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Classical Background Music Options for Wedding Videos

Do you want to include an emotional element in your wedding video? If yes, then you should add these classical background music pieces to the video.

When choosing classic background music for wedding videos, you need to be extra careful. You cannot choose regular songs to capture the emotions of the best moments of your life. The music should connect with your emotions, so whenever you watch the movie, you remember the time you got married. In this post, we will share some mind-blowing classical background music that will make your wedding special and memorable.

men and women wedding classical background

10 Best Classical Background Music for Wedding Videos in 2022

A wedding video contains a plethora of scenes and memories. If your video includes rehearsal dinner, photography session, and dinner, you should opt for music that blends with each set. Tears and smiles, every moment calls for a different classical background song. Here are some royalty-free classical background pieces that you can use for your wedding videos this year:

1. Emotional Melancholic Piano and Strings

This is an incredible piano piece perfect for wedding videos. It contains beautiful piano and strings with a calm and soothing melody. This classical background will evoke feelings and memories when you will watch your wedding videos in the future. You can use this music for highlights of the wedding in the introduction because it contains emotions for every wedding setting.

2. Over the Sky of Hope

Over the sky of hope is another masterpiece for wedding ceremony videos. It is bright and joyful classical background music with orchestral strings and bold grand piano. You can choose this song for the first dance at the wedding. The music will incredibly portray your love and emotion for your partner.

3. Wildflowers Garden – A. Diabelli

This classical background music has a clear message of love and affection. You can use this music for multiple scenes at the wedding. The funny elements in this masterpiece will perfectly blend with funny scenes at the wedding. Furthermore, you can use this music for scenes with the audience, enjoying the ceremony.

4. Winter Memoirs

The emotional and mellow introduction of this classical background will beautifully blend with your wedding videos. This heartfelt and cinematic track has a bit of ambient touch that gives a joyful and loving feel. You can add this song when you and your life partners will walk down the aisle.

couple holding hands on wedding day classical background

5. Our Sweet Romance

Our sweet romance is slow classical background music, which is perfectly designed for wedding ceremonies. It has a simple yet powerful composition that will make your loved ones cry with happiness.

6. My Sweetest Valentine

You will enjoy this lovely background music aligned with your first dance as a wedded couple. This composition sounds breathtaking on the grand piano. This classical melody in your video is enough to make your family and friends cry tears of joy.

7. Calm Strings and Piano Background

You can add this classical background music in the ending to create touching moments filled with powerful feelings. When your wedding video will end with this music, your audience had to take some time to recover from their emotions.

8. Love Romantic Valentine’s Day

In this short romantic classical background music, the composer played different octaves to create romantic vibes. Thus, it will sound splendid with your wedding video. Although it is a short music piece, there are many versions. You can layer the versions one after another to play with the audience’s joy and feeling.

wedding dance classical background

9. Far Away In a Fairy Tale

This is a unique masterpiece that includes acoustic guitar, accordion, and other unique musical instruments. The song includes a folk melody that will leave your audience in joy and happiness. You can play this song in various wedding settings to add emotions to your video.

10. Wedding Video Music

This lovely wedding classical background includes many breaks and uplifts that make it perfect for a summary. If you have a segment in your video with highlights of multiple settings, you can use this music for that part.

How to Create a Romantic Wedding Invitation?

If you design your wedding invitation, you can decide the element according to your preferences. Elements such as video clips, pictures, and music add emotions to your video. If even a single element is not perfect, your wedding invitation won’t look as good as you want. Therefore, you should take control and create a romantic wedding invitation on a user-friendly video editor, Wondershare Filmora. Here is the step-by-step guide to creating a romantic wedding invitation with classical background music:

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Step 1: Open Wondershare Filmora, create a new project and import your files to get started.

open new project classical background

Step 2: Now drag video clips and photos on the timeline and arrange the sequences and clips.

arrange videos on timeline classical background

Step 3: If the photo size doesn’t match the video size, you can change the ratio in the crop section. This changes the aspect ratio of the video.

set image size classical background

Step 4: Set the ratio for all videos and images.

Step 5: Now open the titles tab and search weddings. You can choose from a myriad of wedding-style templates on Filmora.

add titles classical background

Step 6: Once you choose the title, you can drag it on your timeline. The title tag will look incredible at the start and the ending. Thus, you have to choose two title tags.

Step 7: Double-click on the first title and click on the advanced buttons. This feature enables you to customize your tags add change color, text, and fonts.

edit title tags classical background

Step 8: Make the same changes for the second title tag as well.

Step 9: After selecting the right title tag, you can include elements on your images or video clips.

Step 10: Go to the Effects tab and search wedding floral. A wide range of options will appear in the media section. Choose the tags that you like the most and drag them on a new track.

add effects classical background

Step 11: Now it’s time to add the titles to introduce the bride and groom. Furthermore, this section will also include the wedding location and other details for the wedding.

Step 12: Move to the transition section add transition presets and search for the effects you like for your video. Choose the transition and drag between the clips.

add transitions classical background

Step 13: Your wedding invitation is almost ready. All you need to add is classical background music. For that, you can search the music from the audio tab or choose from the above-mentioned options. Also, you can import music from your computer to use in the video

Step 14: You can export the video from the tool and send your friends and family on Whastapp or post it on Facebook.

Closing Words

The above-mentioned classical background music will enhance the sentiments in your wedding videos. Music helps the audience to connect with your emotions. Therefore, you should choose the classical background music carefully according to each segment. It would be best to list the video sections on a piece of paper and write the song’s name in front of it. That way, you will get a complete overview of your video’s layout.

You can use Filmora video editor to create your wedding videos and invitation. Filmora is a user-friendly video editing tool with advanced features. The effects and templates simplify the editing task and you can create emotional wedding videos in minutes. Filmora video editor includes features such as an audio mixer, advanced text editing, audio equalizer, and video stabilizer.

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