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How to Use the CapCut 3D Effect: a Detailed Guide

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

One of the prominent trends on TikTok consists of using CapCut to add the CapCut 3D Zoom effect to images and then organizing them in a video. TikTok filters and effects are often the basis of trending content on TikTok's viral platform, but this specific thing and the trend need the use of an additional app. Here's how to use the CapCut 3D effect to images and then make a video ready to be uploaded to the same platform.

The trending 3D effect videos currently famous on TikTok are made possible through the CapCut app. However, this is a separate editing app for iOS and Android, owned by Bytedance, TikTok's parent company.

Part 1: What is CapCut 3D Trend?

Recently, a photo editing hack went viral on TikTok after a user found that changing the brilliance, exposure, shadows, saturation, and more in a particular manner gave her image the perfect sun-kissed glowing effect.

Now, there’s a new image trend that’s blowing up on the same viral video-sharing app. It’s called CapCut, and the article contains info on how to use the CapCut 3D effect.

Also called the 3D Photo Trend, the CapCut Trend is a unique way to bring your uploaded images to life and make them appear 3D.

CapCut is the name of the video editing app where you can add a 3D effect to your photos.

Although some people thought that the photos were a new iPhone effect, the fact is that they were from a separate app. Thus, the app, called CapCut, is already a favorite editing app for users who make videos on TikTok.

Once you've installed the CapCut app, please open it and upload 11 photos to the editing timeline. Then, click Style and add a 3D zoom effect to all of your images.

Let's understand this clearly in detail as follows!

Part 2: A Detailed Guide on CapCut 3D Zoom Effect

The app is free, and even some of the world's famous influencers use it at least sometimes to create trends that are trending across the platform. The CapCut 3D Zoom effect is just one example of how ByteDance has made an entire social media ecosystem by offering users the equipment they require to upload TikTok videos, which they also own.

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Steps on how to use CapCut 3D Effect and upload it on TikTok

Step 1: Install CapCut and create a new project

Firstly, download the CapCut app for your operating system available for both Android and iOS versions. Then, click the New Project button as shown below.

new project capcut

Step 2: Add photos

Then, click Add in the bottom right corner to add those 11 photos for a time out with a sound.

add photos capcut

Now, trim these 11 photos to time it out to the music with the trend. So when they come to the editing panel, cut the first four photos to 0.5 seconds each and another seven images to 0.3 seconds each.

To do that, click the photo and drag its ends down and repeat the same for all 11 photos.

trim photos capcut

Step 3: Add 3D Zoom effect

Once your photos get timed out, you can easily add the zoom effect that you can see at the bottom panel.

To do that, you need to click each photo, go to the bottom bar, and scroll all over to find the Style tab, as shown below.

style capcut

In this panel, select the 3D Zoom effect as given below.

3d zoom capcut

After that, you can preview that it’s zooming in the photo a little bit while also changing the photo’s perspective while moving.

Repeat and apply the same effect with each of the 11 photos.

To add audio, you can do this TikTok while posting the video. It would be easy then.

Else, you can download the sound file from Kapwing, the exact trending audio used in the CapCut 3D Zoom effect.

Rest, you're all done with adding the CapCut 3D Zoom effect.

In the CapCut app, click the audio file if you've downloaded from Kapwing's description given above.

And extract it and add it beneath the exact video you just created.

Note: You can delete the CapCut's watermark given at the end of the video by default.

Once you finish the creation, click that little Export icon at the top-right corner, and it'll get exported.

export video capcut

Part 3: Some FAQs

1 - How do you find new trends on TikTok?

Trends begin from various app features such as dances, transitions, sounds, or hashtags. One of the simplest ways to determine these trends is to search via the Discover tab, which will feature various trending topics or sounds.

2 – Where is 3D Zoom on CapCut?

As already discussed in the editing section above, the CapCut 3D Zoom effect is present in the Style tab after entering the editing panel.

3 – Why is CapCut so good?

CapCut is good to make TikTok-like videos, and most of the influencers even use this app to edit their TikTok videos. The app is primarily designed keeping in mind the editing functions of TikTok and thus super cool to use by young folks.


CapCut may not give users much interaction on its own, but when mixed with TikTok, it makes a robust apps network that works together flawlessly and even fuels trends. Also, don't forget to describe how useful you find this how to use the CapCut 3D effect guide.

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