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Overview about Wave Editor: Feautres, Reviews, Tutorial

Audio editors are quite important in managing audio quality. With several tools available in the list, this article goes through Wave Editor as the best option for editing audio.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Mar 03, 22, updated May 20, 24

Audio management has become a clear profession addressed by thousands of users at different levels. As this world is built across digital grounds, several edits are performed at different levels. Audio editing is one such trait that multiple users have adopted. With several audio editors taking up the digital platform by storm, this article has a free and impressive option for audio editing across Windows. Are you ready for it?

This article intends to introduce Wave Editor, a free audio editor for Windows. Let’s start our discussion! You surely would be impressed with it. There is a lot to learn. You would not be disappointed at all!

Part 1: What is Wave Editor?

Are you looking forward to knowing about Wave Editor? Like the audio editors you've seen across Windows, this platform belongs to the same sector providing efficient services to its users for audio editing. Wave Editor depicts a powerful environment that potentially edits all kinds of audios under the components that are being managed or changed. It provides a very friendly editing platform, which suits beginners and professionals. Seems great!

wave editor windows interface

Does it work perfectly for you? While this audio editor features some top-rated tools across the platform, it fulfills all the basic capabilities required across any audio editor. The platform was built to make things easier and fast for consumers. It surely presents a good image of it. Ain't that, right?

Part 2: Key Features of Wave Editor

When it comes to Wave Editor, there is a lot to highlight at different levels for users related to audio editing. Although the tool is known for being simple and effective, the features make it one of the best in the market. Talking about the supported formats, Wave Editor covers some of the most important audio formats, including MP3, WMA, and various WAV files. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

This is not the only thing! With an 8-bit and 16-bit/sample support across mono and stereo channels, Wave Editor surely never compromises the audio quality. The following features highlight some of the potential operations that the users can perform across Wave Editor. You won't be disappointed to hear about these!

Fading In and Out

With the Fade In and Fade Out tool available across the platform, the user can induce effects across the audio to display a gradual increase and decrease in the volume across audio. Impressive!

Inserting Silence

Users can consider adding ambiance to their sound with the help of the silencing tool across Wave Editor. If used properly, this takes out the sound across a certain part of the video.


This function adds up gain across the sound to adjust with the maximum available level for the track. It is equivalent to adding volume across a certain track. Isn’t this great?

Audio Management

Being a fully functional audio editor, multiple operations can be performed across this extensive tool relating to audio editing. It includes cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting audio portions across files.

Multilingual and Integration Support

This audio editor is also available in different languages, making it a multilingual user interface for users across the market. Unlike other audio editing tools, Wave Editor supports integration with other audio tools.

Reverse Sounds

Wave Editor provides the option of reversing the audio's waveform so that it plays in a backward direction. Are you looking forward to using this feature?

Invert Sounds

An inversion function is a unique tool that flips the audio samples upside down to reverse their polarity. This produces a significant difference when the waveforms of multiple audios are combined. Quite interesting, right?

Part 3: Pros and Cons of Wave Editor

Wave Editor has made an exceptional consumer base amidst the audio editing market. Although it is not known to major users across the market, the tool has been developing a consistent growth into the professional sector with its effective advantages. The following discussion goes through the pros and cons of Wave Editor to make the selection easier for the user. Are you ready?

Do you wish to make a comparison of Wave Editor with the rest? Go through these pros and cons to make your selection simple and effective. You would be surprised by the results.


  • If we talk about the lightweight structure of the complete audio editor, there is nothing compared to this in the market.

  • Improves sound quality instead of doing damages across audio files.

  • The tool is extremely simple to use an audio editor across the digital system.

  • Make different voice systems perform better under the extensive features.


  • Wave Editor is only available for Windows users, with no support for other devices.

  • The interface is quite outdated compared to the sustained tools that provide similar services.

  • The user is bound to buy Wave Editor Pro for going through the advanced features of the tool.

Part 4: How to Use Wave Editor?

Impressed with the tool? If you are looking forward to adopting Wave Editor as the audio editor for your tasks, you can follow the simple process to utilize it perfectly. We hope this will help!

Step 1: Open and Import File

Once you have installed Wave Editor on your device, launch it. Tap on the “Open” button to import the audio file on the platform.

import your audio file

Step 2: Edit Audio

You can select the entire audio or a specific part of the audio to edit it. Use the tools available on the top bar or within the "Operations" tab.

apply editing operation

Step 3: Save Edited Audio

Once you are done editing, click on the "Save" button to make and save changes to the audio file.

tap on save button

Part 5: Alternatives for Wave Editor

Got to know much about Wave Editor? There are many alternatives to Wave Editor throughout the market. As the reason to work through this audio editor is its free structure, a disparate overview of the alternatives in the market should be based on these factors. The following part explains two main alternatives that can become a clear tool for users to edit their audios to perfection. Are you excited to know about them?


The first alternative that comes into the user's mind is a free, open-source, and cross-platform audio editing solution. Audacity covers all kinds of operating systems and provides foolproof audio management services. Are you looking forward to using it? This tool won’t be disappointing to use.

As we dive deep into the provided options of the tool, there is a lot that can be observed for the tool. Audacity is undoubtedly the best solution that can be discovered across audio editors, from recording to managing sound quality across the tool. The variety in features is undoubtedly the best.

audacity audio editor


Ocenaudio is the second alternative that comes up across the spotlight of audio editors in the market. With the aim of discovering a faster and easier solution across the digital space, Ocenaudio is a cross-platform solution that goes beyond Windows. Excited to know why it is the best? Make a detailed overview to learn more about it.

The features are a never-ending list of pointers across Ocenaudio, making it quite unique. Ocenaudio can be the choice that provides you the best opportunity compared to other tools in the market. Isn’t this interesting?

ocenaudio interface

Closing Words

This article has introduced the perfect audio editor for working through audios and enhancing them to perfection under a certain objective. With Wave Editor, you can consider making the required changes across audio to make it look better. However, if the file involves video and audio, upgrading the tool is evident. Are you ready for the reveal?

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor provides you with the perfect options for video editing at different levels. While offering a simple and efficient platform to work with, several video enhancement tools are present within the tool. From adding effects to transitions across videos, everything is possible with Filmora Video Editor. Aren't you surprised? Who would’ve thought video editing would be this easy?

If you have a video that needs editing, you should consider working across Filmora Video Editor for perfect results. It is a must-try for excellent results!

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