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Memes Marketing: What Markters Should Know [Infographic]

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Meme is a craze in the market. Everywhere you look across the internet, these funny and laughter evoking memes have a strong presence. This is the most popular way nowadays for marketers to express their ideas to the target audience.

No doubt meme marketing is becoming a trend in the social media marketing strategies. If you want to try your hands at making memes, then go through this article and infographic since we are going to explain how to make a meme.

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Keep reading to explore more!

Part 1: What is meme

Before we proceed, let’s understand what is meme?

A meme is nothing but an idea, style or behavior that virally gets transmitted between people within a culture. It’s a virtual cultural symbol or idea usually aimed at conveying a specific theme, phenomenon or meaning.

Most of the memes nowadays include a photo with a caption that is funny, and they focus to tickle your funny bones by publicly ridiculing human behavior. Verbal expressions and videos are also a part of memes and few of the memes contain philosophical or serious content.

The meme world has two significant aspects to rule the market; one is being a worldwide social phenomenon and secondly their action is like viral flue that infects and spreads like wildfire from person to person across the social media. Memes are very common according to some leading social media sources.

On an average, millennials spend around 200 minutes online each day.

The right memes marketing can bring your business more exposure than gag-inducing branded content while spreading something valuable among audience. Though, they aren’t promotional in nature they casually refer to your brand and tickle the funny bones of people.

These are crafted for brands and social media platforms, entertain the audience and add value to your brand. Going entertainment above information is a norm these days; a brand can create a meme to introduce a new product rather than a 1000 words blog.

Part 2: Where to find memes

When someone shares a meme that was awesome and you want to reply back with a more humorous meme, where do you look for? And you are wondering where to find memes and which memes are trending on the internet; you can stay updated by being an active social media user. Knowing where to get the latest memes serves best for you.

You can browse for memes among 2,700 memes from Giphy, Make a GIF, Imgur, Meme Generator, and Sizzle. From the meme’s status, such as ‘Confirmed’, ‘Submissions’, and ‘Researching’ you can find a meme. After searching the meme, you can know the details such as history, origin, usage, cultural reference etc. You get an elaborate information about the meme to understand where memes come from. Twitter and Facebook or Instagram serve you plenty of memes, but to get hold of the trending memes first, you can explore the following options.

1. Reddit

This platform is friendly and you can interact with others easily. It brings latest memes for you. It is a very popular platform to get memes from.

Reddit memes

2. 4chan

This is an image based community but known to be criticized a lot because of its users who are at times unpleasant to be in touch. It is the place where popular memes are created.

3. Tumblr

Content from Reddit and 4chan eventually floods Tumblr. It is a blogging platform full of GIFs and images. The Mecca for memes! Sometimes Reddit memes quickly move to Tumblr.

4. YouTube Meme Channel

You can even check out YouTube channels that create memes to get the latest memes. There are many YouTubers to make funny video or imgae memes. You can go to find them and get inspired.

5. Twitter

Twitter is a traditional place to find and post memes. Actually, many memes get popular on Twitter. For meme marketing, you can go to Twitter to search famous account and use them.

6. Know Your Meme

Know your meme is a blog that you can use to track where memes come from. In this way, many famous or regualr memes will be on your list. You can choose the best meme that meets social media demands.

Part 3: How to make a meme for marketing

  1. Find out your value: To understand how to make a nice meme marketing strategy, you need to access the marketing value first. The simple way to do this is either create a meme of your own or utilize one that already exists.
  2. Go to search popular memes: When you want to use an existing meme, you need to research the market for what’s trending. Make sure that the content is genuine, funny, and you know what message it carries. As the meme tends to change the actual meaning overtime, you might use an offensive meme unintentionally.
  3. Make memes on your own: If you are wondering where to find memes that people don’t have access yet, you can create your own meme. Though, you have to take more efforts and introduce it to the audience as they can’t recognize it the first time. If you successfully introduce a meme in the market, then you can gain a lot of popularity by playing the right cards.

Talking about meme maker, Filmora online meme maker is a totally free tool for you to use. No need to sign up. You can simply drag video, image or GIF material to import. More conveniently, Filmora meme maker supports adding texts inside and outside in a meme. It just takes a few clicks to release your creativity without watermark. Have a try!

edit meme

Check this infographic to know more memes.

memes marketing infograhic


From the said article, it is obvious that depending on the trend and event, memes keep evolving. The main constraints need to be genuine and humorous content with a relatable image to go with it. Ensure that it is not based on a subject that is prohibited in your country or region by law enforcement agencies.

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