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Top 10 Happy Valentine's Day Video on YouTube

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 19, 22, updated Jul 23, 24
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Love concurs with all, and when February 14th rolls around, your love plans start to take shape. Valentine’s Day is well-recognized across the world. It is a beautiful time to show love to your fellows with flowers, candy, and other gifts. Happy Valentine’s Day videos will also start to throng your screens like never before. As scholars put it, the holiday has its origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which is held in mid-February of every year. It was a festival that celebrated the coming of spring. However, this was short-lived and was quickly replaced with St. Valentine’s Day, which is currently celebrated as a day of romance.

happy valentine's day video

Top 10 Happy Valentine's Day Videos on YouTube

The YouTube platform has played a vital role in educating users by showing how-to-do videos and other tutorials. Find the top 10 Happy Valentine's Day videos on YouTube and learn more.

1. How Did Valentine’s Day Start?

There are several saints behind Valentine, and scholars can’t say which one of them is the orchestrator of Valentine. However, many experts believe the day was named after Saint Valentine of Rome. And why did the day fall on February 14th? It is believed that it was to keep the tradition. The holiday then evolved over the centuries when gift exchange came into the picture. Gifts like Valentine's Day cards and ribbons continue to play that vital role up to date. This video has about 266,000 views.

2. Signs of Love Grows and Signs of Love Grows

Miss Nina’s signs and signs video has garnered over 10,000 views with 44.5K subscribers. Besides the video, it’s a preschool Valentine’s Day song that she sings along with sign language. Love indeed cuts across the board. And what if your listeners can’t hear a word? Then show it with signs, proving that for sure, love grows one by one, two by two, and it goes around in a circle, coming back to you.

3. Your Brain in Love and Lust

This powerful Valentine's Day video is by Scientific American, which analyses what happens when two people meet and what results in the flow of chemicals in the brain at different points in their romance and relationship. Several traits play a vital role in determining who you fall in love with. Furthermore, one's smell may trigger certain chemicals to bubble in your brain. These are the chemicals that draw your attention to such people and the need to be closer to or know them better. This video has about 355,000 viewers and 260 subscribers.

4. What Does Love Look Like to You?

This video from the SoulPancake channel is another plain description of what love looks like. It has 3.5 million subscribers and has managed about 489,000 views. The video was initially aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network as a special one on love and endorsed by several viewers. As you try to figure out what love looks like, do a soul search within yourself to find something awesome!

5. Curious George on Valentine’s Day

It is a perfect gesture to show your loved ones how much you care about them. George decides to show his love by dishing out precious cards. This video shows what determination and resilience can do. Even though several cards get destroyed, George is still adamant about producing enough cards for all his friends. You can go out of your way and give your friends superior cards this coming Valentine's season. You will surely enlighten someone’s heart. Check out this video with about 2 million views and 2.72 subscribers from the "Curious George" Channel.

6. The Proof That We Are Soulmates

How would you know that you have just met your soulmate? Scientists have proven that the world contains over 7 billion people. More so, you could have met so many in your lifetime. Your soulmate is indeed pretty hard to come by. But what qualities make a specific person your soulmate? This draws back to many aspects, like being good-looking, loving, and showing some common interest. This short video will give you lots of insights. It has about 283,000 views and 88K subscribers on YouTube.

7. Red Heart, Red Heart, What Do You See?

It’s red hearts all over whenever Valentine’s Day approaches. Hearts are great symbols during this season, besides balloons and candles. But why exactly is the heart a symbol of love during Valentine’s? These are the shapes of animals’ hearts and a familiar shape to the human heart. The heart is believed to contain all human passions. And that’s what this video shows us. From the red heart to pink, purple, blue, and many more. That is what Valentine's Day is all about: embracing all colors of hearts. This video has 175,389 views and 29K subscribers on the Littlestorybug channel.

8. The History of Valentine’s Day

February has been long celebrated as a month of romance. But how did St. Valentine become associated with this great day? One legend proclaims that an imprisoned Valentine sent the first "valentine" greeting after falling in love with a young girl. It is believed that the letter was signed "From your Valentine." And amicably, this expression has carried on to date. So far, this video has attracted 560,085 viewers with about 9.5 million subscribers on the History Channel.

9. Where Did Valentine’s Day Come From?

Where did Valentine’s Day originate? Many are still puzzled as to the origin of Valentine. Well, this is a holiday that comes every February 14th. Lovers get a chance to express their gifts and other affections. Even though we know that the day is named after St. Valentine's, there are numerous Saint Valentine's, and fun is not sure as to which St. Valentine the day was named after. These include St. Valentine Lupercalia, Claudia the Second, who refused to convert to Paganism, St. Valentine of Terni, and St. Valentine the Roman Priest, who secretly performed weddings for single men and women. Who do you think we will celebrate the day after? Check out this video to unleash the truth. It has approximately 25K subscribers and approximately 6,560 views.

10. The Story of Saint Valentine

Many, especially the young, have numerous questions about St. Valentine’s Day. Even though a lot of misery surrounds St. Valentine’s origins, this video sheds light on how Valentine’s Day came to be. Get it from the Christian Kids TV Channel. This video has approximately 130,357 views and 532,357 subscribers.

Make Your Own Happy Valentine's Day Video with Filmora

The best happy Valentine’s Day video is a customized video with a pure message from your heart. A video will express your feelings more deeply, especially if you make it to your taste. And available third-party apps make creating Valentine’s videos an easy affair. More so, you can share it amongst many friends just with the click of a button. Filmora is a sophisticated video editor that will quickly help you create your video in simple steps.

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Step 1: Open Filmora and import your video footage.

Bring forth your idea of Valentine’s video message. With this, you can then collect the footage to use for the video. Alternatively, you can shoot your clips and get them ready for the grand video creation event. Next, launch the app and start to import your footage by dragging and dropping it onto Filmora’s interface.

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Step 2. Add clips to the timeline

Start by adding and organizing your footage to Filmora’s timeline. Just drag and drop the video or clip to use from the "Media" tab and drop it into a location on the timeline.

make valentine's day video with Filmora
Step 3: Finalize your video.

It’s time to edit your video for the best results. Filmora brings you editing features that you can use to split, crop, merge, and perform other functions. Likewise, you can add romantic filters and elements. Just click on the "Effect" icons on the screen to begin browsing through the libraries. Find the element that suits you and then drag and drop it onto the video track.

In addition, position the element and overlay at the desired location. You can also apply "text layers" like openers, titles, and end credits, among others. Simply choose what suits you, drag it to the timeline, and double-click it to begin customizing it with your message.

Step 4: Include music

Some background music will spice up your video, making it appealing to watch and listen to.

Step 5: Export the video

Finally, preview your video and give it the go-ahead to export it if it is good enough. Hit the "Export" button, select the video format, and choose a frame rate. With Filmora, you can directly export your video to social media sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.


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