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How to change the aspect ratio in Final Cut Pro?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 28, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

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Most of you must be wondering what is the purpose of changing the aspect ratio of a video. The aspect ratio is the size of the frame occupied by the video during the play mode. In other words, you can refer to it as the shape of the image concerning its width and height. There are surplus ways to change the size of the images but you must search for optimal tools to establish this task. While modifying the width and height values, make a note of the image resolution. You must resize the images without affecting the resolution and quality of the video. Making changes in one image parameter should not affect the other attributes.


The Final Cut Pro app helps to carry out this task professionally without any issues. This video editor works on every detail of the video and implements respective changes on the image size retaining the quality of the file. Quickly scroll down for more details on the efficient utilization of the Final Cut Pro app in modifying the aspect ratio of the video.

How to change the aspect ratio in the Final Cut Pro?

The Final Cut Pro app is an exclusive program that edits videos professionally. The easy interface encourages the newbie to work on it without any hesitation. This app comprises essential and advanced controls to bring a great impact on the videos as per your requirements. It is enough if you make the right click to accomplish the desired effect on the video. Here, you will learn how to modify the aspect ratio in your video to resize the media file without affecting its quality.

There is a need to reshape the video frame for various reasons. If you want to upload any videos on a social media website, the platform supports only restricted aspect ratio video size. In those scenarios, you must learn to reshape your memorable captures without distorting the crucial factors in the video files. Watch the steps below carefully to study the change in aspect ratio attributes in the videos.

Step1Install the application

Download the Final Cut Pro app and install it in your system. Then, launch the tool and upload the desired video that requires the resize operation. Place the video on the timeline and move the pointer to any area on the video to work on its aspect ratio values.

Step2Modify the values

At the right top of the screen, you will find the property window. Tap the ‘Modify’ option to alter the aspect ratio values according to your needs. In the pop-up window change the Video format to ‘Custom’ and alter the resolution values based on the required video size. To convert the shape to 16:9, enter the values like 1920 and 1080. For a square type frame, type in the values like 1080 and 1080. Ensure that both the values are the same for a square type video size.

The values you enter nearby the ‘Video’ label carries the size of the video image. Based on the requirement, you can alter them optimally.


Finally, save the changes and witness the resize operation on the video. You can further modify the values if you are not convinced with the acquired shape.

The aspect ratio establishes complete control of the video size. Alter the video size and use the files on any platform without any hesitation on its compatibility.

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Why Can’t I change the aspect ratio of my video?

There are scenarios you may encounter while changing the aspect ratio of your videos. You can refer below to the common issues that require a better fix to overcome the irregular reframing activities.

Problem: Even after changing the resolution values to 1440 X 1080 using the final cut pro app, the video frame covers the widescreen without modifying the size concerning the assigned values.

Solution 1: In this situation, you must fix the default spatial fit settings to fill the format in the final cut pro app. When you import the videos for editing, automatically the video would have taken this fit option. Before working on the aspect ratio values, modify the fit to fill settings so that you can crop the unwanted areas in the video frames precisely.

Solution 2: Another alternate solution to overcome the above problem is that you must disclose the Video inspector in your Final Cut Pro application. Then, in the ‘Anamorphic Override’ settings change the value to Standard instead of the none or widescreen mode. By altering this value, you can get the desired outcomes without any hesitation.

When you struggle to change the aspect ratio in your videos using the Final Cut Pro app, you must look for alternative solutions to fix them.

What is the common aspect ratio of videos?

The allowable aspect ratio for the videos and images differs with the social media platforms. In the case of the Facebook cover photo, the image size varies with desktop and mobile view. You can go for a horizontal frame with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Here, the width is wider than height.

For Twitter and Facebook posts, set the aspect ratio for the media files to 1200 x 675 pixels. In other terms 16:9, again it looks more or like a horizontal frame. In the YouTube platform, the permitted channel art size is 2560 x 1440 and the thumbnail is 1280 x 720.

The Instagram and Pinterest pins opt for square type video frames like 1200 X 1200 pixels or 500 X 500 pixels. The latter value holds good to set profile pictures for your account. The YouTube channel icon must be 800 X 800 in a square frame to enhance visibility.


The Instagram posts allow the tallest media files like 1080 X 1350. The Snapchat and TikTok go with 1080 X 1920 values. You can find the long Pinterest carrying posts measuring 1000 X 2100. Though this platform does not recommend this size, still the posts are successfully uploaded in this dimension flawlessly.

It is highly recommended to follow the above-discussed guidelines to post the favorite videos on the relevant social media platform without witnessing any compatibility issues. These are the common aspect ratio dimensions supported by the respective platforms. While posting the media files in this environment, you must abide by its standards to get rid of unwanted uploading issues. In certain digital spaces, you may not know the reason for the failure in uploading the image or videos. In those scenarios, read the guidelines provided by that platform and modify the media file dimension according to those values and then try uploading it again. Most video upload failure happens due to the incompatibility of the media file sizes. Watch the dimensions before posting or uploading any media files in the online space.

Most social media platform allows both landscape and portrait video sizes optimally. You can switch to any size format as per your comfort. When you upload larger images or videos either you will receive an error message or it forces you to crop the content to fit perfectly with their guidelines. To overcome such a situation, you can check out the permittable file size before uploading the media files into its environment.


Therefore, you had a better understanding of how to change the aspect ratio using the Final Cut Pro program. You can follow the above-discussed instructions and carry out the task as per your needs.

A short synopsis of the common media file sizes permitted on social media platforms has been listed out in this article and these enlightening facts help you to get rid of file size compatibility issues. Overcome the challenges in modifying the rigid file sizes of the videos using the forceful altering options. Connect with this article to discover exciting performances of the Final Cut Pro tool and its potential utilization in editing a media file. Stay tuned for jaw-dropping information on the video edition functionalities of the incredible application Final Cut Pro.

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