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10 Popular Sites to Download BGM Music in 2024

Tired of finding good and free BGM music? It's time to relax because the article understudy has taken all your worries away. You will find 10 popular sites to download BGM music.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 05, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Starting with good news for music lovers. Like stock images and stock videos, the background music also has a license for downloading. Let’s talk a little about free music before jumping on to different BGM music sites. There are two different types of free music. One where you can use the music without for any purpose. The music is not restricted to copyright; it's known as 'Public Domain.'

The other type is 'Royalty-free Music,' which allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once. Along with these, another license is 'Creative Common License.' With this type of license, you can easily download and share music tracks for free. Now that you know a little about free music let's move on and discuss popular sites for BGM mp3 download.

Part 1: Top 10 Sites to Download BGM Music for Videos

We are not always connected to the internet. Suppose you want to listen to songs, but sadly you don't have internet connectivity. What are you going to do in such a situation? The best suggestion to avoid such problems is to download your favorite music. The following section of this article will share 10 sites to download BGM songs.

1. Jamendo

The first site that we are going to talk about is Jamendo. The site offers two platforms; Music and Licensing. With Jamendo Music, you can do free downloading and free streaming. All the songs under Jamendo Music have a Creative Commons License.

On the other hand, if we talk about Jamendo Licensing, it offers royalty-free music. This type of music is best for commercial use. Jamendo is an open community. It has a variety of free BGM music in almost all genres. A magical thing about Jamendo is that it's not just for free downloading. You can also upload and share your music with this platform.


2. Bensound

The following site on the list for background BGM download is Bensound. This is the home for thousands of royalty-free music. The price range for Bensound is free. The homepage of Bensound is very inviting. You can easily find your desired music from Bensound. This is because it has easy-to-use search functionality.

It has a wide range of genres. All the songs are displayed on Bensound with names, interesting thumbnails, and descriptions. The majority of the clips on Bensound are offered through an attribution no-derivative CC License. This license means that you can use free background music as long as you credit the site.


3. BeatPick

Moving on to discuss another site. It is 'BeatPick,' the site with music with a Creative Commons License. BeatPick is known as a compelling site. It is an online music search engine. You know what? If you plan to add killer beats to your videos, check BeatPick. You will indeed find the best BGM music for your video.

With BeatPick, you can create your 'Beatlist.' You can add your favorite background music to your Beatlist for later use. You can also download your desired background tracks. One thing to keep in mind is that BeatPick has primarily instrumental tracks. So, if you are looking for piano BGM music, then head over to BeatPick.


4. SoundCloud

In today’s world, no one is new to SoundCloud. Let us state a fact here that SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform. It has a community of listeners as well as creators. All the music on SoundCloud is protected under the Creative Commons License. You can use free BGM music under this license. This is why its price range is free.

Working with SoundCloud is very convenient. It helps you narrow your search by using various available tags. Not just this, but you can also do streaming with SoundCloud. It gives you a platform to share your music and has confidence in yourself.


5. Thematic

The next popular site for downloading cool BGM songs is Thematic. The site has copyright-free music. You can find suitable music for your videos that matches the video theme. The platform has free songs that musicians and artists establish.

Using Thematic is not at all difficult. You have to become a member of it. As soon as you become a member, you will see its complete music catalog. It has a variety of music from various known artists. You can easily use Thematic by following its simple rules.


6. ccMixter

Up next is the ccMixter in line. This is a collaborative platform for musicians. On ccMixter, firstly, singers upload their vocals. Then musicians share samples. Lastly, DJs mix them to create stunning songs. All the songs on ccMixter are under Creative Commons License. Its price range is free but with attribution.

Hence, you are free to use the music as long as you give credit to the artist. ccMixter offers you Instrumental Music, Free Music for Commercials and Video Games. Do you know that ccMixter has a tag search? This narrows your search process and saves time. A fact about ccMixter is that it has been used in over 1 million games and videos.


7. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube was created in 2005. Today, it is the most used site with billions of videos. Do you know YouTube has an Audio Library? It has free songs available in its massive library. The songs in this library are protected under the Creative Commons License, and some are Public Domain. They are free to use.

The songs in this library are grouped according to their genre, duration, mood, etc. You can use filters to speed up your search process. With the YouTube Audio library, you can listen and download without limits.

youtube audio library

8. Free Music Archive

The next popular site is Free Music Archive. Let's start, shall we? This site is commonly known as FMA. Free Music Archive is very popular because it is one of the most extensive selection platforms for free BGM music. Some of its songs are protected by Creative Commons License. Whereas some are from Public Domain. The price range for FMA is free.

This online site is impressive to get background music for all videos. Are you interested in knowing the best thing about FMA? It has over 1500 Public Domain tracks that are for commercial use. Not just this, but it has thousands of tracks under the Creative Commons license.

free music archive

9. Incompetech

Jumping on to the next site. This is Incompetech. Kevin Macleod, an American composer, created the site. Macleod is known for his work. He composed thousands of songs and sound effects for free use. Incompetech is considered the best platform for royalty-free music.

The interface of Incompetech is straightforward. You can easily understand it and search for your background music. The site offers a wide range of backgrounds like horror, BGM, comedy, etc.


10. StoryBlocks

The last site to be discussed is StoryBlocks. This is another brilliant platform to get royalty-free music. You have to subscribe to StoryBlocks. This opens your gateway to download hundreds of free sound effects.

Let us tell you the coolest thing about StoryBlocks. You can specify the length of the track you are looking for. This is done by using its slide bar. This feature has made the search process so easy in StoryBlocks.


Bottom Line

Looking for suitable BGM music for your video is not easy. The task consumes your time as well as your energy. All your problems are over once you read this article. We have shared the 10 best and popular sites to download background music. You can take help from these sites and download free BGM for your videos.

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