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FREE Top 6 Best Automatic Video Editing

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Mar 20, 2023• Proven solutions

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The convincing social videos reverberate with users, which is great news. Still, several brands are struggling to make their presence felt on social media platforms. They lack the skill to produce high-quality professional videos and represent their brand on social platforms.

With the availability of state-of-the-art technology in recent times, several resources are available to make the video editing process easy and manageable. Many small business owners often wonder if any automatic video editing tools are available as they lack video editing skills. Check out some of the automatic video makers to help you in the editing process.

Best Automatic Video Editor - Filmora

If you want to edit the business video easily, we recommend using Filmora. You can still quickly make a product/brand video even th a limited budget. It supports watermarking video and changing the aspect ratio to 1:1, 16:9, 9:16 or customizing video for social media. You can also use royalty-free visual effects/images/audio to make your video perfect. Download it now to have a try!

Automatic Video Editing

1. Rocketium

Rocketium is an auto video creator that offers social media marketers and small businesses a cloud-based platform and automated custom solutions (APIs) to make videos on a big scale. This computerized video editing software integrates built-in themes, artificial intelligence, customization tools, an instant preview function, and more. Rocketium makes the video editing experience pleasurable and aims to provide an understandable video creation solution for the users. The features of Rocketium are-


  • It offers a built-in article-to-video converter feature
  • Record and upload your video and add voice-over support
  • No need for technical knowledge or design experience to use Rocketium
  • Comes with over 200 templates and themes
  • Offers wide-ranging branding preferences with logo import option and a range of palette colors, music, fonts, outros, and intros
  • Over 2 billion royalty-free stock images, music tracks, and video clips from Pixabay, Pexels, Storyblocks, Soundstripe, Wikimedia, and Shutterstock
  • Allows video creation in the landscape, portrait, and square orientation for mobiles, desktops, and tabs
  • Automatic translation to 100+ languages and lets you connect with audiences globally

automatic video editing

2. Magisto

Magisto is an auto video creator powered by artificial intelligence, making it intelligent and powerful. This software is created as a dependable 24/7 personal video maker prominent for its capacity to make your video editing process semi-automatic. It helps you effectively make engaging and unmatched product and marketing videos on a vast scale. The features of the Magisto semi-automatic video maker include-


  • Magisto offers numerous themes
  • Choose editing style and the soundtrack from Magisto library
  • Artificial Intelligence powered semi-automatic video editing tool
  • Add logos and captions
  • Edit and rearrange scenes
  • Unlimited HD movie downloads
  • Premium editing styles
  • Create longer movies in unique business styles
  • Commercially licensed music

automatic video editing

3. Pond5

Pond5, the automatic video maker, is the largest global video content marketplace helping the creators, filmmakers, and producers with all kinds of editing tools and inspiration to enhance their videos. With revolutionary features like visually searching video and major video-editing software integrations, Pond5 is transforming daily to make the features easy. The quality of Pond5 is-


  • Offers infinite scrolls
  • Drag and drop features
  • Advanced search option
  • Several pre-made templates and Pond5 clips
  • Animated texts with your fonts and colors
  • Perfect soundtracks to match the visuals
  • Place your logo directly in the video for stress-free branding

automatic video editing

4. Muvee

Muvee audio video creator is one of the best video editing software that is an excellent tool for making videos and slideshows. It is also a DVD authoring software and easy to use. The features of Muvee are-


  • Remarkable and discreetly priced shortcut for bringing music, motion, and effects to videos and photos
  • Automatically edits your videos clips and sets them to music
  • Auto crop and zoom
  • Easy sharing of your videos
  • ten different menu layouts

automatic video editing


The LIFE.FILM is an automatic video maker that automatically captures the best moments from the videos to create a short video clip. The features of this video editing tool are-


  • It is an auto video creator
  • Magically captures each day and turns it into video
  • Artificial Intelligence to analyze the best video moments and turn them into the video
  • upload the video of your tour or outing and relax as the editor automatically edit a video to bring out the best moments
  • Create a movie within 20-30 minutes and share it on the social media platform

automatic video editing

6. MAGIX Fastcut

The MAGIX Fastcut is easy-to-use video editing software that offers automatic optimizations, striking editing templates, and distinct effects. MAGIX Fastcut lets you focus entirely on your travel without worrying about blurring images or other video-setting options.

MAGIX Fastcut. Create Action Videos! Get The Software In The MAGIX Shop for FREE!

The features of this automatic video editing tool are-


  • Optimized audio and stabilized images
  • Range of cinematic templates and effects
  • Easy slow-motion functionality
  • Direct video upload from the software
  • Perfect sound setting options
  • Wide angle distortion corrected easily

automatic video editing

How to Auto Edit Video by Magisto

Magisto, one of the most reliable software, lets you edit videos automatically. But do you know how to auto-edit a video by Magisto? Check out the steps to quickly perfect it –

Step 1: Open it to Sign-up

First, sign up with Magisto to proceed to the next steps. You need to visit the Magisto page and sign up.

Step 2: Upload Image Or Video

This automatic video editing tool lets you upload videos and images directly from the software. You may also upload video and image files from the drive and Google Photos. Once uploaded, start your editing process.

upload image

Step 3: Choose Editing Style

You can find a range of free styles, patterns, and editing templates. Some might be paid ones too. Select the editing styles as per your choice and budget. You may also set effects intensity. When the proper emotional resonance is set for your video clip, you can get ahead in choosing the right music track.

choose editing style

Step 4: Add Music

Music and audio are the most important things, without which a video might not be that interesting. Upload songs from the Magisto automatic video maker library or choose your own. The music will automatically get synchronized with the video that you have edited. You can set the tempo and mood of the song you wish to use.

add music

Step 5: Add Title to Preview

Once your video clip is in the post-production stage with all effects, transitions, and music in place, add a title to share your story with the audience.

add title


There are several automatic video editing tools, but you must choose the right one to edit videos standout and strengthen your brand identity using the video weapon. Try to use Filmora Business to easily make buto make business video easily

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