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iMovie VS Filmora: Which One Is Really Better?

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Jun 17, 2022• Proven solutions

Digital content creation is trending these days. Many brands look for content creators to market their products through visual mediums. These brands also create interactive videos to promote themselves further. Are you a content creator or a brand looking for good editing software to create professional videos?

If you have started your research, then you must know about Filmora and iMovie. iMovie vs Filmora is a topic of discussion as both have stunning features., effects, pricing, etc. Both of them also offer free versions, which is a good benefit. In this article, we will tell you about the features of both editing software and compare them. Stay tuned if you want to know which one will work better for you. 

iMovie vs. Filmora - Comparison at Glance

When it comes to iMovie VS Filmora, the competition is a little too intense. People are often confused as both have stunning features. Let's compare the two and see which one provides edge-cutting competition to the other.

1. Usability/Available devices

Regarding usability, iMovie is mainly a restricted software, as it is functional on only iOS and macOS. However, it functions seamlessly for both without any hassle. On the other hand, Filmora has wider usability as it is functional on macOS and Windows. If you use Windows simultaneously, then Filmora will work for you better. If we talk about user-friendliness, then we think iMovie has a minor competitive advantage over Filmora. It has basic features that are easy to use yet make your video look professional.

2. Text and special effects

Both Filmora and iMovie have special effects and advanced text options. However, if we compare iMovie VS Filmora, iMovie may have a little bit of a competitive edge. iMovie has classy presets which are easier to apply to make your video look professional. However, Filmora gives more customizable options, which may be a little challenging to use for beginners.

3. Functions/scalability

If we look at the functions of iMovie VS Filmora, both editing software offers excellent functionality. If we check out iMovie's functionality, it is ideal for beginners and has all the features you need to make a video look professional. Still, its use is only restricted to macOS and iOS users. Filmora provides simplified advanced features for various devices that can be used to create vibrant videos.

4. Pricing

If we check out both products for their pricing, then iMovie wins because it is free for iOS and macOS users. However, it does not work for people using Windows. For Filmora, you can try it free or pick a plan to enjoy more advanced features. It's all up to you. 

iMovie vs. Filmora - Detailed Comparison

If you are an iOS or macOS user, then we suppose you have heard of iMovie, and if not, we are going to let you know. It is a fantastic editing software to produce 4K videos that are aesthetically pleased and look professional. It has a bundle of features that will make your editing experience more straightforward and the outcome better than you expect. Here are some of the features:

1. Ease of Usage and Simplified Advanced Options

Winner: Filmora

One of the best things about iMovie is that it is super user-friendly. You do not need pro editing skills to use it. It produces Hollywood-style stunning 4K videos without demanding too much effort. You have to select the video clips, add title, subtitles, transitions, and music to give the final video a stunning look. You can produce stunning cinema-quality clips using the free version also.

On the other hand, Filmora is one of the best software as it works on Windows and macOS. One of its features that stands out is its simplified advanced options. It is perfect to create transitional, bright and stunning videos without having advanced editing skills. You also have the option to create animations to make it look visually pleasing. Its features are highly responsive to allow your creative juices to flow and make the outcome supremely better.


2. Special Effects

Winner: Filmora

If you expect iMovie to be a basic editing software, it is anything but basic. It has special effects and filters that you can use to enhance your videos further. The fade-in, fade-out music effects, transitions, trim, and merge effects help you give a professional look to your videos. The split-screen and picture-in-picture effects are perfect for making your videos look refined. You can also speed up the scenes to make the video informative yet concise.

On the other hand, if we talk about Filmora's special effect, you'll not be disappointed. If you want to provide a cinematic look to your videos and make them look professional, the green screen effect by Filmora will be perfect. You can reimagine yourself in a different world, which is unapproachable. You can transfer yourself to a diverse background to make a video look more aesthetically pleasing and professional. It provides you a chance to add special effects, filters, motion, and transition. You can add life to footage that was not shot in the best way.


3. Soundtracks, Volume Controls and Sound Customization

Winner: Filmora

If you are a content creator and want to create refined videos, you can select from 13 built-in filters to add beautiful effects with iMovie. You can add vintage feels, warm tones, classic and western filters to add a rich vibe to your videos. You can also customize the filter intensity in your videos on macOS and iOS. Furthermore, you can also choose from 80+ soundtracks and also customized tunes for your videos. It also provides voice-over options.

With Filmora, you do not only get to edit and make video quality better, but also manage the audio. Sometimes, the audio can appear low-quality or sparse. In such cases, you can do a voice-over to make the audio more understandable. Make the volume higher or lower according to the scenarios. You can add beautiful background audio provided by Filmora or customize your tunes. It also has a fading audio effect, in which background video fades to make your voice appear clearer.


4. Pricing

Winner: iMovie

iMovie is not only easy to use for professionals, the working class, and students; it is also available for free. Yes, you heard that right, this software is free, and you do not have to pay anything to avail of its stunning features. It is available on macOS and iOS, which makes it accessible even on the go.

On the other hand, Filmora has a free version but with limited potential. You need to upgrade to the pro version by paying $51.99/year.

5. Other Features

Winner: Filmora

With iMovie, if you want to give your videos an extra pop, you can make your background stand out. You can add a watermark in your video background, sharpen colors, add graphics, and change the placement of characters in your videos. It also has a green screen effect to place yourself within a scene or put your face on a character. The green screen effect is seamless and makes everything believable.

One of the advanced features within Filmora is the split-screen effect. The split-screen enables you to tell stories uniquely. You can show two different scenarios at the same time to create a unique plot. You can also use speed control features to slow down or fasten the scene pace in both split screens. By applying different effects on both screens, you can add a unique touch. You can do a screen-by-screen preview to ensure the quality is top-notch in the final video. You can also add special movements in the video to make it look edgy. Nowadays, content creators and brands and teachers are also creating educational videos to enhance academic performance. One of the best things about Filmora is that you can record your on-screen activities and make them a part of your videos. You can highlight the cursor and highlight specific aspects of the videos to make them more understandable. Filmora provides easy features that even a layperson can understand.

iMovie vs. Filmora - Winner: Filmora

There is a lot of editing software, but people always compare iMovie VS Filmora as both of them are on the top of the list. Both iMovie and Filmora have great features, functionality, and usability, with a few minor differences. One of the things that are highly prevalent in each software is that they are made user-friendly and provide maximum advantage to a user.

Filmora is powerful editing software that has stunning features to produce excellent quality videos. iMovie vs Filmora is always a topic of interest among people. Filmora is known for simplifying advanced features and making them more user-friendly. Looking at all the other features offered by the two, Filmora definitely takes the lead.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version


Finally, if we are asked to make a choice, we will go with Filmora. We know that you may pay for Filmora, but it has excellent features that one can use, and investment is completely worth it. It has broader applicability and more customizable features.

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