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How to Increase Followers on Facebook (10 Effective Ways )

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Facebook is the most widely used social media site these days. Billions of users log into the site each day to check on friends, post status updates and read the latest news. And brands hope to use Facebook by working with influencers to reach their target audience.

We will help you learn how to increase followers on Facebook, which will allow your brand to take advantage of the power of social media marketing.

10 Tips on How to Increase Followers on Facebook

1. Create Trendy Content

The simplest way to boost engagement levels on Facebook is by creating content that will trend. Whether it is a blog post, picture, video or even a meme, getting something trending can add a significant amount of followers to a page.

Companies can identify trending topics by seeing what is making the headlines at major sites, such as Buzzfeed as it shows the topics that people are talking about at that moment.

Create Trendy Content

2. Don’t Ignore the Power of Email

If your company already has a significant email list for marketing purposes, targeting that email list to boost Facebook follower counts is a great idea. When you send a newsletter to your mail list, make sure you add a call to action regarding Facebook.

Encourage them to like your page so they can get the latest updates, discounts and other valuable content! Even if you get a percentage of those on the email list to follower your account, it will be a great help as you attempt to boost your follower count.

email increse facebook follower

3. Use the Facebook Follow Button

Companies would be surprised at the amount of users who want to check out their social media pages, but are not sure if they exist. When someone visits your website, there should be a clear button present to indicate you are on that social media platform.

You can create your own Facebook follow button, which you can place on various pages on your website. When users click on that button, they will go directly to your Facebook page. If they are already signed into the site, they just have to click the follow button.

facebook follow button

4. Create Facebook Videos

Statistics show that videos get a lot more traction and response from users on Facebook. Showcasing interesting video content about your company, products or services is a great way to gain more followers.

A Facebook video should be short and sweet - getting to the point immediately. Videos could tease products and services, announce discounts, or offer a behind the scenes look at how the company is run.

facebook video

5. Write a Great Introduction

Do not ignore the “About” section on your Facebook profile. When you fill in that section with all the relevant information, people will have an easier time seeing your page on search results pages.

Not only do you show up higher on Facebook searches, but also on Google search engine rankings. Information such as the company name, address, number, mission statement and other details should be included in the about section. The more people know, the better your profile comes across.

6. Add Hashtags to the Post

Many companies still associate hashtags with Twitter. But they have become a critical part of interacting on Facebook as well. When a person clicks on a hashtag or enters it in the search bar, they can see all relevant posts with that hashtag.

When you are attempting to create trending content, adding hashtags is a helpful way to get more people to notice and read your posts. Even people who do not follow your page will be able to see your posts, especially if they begin to trend.

use hashtag increase follower

7. Try Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers a great opportunity for companies to live stream with their viewers, giving them personalized and behind the scenes access into operations.

When someone is following your page, they get a notification that you are in a live stream. They can even interact with the video with likes or by commenting. Live videos can also help build an audience as other people tune into your video.

facebook live

8. Consider Cooperating with Other Influencers

Do not be afraid to engage with your audience. A Facebook account is not just for status updates or company information. It is a place where you can directly connect with your audience.

Answering questions, providing clever replies and other ways of interaction can help make your brand feel more personal. You can also interact with influencers who have a huge follower count, especially if you already have a positive working relationship with those influencers.

9. Post at the Right Time

When you post matters just as much as what you post, especially if you want to boost engagement. Studies show that if you post between 1pm and 4pm from Thursday to Sunday, you have a chance of getting around 20 to 30 percent more engagement.

The study showed that 3pm is best if you want more clicks, while 1pm gets you a lot of shares. Those who want to build up their follower count should focus on shares, which means posting around 1pm from Thursday to Sunday!

posting time

10. Take Risks

Playing it safe is fine for major companies that already have a lot of brand awareness, loyalty and a huge follower count. Companies that want to make a splash and gain more traction should not be afraid to take risks with posts, replies and videos.

Taking risks does not mean saying something insensitive, rude or alienating. It is important to toe the line and to know when a bit of edgy humor can be helpful. Companies that can find the right balance will have a lot of success in gaining followers.


The process of how to increase followers on Facebook is relatively simple, especially when it is broken down into steps. But it can be so important for brands to understand how they can boost their follower count and gain greater brand awareness on the social media platform. It will also help you connect with more powerful influencers, which will only boost your brand even more!

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