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How to Make a Video Meme for Facebook and Instagram

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

When you think of video memes, Facebook and Instagram top the list as the repository for memes. Before you understand how to make a video meme for Facebook/Instagram, first you need to understand what a meme actually means. A meme is nothing but a short funny video having text with the same context as that of the video. Together, the text and video turn into a laugh inducing meme that people enjoy. These memes are very easy to make and take not much time.

In this article, we are going to explain how to make video memes for social media posts. Stay tuned and explore!

Facebook and Instagram specs

Before knowing how to make a video meme for Instagram/Facebook, how about understanding their specs on both the platforms and get the best out of it? It is of utmost importance to know the social media specs before venturing into video marketing in these platforms.


Videos on Facebook are virally consumed every year at a large scale. This is the reason online marketers emphasize more on the right Facebook video specs. On an average 45% users at least consume one hour of video per week over Facebook or YouTube. The real challenge for business owners is, deciding the right type of videos to post! Depending the video format, the specs and dimensions differ which might confuse you.

Video resolution Minimum width Aspect ratio Max video size Recommended video formats
Facebook 1280x720 600 pixels 16:9/9:16 4GB MP4/MOV
Instagram 600x315/600x600/600x750 / 1.91:1/1:1/4:5 4GB MP4/MOV

Here is a quick guide –

Shared posts are the most common video types that stay on your Facebook feed which others can share. Though, it’s tough to get organic reach on Facebook. It’s one of the most effective methods for sharing videos. There are 2 popular video orientations ‘Landscape’ and ‘Portrait’ for that matter.

  • Landscape and portrait videos need to be of 1280X720.
  • The width should at least be 600 pixels.
  • Aspect ratio for landscape is 16:9 and portrait is 9:16 (16:9 when video has a link).
  • On mobile both the video types aspect ratio remains 2:3.
  • The recommended formats are .MP4 and .MOV with 4GB maximum file size limit.
  • Video should have 30fps max frames and length needs to be 120 minutes at max.
  • Maximum word count is 2,200 characters but 90 characters is recommended for links.
  • Link description is 30 characters max with 25 characters long headline.
  • Instagram

    When it comes to Instagram, it has 71% of brands with it that reach to their audience. Due to the high visibility rate over the internet, brand-created Instagram videos are worth investing. It has three different video formats, such as landscape, vertical, and square. Mobile being an indispensable device nowadays, accessing social networking platforms has grown tremendously. This in turn made Instagram videos a big hit, though, organic reach is comparatively less.

    • The minimum resolution for videos in landscape, vertical, and square is 600X315, 600X750, and 600X600 respectively.
    • Likewise, the aspect ratios for landscape, vertical, and square is 1.91:1, 1:1, and 4:5 respectively.
    • The video formats, maximum file size and maximum frames are same as Facebook videos. Though, the video size is only 60 seconds.
    • Maximum caption and recommended are 2,200 and 125 characters respectively.
    • How to make a video meme for Facebook and Instagram step by step

      Now, let’s see how to make a video meme for Instagram and Facebook. When you have Filmora meme maker, you don’t have to worry about anything else. This online meme maker helps you make a video meme. It can also create GIF and image memes apart from video memes.

      There is no need to login to an account for creating your video meme. Using drag and drop and click, you can import images, videos, and GIF easily. You can change the text color and use text in and outside the image, video or GIF as well, as you desire.

      Detailed guide for Filmora online meme maker showing how to make a video meme for Instagram/Facebook –

      Step 1: On Filmora online meme maker website, click or drag for importing material. Image, GIF and video can be imported.

      import meme

      Step 2: Go to the meme editor page. Click the tools from left and customize the meme. The preview window shows the changes. Try playing with fonts and texts with funny content.

      Tips: Crafting quips can make your meme more popular on Facebook and Instagram.

      edit meme

      Step 3: Finally, click ‘CREATE’ and let the changes take effect. Press the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button once you are happy with the changes. You can share now on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

      export meme

      Bottom Line

      From the above article, we found that Filmora online meme maker is an intuitive and efficient tool to make a video meme for Instagram or Facebook. There is no other tool that can create meme videos, GIFs or images so easily. You don’t even need to download the software and occupy space on your computer, just go online and get it sorted.

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