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Things You Can Do on Minecraft for Valentine's Day

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Oct 19, 22, updated May 20, 24
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Since its release in November 2011, Minecraft has amassed over 140 million active players from different parts of the world. It surpassed more than 1 million purchases less than 30 days after entering its beta phase. By April 2021, Minecraft had sold over 238 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling game of all time. With Valentine's Day on the corner, some Minecraft fans have thought of a creative way to celebrate this day. They are sharing carefully designed, romantic worlds created for the love of their lives.

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox video game published and developed by Mojang Studio. Because it doesn't have any required goals that the player must accomplish, they have freedom of deciding how to play. But there is an achievement system called "trophies" on the PlayStation ports and "advancements" in the Java Edition. While the game is played in the first-person perspective, you can opt for the third-person perspective.

The player explores a blocky, procedurally 3D world with virtually infinite terrain. They can discover and extract raw materials, items, and craft tools. They may also construct structures or earthworks. Minecraft remains one of the most popular video games among today's youth, with millions of them playing the game every day.

Minecraft is popular because it's an exceptional open-world sandbox video game that combines the following elements: Survival, combat, exploration, crafting, and building. With the creative mode, players can build anything they want. That means you are free to make your masterpiece. The creative streak of this video game allows players to mold their gameplay in any way they prefer. The game also has a range of biomes, with a landscape for players to explore. It is always fun to play this game because it's all about finding exciting things as you explore the never-ending world.

The youth also love Minecraft because of its quirky and blocky graphics. Its simplistic textures are one of the things that have made this game popular. Lastly, the versatility of Minecraft means you can enjoy it with friends and have a thrilling gaming experience.

Things You Can Do on Minecraft for Valentine’s Day

There are loads of things that you can do on Minecraft Valentines to celebrate this day in-game. These include:

1) Building a Teddy Bear

You can build a cute teddy bear on Valentine's Day Minecraft. Some of the materials you will need when making a teddy include stripped birchwood, red concrete, and smooth sandstone. You will also need black wool for the nose and eyes.

things to do on minecraft on valentine day

Below is a tutorial which shows you how to build a Valentine's Bear in Minecraft, have fun!

2) Making the Perfect Card With Per

Dating back to the 18th century, Valentine’s cards are one of the most romantic traditions. People used to decorate papers using their hands and filled them with romantic poems and symbols to give to their significant others. That sounds like a lot of work. Luckily, you can build these cards on Minecraft to help you show other players how much this day means to you.

things to do on minecraft on valentine day - make a card

3) Give a Red Rose

Red roses are known to be the perfect gift for Minecraft Valentines. They have an elegant and classy look, making them a classic symbol of showing love. The Creepers in Minecraft are green and like hissing; they also blow up a lot. These Creepers are not out to harm you. These poor creatures could be trying to tell you that they love you. Why not give them a red rose?

things to do on minecraft on valentine day - give a red rose

4) Cook a Hearty Meal

You can prepare a delicious meal to celebrate Valentine's Day Minecraft. Some simple recipes you can try include cake, pumpkin pie, rabbit stew, and mushroom stew. You'll first need to create a crafting table, which you can make with four wood planks. Additionally, you will also need a furnace.

things to do on minecraft on valentine day - cook a meal

5) Watching the Sun Rise

Watching the sunrise is a romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day Minecraft. It relaxes you, giving you enough reasons to be grateful for this day. Many people are now appreciating the magic of watching the sunrise on Minecraft.

things to do on minecraft on valentine day - watch the sun rise together

6) Going on a Treasure Hunt

You can send your Minecraft Valentines on a treasure hunt. It is a great way to have a fun and satisfying experience, as you will get to explore the mine looking for treasures. Look out for the hidden stash cast to help you on your treasure hunt.

things to do on minecraft on valentine day - treasure hunt

7) Making a Fence Post

You can make a post on Minecraft to celebrate Valentine's Day. To do this, put a dirt block down, then place a fence on top of it. You should then remove the dirt block, and put a fence post beneath the one that you have just placed.

things to do on minecraft on valentine day - make a fence post

8) Building a Heart House

You can celebrate this day the Minecraft way by making a heart house. This cute and clever creation serves as a reminder that people do not have to meet in person to celebrate this day of admiration, friendship, and romantic love. Or you can learn from the best house built in Minecraft to get your inspiration.

things to do on minecraft on valentine day - building a heart house

Things You Should Do in Real Life for the One You Loved

There are tons of things you can do with your significant other on February 14. They include:

Eating Breakfast in Bed Together

They say a nice meal is a perfect way to win someone's heart. You can dish up a little love on Valentine's Day by preparing a finger-licking breakfast for your partner and serving it in bed. You can make some fluffy pancakes or classic waffles and make them attractive with strawberries and whipped cream. What's more? You can also sprinkle some chocolate syrup. Also, break several eggs and cook a delicious cheese omelet with some toast. Do not forget the morning coffee. Once it's done, place everything on the bed tray with a bouquet of roses and enjoy the meal together.

Making a Video

You can create a Valentine's Day video to make this day unforgettable. Filmora video editor is one of the best video editing software for people looking for fantastic results. It allows you to create high-quality, memorable videos within minutes. The software is easy to use, making it ideal for beginners. You can edit videos with minimal effort. Essentially, you can apply masking effects to your video, including adding a shape mask and image mask. You can customize the shape, the mask position, and adjust showing effects for best results. What's more? You can flip, crop, trim, rotate, and merge Valentine's Day videos. With the Filmstock Valentine's Day effect packs for Filmora, you can add effects to your Valentine videos to turn them into impressive works of art.

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Starting a Couple’s Bucket List

If you have a couple's goals that you would like to achieve, you can write them down in a notebook to create a bucket list; this can include anything that your and your partner dream to do together in life. It can also be traveling to your favorite destination or sleeping in a beautiful castle. It can be catching up on your readings or watching Game of Thrones from the beginning. You can include any fun experiences or activities on the list.

Going on a Retreat

Pack away several belongings and head to a short couple’s retreat; this is a great way to relax and relieve stress. It's also a great way to strengthen your bond with your partner. Cancel all the appointments that you have on this day and book a cozy suite for you and your partner. Spend your time lazily nestled up with each other. You could watch a romantic movie on Netflix and order delicious food. Because you'll only be the two of you in the room, you can spend some quality time together without interruptions.

Slow Dancing to Your Song

Everyone has a song that reminds them of the day they fell in love. Putting on your favorite song and dancing to it with your partner will help you remember the early days the two of you were nervous and giggly. This is when holding hands makes you have jitters while enveloping you in warmth. It will help you remember your first kiss and other lovely days.


Everyone strives to make February 14 extra special by celebrating it wherever they are. That is why Minecraft players also create things to make this day special. This sandbox video game allows you to make a range of things to celebrate Valentine's Day in Minecraft. You can have fun exploring a blocky, procedurally generated three-dimensional world while showing your appreciation of this annual festival.

There are also other things that you can do in real life to show your other half that you care about them. Taking a video is the perfect thing to do on this day. It allows you to capture memorable moments. Use Filmora to make Valentine's Day videos like a professional.

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