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Boomerang on Instagram: Create Addictive Loop Videos on IG

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Love the quirky videos you see on Instagram? You might think that it is a complex technology but it is not. With the help of a user-friendly application called Boomerang, it is possible to add on loops in videos and make even simple moments interesting.

What's an Instagram Boomerang?

For the uninitiated, Boomerang is a fun app designed for Instagram. Boomerang Instagram helps users capture mini videos. The app can make the videos loop forward and backward, making even small actions look funny and unexpected. It has gained a lot of popularity since its launch. You can take as many as ten photos with the app. It helps to bind them together as well as add interesting effects, just as the boomerang name indicates. It helps to speed up videos as well as smoothes out bumps. The main property of this app is to be able to loop videos back and forth.

What Is Instagram Boomerang

What Makes a Good Boomerang?

It is a stand-alone application that was introduced by Instagram in 2015. Though it is not new anymore, not many people have experimented with it or know what to do with it. Here are some tips to use the app to add creative touches to simple boomerang videos.

1.Make Simple Moments Look Special

You could start by using this app to add a touch of fun, even to mundane moments. For instance, the flip of the hair could look good with this app. When you are a beginner you can make a simple action captured over video look mesmerizing as you put it in the loop. Hence, a good tip to make a boomerang from a video is to not hesitate in using the app on a simple moment captured on video. It could be moments such as putting on a jacket, a dance move, a runway walk, and so forth.

Boomerang Catch Special Moments

2.Add on the Loop

Boomerangs are perfect when you add on a loop. This includes a forward movement, followed by a backward movement, and then forward again. For the loop to be added perfectly, finish movement in a different place than when you first started. For instance, if you wish to loop a dance move, you need to move the recording phone across the dance floor. This will capture the movement completely.

3.Boomerang Selfies

Did you think that only videos could be boomeranged? You can boomerang photos as well. To start with an experiment, try doing it with your selfie. You could move your hair, wink, smile, or play with your jacket. These are all effects that capture this app very well. It would certainly help make your selfies or profile pics special.

Boomerang Selfies

How to Make an Amazing Boomerang on Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram, here are some ways to make a boomerang video on Instagram:

1.Download the App

If you do not have the app already, download the app on your smartphone. You will easily find it on the app store of iOS or of Android. Once you find the app and download the same you are ready to use the same.

2.Using the App

Use Boomerang

Once the app is downloaded, open the same, and create a video. There is a single button on the app which helps you to create a Boomerang clip. Ideally, it should be with a clip involving movement.

3.Share the Video

Once the video is created, it is easy to share the same. You can share it through your Instagram or Facebook account. It is possible to share through the app directly. The other way to do so is to download the video and upload it later using Instagram. The sharing process is simple and that is also a reason why many users love to use it. Simply a click helps you to create a Boomerang and then share it as well.

4.Use Boomerang on Instagram Stories

There are other ways to use the app. You can apply the app through Instagram and make a boomerang from an existing video. Simply open Instagram and swipe left. You can create a video loop by tapping on the infinity symbol. You can also add stickers or filters to the video. It is now a video story, ready for sharing. It is a simpler way of adding the Boomerang effect to your Instagram videos. You can do it through Instagram directly and not have to download any additional applications.

Use Boomerang On Instagram

5.Use the New Effects Added

There have been certain effects upgrades added to this app. With the new boomerang video effects, it is even more fun to create videos on Instagram. These are akin to filters and help add on something more to your Boomerang videos:

SlowMo: This is an effect or filter that helps to reduce speed to half. Hence, it helps videos to play slow in either direction.

Echo: This effect is like double vision. It helps content to stand out, similar to adding a motion blur to movements in your video.

Duo: This effect is like rewinding a video clip rapidly to the start. It also gives it a digitized look. It goes well with certain themes and can make your video look creative.

Instagram also allows users to trim the content in such videos. That allows users more flexibility on how they wish to present content. It helps you edit the lengths of Boomerang videos. You can decide which point a video would start and where it would end.

New Boomerang Effects

Once you have mastered the basic techniques, use the added effects to make your videos interesting. You can even plan the narrative from before. Once you are familiar with the techniques you can easily add on effects, as per the movements you capture. You can even trim the video clips to make the beginnings and the finishes look aesthetic.

Quick Solutions: Why Is My Instagram Boomerang Laggy?

You might notice that Instagram has become sluggish on your smartphone. Many people face the problem of slower uploading of feeds. There might be overall sluggish behavior in how the app operates. Often the problem is sorted when you quit and restart the app or your handset.

Another way to do so is to visit Settings and the Apps section in it. Here you should try and clear cache. This will help the app to get back to full functionality. It would also help if you upgraded the application. Update Instagram on your smartphone and restart your device. It should bring back the smoothness of the operation of Instagram on your phone.

Final Thoughts

You might feel hesitant to try the boomerang effect on a video, especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, remember that there is no need to be perfect with this app. Random use of the app is what makes the videos unique. Once you have tried the app on some videos, you are ready to explore more of its possibilities. If you wish to make an elaborate video plan the narrative from before. Think out the theme and how you wish to capture every clip. If you wish to use it for engaging viewers, you can use the different features to make the videos appealing. You can also take inspiration from others. Checking out other Boomerang videos will give you ideas that can inspire your next video shoot. There are YouTube tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the application.

With boomerang effects, there are several creative possibilities to explore. Ensure that you include movement in your video which works out best with the boomerang effect. You can use effects like slow motion, echo, and duo to enhance or emphasize certain actions. If you wish to draw the attention of a certain viewer base, make your videos interesting and unique by employing this app. Effects can be made different from the filters and features that the app offers.

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