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An Ultimate Guide: How to Add Overlay in CapCut

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

Regularly, we used to see a Chinese app reaching the top of the App Store and Google Play in many Western countries. It might be a utility tool like a casual video game or selfie beautifier, which has universal appeal and needs a little localization effort. But most of them tend to be on the radar's blip.

And, the latest Chinese app to top the charts is from TikTok owner ByteDance. Known as CapCut, the app allows users to not only add a ton of filters, stickers, and effects, it also contains a simple green screen function, a zooming function that somewhat operates like a Ken Burns effect, and many more.

One of its unique functions for incredible content creation is CapCut overlay. And, we've dedicated this entire article to how you can craft more awesome content via the specified feature.

So, let’s jump into the feature’s brief intro leading with the step-by-step guide.

Part 1: How to Overlay in CapCut: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

CapCut Overlay is one of its features made explicitly for mobile devices that can combine an object, either a video or a photo, with other things to overlap on the same screen.

This feature can be useful in a variety of ways. For instance, to combine two or more videos or photos on one screen, add stickers or logos to the video, insert additional video effects, edit green screen videos, creating text as video captions, and so on.

1.How to Add Overlay in CapCut [Text Overlay]

Like, we mentioned, this overlay feature can assist you in multiple scenarios. While below, we will only discuss how to add overlay in CapCut.

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Note: We assume that you’ve already downloaded the CapCut app and entered its project editing panel.

Step 1: Open CapCut’s editing panel, add text with a black background and save it.

add text capcut


Step 2: Create a new project, then add a photo or video that will combine with the text overlay.

Step 3: Open the Overlay menu at the bottom, then select Add overlay.

add overlay capcut


Step 4: Now, choose and add the text you saved earlier.

Step 5: Open the Splice menu.

open splice capcut


Step 6: Choose from the overlay types to be used, and then adjust its opacity. For instance, we went for the Darken type with 100 percent opacity.

select overlay types capcut


2.How to Add Picture Overlays in CapCut?

Step 1: Open CapCut and Adding photos are your primary task. You can add up to 7 photos at a time. Crop and Cut the photos as per your need.

Step 2: Download the image you want to use as an overlay. This image further needs background removal, which you can do very easily through apps like Background Eraser etc.

Step 3: Open CapCut and select Overlay. Add the same image for which you've removed the background in the previous step.

Here, you go. The same picture is now added as an overlay in CapCut.

Part 2: How to Use Overlay in CapCut: A Video Guide

Want to make your CapCut overlay project more wonderful? Here's a video guide on how to add a transition-like overlay to a picture. The guide is pretty simple, with self-introductory steps. However, similar steps are applicable as above except for the transition type, which is slightly different here.

Part 3: How to Add Overlay with CapCut’s Alternative?

Let’s now understand the overlay concept with CapCut’s best alternative Wondershare Filmora. We’ll briefly discuss how to overlay in Wondershare Filmora via PIP and Text overlay effect.

Filmora has 100 plus tracks to let you add videos to make interesting and fancy video overlays. Besides, the shape of overlays can also be modified, which means many irregular shapes can touch up your video, and thus makes it a bit engaging. With Filmora, you can overlay an image on a video, Overlay a video on a video, adjust position, mask, size of the photo, and add elements and animation to the video overlay.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1.How to Overlay PIP Effect in Wondershare Filmora

Video Overlay, also called the Picture in Picture (PIP) effect, is referred to when two video clips share the same display screen with one smaller image/video superimposed on a larger video.

Step 1: Import your photo and video files to Media Library

After launching the Filmora video editor, build a new project to use the Picture-in-Picture feature. Import both your video or photo overlay media to the Media library and other main clips.

Step 2: Add Video /Photo Overlay to Timeline

Now, drag and drop the main video to the timeline panel, and drop the overlay material to another track. You will then get a raw PIP video. Hit the Play tab in the Preview window to check. Filmora also comes with many PIP resources to be used in videos for fun.

Move the images or photos on the PIP track to choose while it shows. If it is an image overlay, you can drag its edges and extend or trim the exact overlay length. If it is a video effect overlay, you can cut or trim it to fit the main video’s length.

import media Filmora

Step 3: Customize this overlay in PIP Track

To customize the PIP overlay, double click on the added photo or video in the timeline to open the editing timeline and double click the motion effect to apply to the video overlay.

customize video overlay Filmora

Adjust Position of Overlay Video: Click the video or photo in the PIP overlay track where you see a green box around the media in the preview window. Just drag it to any position you desire it to be in the video.

adjust overlay position

You can change overlay video size by dragging, and rectangle handles.

And, you can apply Motion to overlay video by selecting from 60+ motion effects.

motion effect Filmora

Then, to add mask to Photo/Video Overlay:

Go to Effects, select Utility on the left panel, Shape Mask or Image Mask to apply it to photo/video overlay.

You can transform each mask with options, like X, Y, Width, Height, and Feather by double-clicking on the overlay.

add mask filmora

Step 4: Fine-Tune Overlay video & image with the main video

Double click the overlay in the editing timeline. In the video tab, in case of video effect overlay, you can go for a target blending mode from Multiply, Darken, Screen, Color Burn, and much more and adjust the video’s opacity.

fine-tune overlay

Step 5: Save Picture in Picture Video

Now, click the Export button on the top-right panel, and you could save our Picture-in-Picture video on DVD, device, and YouTube.

2.How to Overlay Text in Wondershare Filmora

As we already mentioned, besides adding photo and video overlay to the main video content, you can also add text as an overlay. Adding text is one of the proficient manners to revitalize your content.

Step 1: Import your video files

After launching Filmora, click the New Project tab to enter the main screen.

16:9 is the default aspect ratio, which can be transformed according to the requirements and edit it to 1:1 (for Instagram videos), or 9:16 (videos shot vertically), or 4:3.

Choose the "Import" tab to add your video to the media library. You can also directly drag the same into the timeline.

Step 2: Add Videos to Editing Timeline and Locate its Frame

Before adding text to video, you can cut, trim, or delete the video’s part based on your requirements. Then Zoom in to show the video frame exactly to locate the frames that should have a text overlay.

locate video frame

Step 3: Go for Text Presets and Add text

Hit the Titles tab to open the Text& Title presets. There are 200+ inbuilt text effects in Filmora, covering various styles such as Lifestyle, seasonal, opener, media, lower 3rd, and end credits.

choose text presets

If it fits your desires, place the Playhead to the position where you want to add the title and text in the timeline and then drag it to the track above the video in the editing timeline.

Step 4: Edit the Duration of the Text

In Filmora, the default text duration is 5 seconds, but you can drag the text’s edges to extend it to fit the video’s length in the editing timeline. Or, you can choose the Text in the timeline first and then select the Timer icon to change text effect duration.

duration setting

Step 5: Customize and Edit Your Text

Double click the Title frame to open a window for basic editing. Here you can enter the text and change the text font, color, and size.

edit text

There are 20 plus text effect styles for selection. Just double-click one Style for application, and check the changes in the Preview window.

You can also select the "Animation" tab to change the title text’s overlay animation or drag the text box in the preview panel to edit the text's position.

Advanced Text Editing

To customize the text overlay, hit the Advanced tab to open the Advanced Text Edit window. Here, you can select a preset and an animation, customize the Text Fill, Border, and Shadow elements.

advanced text editing Filmora

Add text boxes to the video and new text shapes such as rectangle, circle, round bubble, and arrow. Besides, adjust the duration of each text element by dragging its edges.

Step 6: Export the new video

After adding your text overlay, choose the “Play” button to check the results. If happy, click the “Export” tab and select an output format from the list. You can change the audio and video parameters such as Encoder, Bit Rate, Resolution in the advanced settings.

You can also upload directly to YouTube from Filmora.


So, this was all about the CapCut overlay and how to overlay in CapCut with the easiest method. The CapCut application can create a single overlay and also add more than one overlay as you desire. For other overlay tutorials, check our last section on how to overlay in CapCut's best alternative, Wondershare Filmora, which is pretty advanced and featured than CapCut.

In case of any doubts, you can submit your question in the comment box below. That's all from us and thank you for visiting.

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