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Best 6 Video Dubbing Apps of 2021

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

“Is Dubsmash still good? What are some other dub apps like it that I can use?”

With the availability of so many video dubbing apps, users have become a little confused about their features. These days, a lot of friends ask me about the best dub app that they can use. Ideally, the selection of a preferred dubbing app would depend on your requirements. Some apps have better editing features while others are more social. Therefore, to help you pick the most appropriate video dubbing app for your needs, I have decided to come up with this list.

Top 6 Video Dubbing Mobile Apps

While there are tons of video dubbing and social apps out there, I would say the following tried-and-tested options are the best.

1. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is often considered as the original dub app as it has been around for years. You can find tons of existing voiceovers and can instantly share your videos with your friends via its social feature.

  • There are thousands of voiceovers you can find listed under different categories.
  • You can just select any voiceover audio and start lip-syncing it while recording your video.
  • Not just to record videos, the app can also be used to watch tons of memes and funny videos.
  • There is an inbuilt option to further edit the video like clip it, apply a filter, and so on.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Has a social community


  • Not so secure (witnessed data breach issues in the past)

Runs on: iOS and Android

2. MadLipz

Known for its “instant dubbing and subbing” features, this dub app is already used by millions of people worldwide. The video dubbing app runs on iOS and Android and is available in different languages as well.

  • There are tons of ready-made clips and recordings in different categories to pick from.
  • Apart from dubbing, you can also include different subtitles in the videos (that are also available in the app).
  • You can post your “lipz” on its online community and get more followers.
  • Since it is a social video platform, you can follow different creators and share content on other platforms as well.


  • Tons of available clips to pick from
  • Clear and easy-to-use design


  • Limited editing features

Runs on: iOS and Android

3. FilmoraGo

If you are looking for a freely available mobile application to edit your videos, then FilmoraGo should be an ideal pick. Apart from being a dub app, you can also use it to edit your videos with its inbuilt features.

  • You can find hundreds of sound effects, royalty-free music, and voiceover tracks in the app that you can add to your videos.
  • Apart from its existing collection, it also lets us record the voiceover for a video using its inbuilt recording feature.
  • There are several presets, effects, filters, stickers, and transitions that you can instantly apply to your video.
  • This lightweight application will also let you edit, trim, split, reverse, and perform numerous other tasks.


  • Freely available with tons of editing tools
  • One-tap option to share your videos on social media


  • No in-app social community

Runs on: iOS and Android

4. Likee

Previously known as LIKE video, this is another popular social platform used by leading video creators. Therefore, you can use this dub app to post creative videos and find all kinds of content in one place.

  • The video dubbing app is majorly used to create short videos with dubs and other effects.
  • You can record your video and later use its editing tools or simply add an existing voiceover in your video.
  • Besides being a video dubbing app, it can also be used to watch interesting videos.
  • There are also options to broadcast your videos live and get engaged in its social community.


  • Tons of creative and funny videos
  • Live broadcasting feature


  • Limited video editing options

Runs on: iOS and Android

5. Vigo Video

Already used by millions of people worldwide, it is a thriving community of video creators. You can use this dub app to record videos using the available options and even find interesting content to watch.

  • This is a social video dubbing app that will let you find other like-minded content creators and follow them.
  • There are hundreds of audio inputs and voiceovers to pick that you can use for lip-syncing.
  • Most of the videos posted here are of a few seconds (and it is not recommended to post longer videos).
  • Some other features include video editing, stickers, themes, live streaming, etc.


  • User-friendly design
  • The live streaming option is available


  • Limited editing features for videos
  • Not recommended for long videos

Runs on: iOS and Android

6. YeDub

Lastly, you can also try YeDub video dubbing app to record your videos and add different dialogues. While the voiceover options are limited, it will meet your basic needs for sure.

  • The interface has listed various dialogues and voiceover options in different categories to pick from.
  • You can just select a voiceover, start recording your videos and post them on its social platform.
  • There are also some basic editing features to add stickers, texts, themes, etc. in your videos.


  • Freely available
  • Social community


  • Limited audio options for dubbing
  • Lack of editing tools

Runs on: iOS and Android

How to Pick the Best Dubbing App?

I’m sure that by now, you would be able to pick an ideal dub app to fit your needs. If not, then I would recommend the following video dubbing apps.

The Funniest Dubbing App – MadLipz

If you are looking for an entertaining video dubbing app, then you can go for MadLipz. There are tons of funny videos that you can explore and find so many ways to make creative videos in it.

Dub App with the Coolest Community – Likee

Likee is certainly the best “social” dub app. While it doesn’t have a lot of editing features, it will let you be a part of a community of content creators. You can befriend others, host live streaming, and gain more followers to increase your social presence.

Best for Editing Videos – FilmoraGo

Lastly, if you want to edit your video for free on your smartphone, then FilmoraGo should be your pick. There are so many editing features that you will find in this video dubbing app to customize your content. The interface is pretty user-friendly and since it has royalty-free music, you can use your videos anywhere you want.

Edit Videos with Versatile Video Editing Software

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There you go! Now when you know about the 6 most popular and recommended dub apps by experts, you can easily pick a preferred option. For your convenience, I have included apps in different categories to meet your social, creative, and editing needs. You can further explore these video dubbing apps and let us know about your pick in the comments below.

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