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15 Aesthetic Background Music For YouTube Video

The aesthetic music background is great for videos. The article presents 15 trendy aesthetic background music for YouTube and vlogs.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 17, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Are you a YouTuber in action? Do you wish to create engaging content? Stay connected as we explore this together!

The emotional and intrinsic quality of the experience gives rise to the aesthetic sense of the music. Most YouTubers and content publishers prefer aesthetic music backgrounds in videos. Additionally, the song's positive and artful experience offers a soothing experience. The article focuses on 15 promising aesthetic background music choices.

The ideas to make an aesthetic video or vlog would also be included. So, let us begin!

Part 1: 15 Trendy Aesthetic Background Music For YouTube Videos or Vlogs

Music is important as it calms the nerves and leaves an impact. The music background aesthetic has a pleasant effect on the ears. It is the very reason YouTubers like to use this music in the video background. The section introduces the top 15 trendy background music aesthetics.

trendy aesthetic background music for videos

The music has been chosen from credible marketplaces. So, one doesn't have to worry about the audio quality. Time to commence this!

And So It Begins

And So It Begins is a background music aesthetic from Chosic. The tag of this content includes beats, aesthetics, and nostalgia. Essentially, the music track is long enough to be used in travel videos. You can have a preview of the song effortlessly.

Aesthetic Artistic Conception

Aesthetic Artistic Conception is a cool product from Pikbest. This music aesthetic background is quite famous among famous YouTubers. The tag for this music includes traditional and soothing. The content publishers can stream this music as a background for promising videos.


The next aesthetic music background is Equinox. Moreover, the content can be freely used in projects and media. The audio track is soft and dramatic at the same time. Hence, it makes the video and blogs welcoming for the onlookers.

Still Awake

Still Awake is yet another promising aesthetic background music. You can download the content for commercial purposes. However, one cannot use "Still Awake" without attribution. The track is widely used in Instagram and YouTube videos.

Aesthetic Morning Routines

Last but not the least, allow us to present to you Aesthetic Morning Routines. You are free to share the content on multiple social networking websites. With that, the audio is soothing and relaxing. Most content creators prefer it to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Aesthetic Movie Soundtrack 

Moving on, Aesthetic Movie Soundtrack continues to engage the beholders. You can also preview the track before downloading. Essentially, the users can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Aesthetic Movie Soundtrack is a good choice for video makers as a music background aesthetic.

Green Tea

Green Tea by Purrple Cat is a combination of wild tracks. You can count on this impeccable track to be ambient, aesthetic, and Lo-Fi all in one. Green Tea is good to go for videos that convey positive vibes.

Mysterious Lights

Bringing magic to the video, Mysterious Lights comes from Chosic. The track is aesthetically vibrant and creates a sense of tranquility. Additionally, the track can be used for ambient and romantic music types as well.

Electronic Chinese Style Aesthetic

Electronic Chinese Style Aesthetic works best for YouTube videos and vlogs. Due to its Chinese connection and vibe, many people shared it globally. The MP3 music can be accessed at all times.

Aesthetic Music Chill Playlist

Aesthetic Music Chill Playlist is incorporated in ringtones and videos. This aesthetic background music gives quality to your video and makes it welcoming among the public. The file size is shown beside the playlist. It helps make a conscious decision for the creators.

Mother's Day Aesthetic Narrative Dream

As wholesome background music aesthetic, Pikbest knows the audience. The track gained popularity due to the emotion and sentiment attached to it. The music is 2 minutes and 18 seconds long.

Beautiful Folk Music Chinese Style Aesthetic

Beautiful Folk Music Chinese Style Aesthetic track continues to grow. The content creators find it perfect for their videos to make captivating content. Most channels prefer this string background music as a neutral way to communicate.

Extreme Aesthetic Room Transformation

Acting as a perfect aesthetic music background allows us to move on to the next. Extreme Aesthetic Room Transformation comes in an insane range of qualities. The choice in quality helps the users make the ideal decision.

Early Morning Music

Early Morning Music is offered in 64, 128, 192, 256, 320k audio quality. The platform MP3 Download also enables you to cut the audio and video as needed. Do not hesitate to share the music track on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Find your Aesthetic 2021

Moving on, we have "Find your Aesthetic 2021." With the duration of 5 minutes and 12 seconds, this music aesthetic background is a pleasant addition to videos. You can choose the quality along with size.

Part 2: Ideas to Make an Outstanding Aesthetic Video or Vlog

Are you a struggling creator? Do you believe in aesthetics?

It is crucial to create a video that no one can ignore. Don't you agree? For this to happen, a video should be aesthetic and engaging. A YouTube video or vlog is welcomed only when it has a visually appealing display. Do not worry as we have got you!

ideas to create aesthetic video

The section highlights some great and workable ideas on the go. Entry-level beginners and even advanced creators can use them effectively.

Using Video Filters

The video filters change the outlook of the content altogether. These filters play an effective role in engaging the audience. The animating filters lock in the visuals and positively impact the beholders.

Adding Animated Effects

The animated effects are eye-pleasing. The aesthetics have to be strong enough to send chills down the spine. The appealing transitions with well-crafted graphics spice up any vlog.

Aesthetic Background Music

A video or a vlog is incomplete without an aesthetic music background. A workable tip is to access royalty-free music from platforms and use it in videos. The audio can also be recorded for a personal touch.

Color Palette

The right palette and grading tools improve the mood and amplify the message. It is essential to use high-graded colors with a tint of faded colors to set the stage. The addition of black and white color also sets the tone for the entire output.

Bottom Line

The audience needs relaxing and soothing videos. After a bad day at work, YouTube videos are the only thing people look forward to. Therefore, the importance of aesthetic background music cannot be undervalued. The article gave 15 beautiful music tracks from renowned websites. The ideas to turn vlogs magical were also the crux of this write-up.

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