audio panel at the top of the screen. You can use it to set the desired equalizer, manage pitch volume and speed. You can also use the forum to fade in or fade out.

edit audio

Step 4: Finally, you can now export the video that has made the desired changes by clicking ‘export’ on the toolbar to export the video. You can now save the exported in the desired format and remember to rename it directly.

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If you are looking for the merging of audio to video, then you don’t have to be panic. All you need to do is to add some background music to video using Filmora tools. In this you are free to choose any bell music to match your video file online without much trouble or looking for an expert to get this done for you. With the above rich features, Filmora software enhances your video by merging audio.

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