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FREE 8 Best Plugins for Logic Pro X

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

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Those trying to track down the ideal DAW to cope with their workload will have been delighted when Logic Pro X was released.

This suite allows you to capture your newly created sounds, manage different projects at once, and bring you the crisp clarity you would expect of Logic Pro software.

We looked at the 8 best plugins for Logic Pro X intending to save you both time and money. Are you ready for expert-level audio? Read on and find out how to achieve it.

Best Free Plugins for Logic Pro X

Let’s get stuck in straight away with some of the best plugins for the Logic Pro X suite.

1. Izotope RX7 Audio Editor

Price: $399 (standard)

Izotope specializes in music and audio plugins for logic pro x making with the clean-cut finesse of a professional suite.

They have multiple options at varying price points, all of which have been designed to reach new heights in terms of sound quality.

This plugin is supposed to be used for audio correction, meaning you will most likely find it in the pro mixing suite.

It’s an impressive plugin that can do things you don’t expect to get from a DAW plugin.


  • Ambiance match and de-rustle of your background noise
  • Dialogue reverb remover and contouring, as well as de-isolation
  • Variable time and pitch improvements


2. Black Rooster’s Cypress TT-15

Price: Free!

Black Rooster knock it out of the park with this free plugin software.

The combination of guitar head emulations and low wattage amplification takes a straightforward look at cleaning up a crunchy guitar, crackling sounds, and enhances audio to a clean sounding simulation.

It comes with six controls and a variety of distortions should you need them.


  • 2 x 12 cabinet simulation feature
  • Simple six controls for ease of use
  • Completely free, tailored to one specific use

Black Rooster’s Cypress TT-15

3. Rhodes Piano Bass

Price: Free (Temporarily)

One of the best free plugins for logic pro x, Rhodes Piano Bass features numerous sounds played on Rhodes based instruments.

It works well to complement other Rhodes based instruments or piano/bass music creations.

It reportedly has a 70s vibe and a funky feel to it, making it ideal for those committed to the dulcet tones of the hippy movement.


  • A range of Rhodes based instruments and effects
  • Vintage sounding effects similar to those used by the Doors
  • Not sample-based and only 30 mb in size

4. Ample Percussion Cloudrum

Price: Free

Another of the best free plugins for logic pro x that you can download comes from Ample Sound. This percussion plugin gives you a drum bass across a three-octave range, allowing you to sample drumbeats in different ranges.

This makes music production easier across the board since almost every single song needs percussion to hammer home that beat.


  • A steel tongue drums with a 3-octave range
  • Customized parameter control and doubled upsampling for left and right speakers
  • The ability to cycle simulations and remove robotic-sounding drums

Ample Percussion Cloudrum

5. D-50 Linear Synthesizer

Price: Pricing starts at $20 per month

This is one of those specific plugins for Logic Pro X that is used by owners of the Roland Synthesizer to produce a fairly dazzling array of differing sounds.

It has a distinctly vintage sound to it, allowing you to chop and play samples from synth and add to your tunes as you go. It has film scores, music, classic track access, and is one of the most accurate software synths on the market.


  • Near perfect D-50 recreation complete with the DCB and original controls and parameters
  • SYX file use, VST2 VST3, and AU support
  • Fully compatible with Roland Cloud and Roland instruments

6. Jupiter – 8

Price: $19.95 per month

While the Jupiter 8 Synthesizer will set you back in the region of three thousand dollars, the online software imitation synth that Roland is now offering is an excellent alternative to splurging.

This is top of the list in terms of the best plugins for Logic Pro X brings you perfect ACB recreation of the original synth, bringing it from the 80s to the 2020’s in all of its electronic glory.


  • USB connection to the Jupiter 8, if you have one, with software capable of understanding it
  • Use this logic pro x plugin as an editor for the Jupiter-8 plug out
  • VST, AAX, and AU compatible with up to 8 polyphony voices at one time

Jupiter – 8

7. U-HE Tyrell N6

Price: Free!

One of the best free plugins for Logic Pro X is the Tyrell N6. This is a synthesizer that is nice and compact, combining analog sound with all the software you need to make it flawless.

The package also includes new features and modules with an affordable price point and creative flow.

It is only free through German magazine – but it is very much worth taking the time to grab while you can.


  • Analog sound hardware synthesizer, ADSR envelopes, loopable or LFO-triggered
  • Compact and sporty with host-sync and 8 waveforms
  • More than 580 pre-sets with a skinnable UI to make it customizable

U-HE Tyrell N6

8. 2getheraudio Cheeze Machine

Price: Free Download

Finally, in our list of the best plugins for logic pro x, is the Cheeze Machine. This oddly named plugin is a virtual instrument that has proven incredibly popular among downloaders.

It combines an element of fun to the logic pro x plugin world that other addons don’t’ have. It includes some new and improved features on the previous version, all of which are built to make vintage synth sounds crisp.


  • An expanded selection of oscillating sounds, inclusive of convolution reverb
  • String box in the style of vintage machines
  • Ensemble chorus and 64-bit compatibility, including VST, AU and AAX types

2getheraudio Cheeze Machine

What’s Best for You

The best plugin for Logic Pro X for you will depend entirely on what sound you want to create. Synths are fun and give a distinctive vibe to any track. Used wisely, it can help create a trippy, widely loved music style or the soundtrack to keep your audience entertained for hours.

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