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How to Optimize Facebook SEO with 10 Surefire Ways

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Influencer marketing is taking the top spot for brand promotions and most brands are realizing this fact gradually. But, they are unaware of the significance of Facebook SEO and what potential it has for their brand enhancement. If the SEO for your Facebook page is done right, your brand’s Google rankings would move a notch higher. This in turn will attract more influencers organically to find you. If you are unsure about the entire process of implementing SEO for Facebook, then here is a quick peek through.

In this article, we are going to introduce you the significant aspects and ways for enhancing the Facebook SEO strategy for your brand.

How to optimize Facebook SEO

1. Optimize Facebook Content

Speaking of SEO for Facebook page, though, it might not have a direct impact on social media content and popup results for your keyword search on Google. You need to mention the social media platform name in Google search to get the results. Your content will be easily discoverable by users when you optimize social media content using keywords. Links and public posts using those keywords will show up on the search results.

People click and engage with your content if it’s relevant to them and included in the keywords, and spend more time on your site.

2. Optimize Page URL

For Facebook SEO, you need to have a custom URL same as your brand name. It eventually promotes brand recognition and makes users remember your brand. Unless you create a custom URL for your Facebook page, Facebook might auto-generate a long and tough to memorize URL. Using ‘Page Info’ under your Facebook page’s ‘About’ section, access the ‘Create Page @username’ and create the username. Set the brand name in place of username and you are good to go.

3. Optimize company profile

While doing SEO for Facebook page, not every brand optimizes their company profile online. But, it is crucial to optimize and encourage growth of the Facebook fan page for their brands. When you add phone numbers and address on your business page, Google gives more credibility to your page. As a result, your brand’s overall SEO will be enhanced.

facebook profile

4. Optimize Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes are utilized to create engagement and inform your fans about important business related news, current crisis or upcoming events. These Notes get indexed post search by Google for business profile only. Through them, you can add keyword rich content and improve the fan page ranks in Google and Bing. Photos as well as the title and Note contain keywords within the caption. After adding captions to your Notes, if users comment in it, then the chances to rank higher increases. If the comments too have keywords as well, the Notes gains more value, attracting engagement and tags.

Optimize Facebook Notes

5. Add Backlink to your fan page

Facebook SEO requires inbound links to your page, in order to improvise the authoritativeness of your page as per Google for high ranking. Always include a link to your fan page from digital channels like blog, website, Twitter profile to your Facebook page.

Add Backlink to your fan page

6. Post Fresh Content

Fresh, keyword optimized, quality content is important for social media as well as website pages for any brand. It applies to Facebook equally. Unique content helps your brand rank better, but at times you run out of content ideas. Using influencer marketing, you can add fresh content with a new tone to your content marketing drives. Guest posts, product review, and campaigns on social media takeover can help your business to a great extent. Influencers propel their followers for creating unique content for your business. Through hashtags, they might ask their followers to tag them and your brand as well in social media campaigns or share their experiences.

7. Make Business time Accurate

Mentioning the business times on your Facebook page is important. In case it changes, you need to immediately update it. Moreover, new location page additions along with correct operational hours and days should be mentioned too. Facebook doesn’t have the feature to allow you customizing hours for special events or holidays, but you can use Facebook posts and advertising to meet that need.

8. Optimize featured Image

To do justice with SEO on your Facebook page, you need to customize your page by adding an avatar/profile feature and utilizing the featured image section at its best. Along with photo, you can also add a video or a slideshow in the featured image/banner section. Testimonials, team credits can be promoted in this section. Facebook emphasizes that cover photos shouldn’t be misleading, deceptive, or infringe any copyright.

9. Manage Customer Reviews

Customer interaction and engagement is vital for social media platforms and Facebook allows a great deal in this aspect. There needs to be a proper strategy for management of comments and reviews, ads and posts. Always make sure to respond to reviews, even if they are not what you have expected. It builds trust for your brand. You have the control over enabling or disabling customer reviews.

Manage Customer Reviews

10. Include a Call-to-Action

Facebook SEO doesn’t typically bring results with regular content sharing. Having a Call-to-Action within your shared links on blogs and product pages on Facebook has more advantages. Click the link, comments, share the post are forms of call to actions here. A compelling CTA actually does the right thing for your post. Without a Call-to-Action, Facebook SEO concept is highly incomplete and hence it is the last and essential tip for you to optimize the SEO of your Facebook.

Include a Call-to-Action


From the above article, we are confident that you have got the goodies you wanted to take home and implement with your Facebook brand page. With such amazing features spread across social media, it’s obvious that gathering high ranks over search engine results won’t be a problem for your brand. Make sure to adhere to the specific guidelines under each section, while implementing SEO strategies on your Facebook brand page. It will improve your overall ranking and visibility over the search results.

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