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CapCut Templates: How to Get and Use Templates on CapCut

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May 19, 2022• Proven solutions

CapCut is a video editing tool that was launched initially for the Android platform. It was called Viamaker at first. Soon, the product was re-launched as CapCut. This app has gained popularity over time since it is a free video editing app that is useful for creating wonderful effects and animations in videos.

capcut for laptop

Today CapCut templates are not only in demand on mobile devices but also for Windows and Mac platforms. This is an open-source and free application, more people seek ways to use the same. It is easy to use for adding desired effects on your video and posting the same. Also, high-quality and advanced filters are available. They can help add on beauty effects that make videos and people in it appear flawless. What’s more, it comes with an extensive music library. You can easily add on trending music hits as well as get access to copyright songs. With text font styles and stickers, it is easy to do so much more with your videos.

Here we look at how to make the most of this editing software, whether you are creating videos for TikTok or simply wish to upload your own candid moments on YouTube.

Part 1: What is CapCut on TikTok?

TikTok has become a video-sharing platform that is known for short videos. Here anyone can sign up and post videos on different topics. What are popular on TikTok are dance and comedy videos? Of course, it is used as an effective platform for education and spreading social awareness on different topics.

It was introduced in China as the Douyin app. It is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company. There is wide viewership of TikTok videos, mainly because these are created for short durations. For instance, videos can be as small as fifteen seconds or as long as three minutes.

capcut on tiktok

Both TikTok and CapCut are part of the same parent company, ByteDance. TikTok users can use different apps to edit their videos and CapCut is available as an option since it is an affiliate and co-parent brand. With the availability of editing apps such as CapCut, ByteDance ensures that TikTok users have easy access to tools that would help them get creative with their videos.

With CapCut there is much that TikTok users can do. This free editing tool helps to make all videos so much more professional. It is also intuitive for use. Customers can easily change speed, cut, or reverse as well as add-on stickers and music. They can incorporate different effects and add on text as required. You can also opt for CapCut templates for free download. Though the app is free, it has all the tools that any user of TikTok can require to make their videos amazing.

Part 2: How to Get a Template on CapCut?

If you are looking to download template CapCut and use them for your videos, you can do so with the following steps:

  • Open the app; you will find the option to start a new project on top; also, there is a template tab in the bottom panel.
  • When you click on it you find several templates to choose from.
  • When you choose one, you can enlarge the same.
  • Once it opens up, you find the option “use template” in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • After that, you can choose pictures that you want to put in your video; you can make multiple choices.
  • Then you can press on Preview; this will automatically put the pictures on the template.
  • You can then watch the video and see how it plays out.
  • Once you are happy with the video layout of the chosen template, you are ready to export your video.
  • You can then export the video onto your device; it gives you the option to export with or without a watermark.
  • Once the video has been exported to your device, it is ready for you to share.
  • You will find the video available on your phone gallery, ready for sharing or moving to other locations.

Part 3: How to Edit a Text Template in CapCut?

If you are looking to add text to CapCut templates, here are the steps to do so:

  • Open a project that you had already started or worked upon.
  • Text templates are useful when you wish to add explanatory introductions to certain parts or actions on your video.
  • To do so in an ongoing project, simply play the video on the editing feature and choose the section where you wish to add on text; once you pause the video you get options to add on effects which will also include text templates.
  • When you tap on text templates you can see the different templates available; they are all free for use since there are no in-app purchases required here.
  • Once you select a text template, it appears in the middle of the video screen.

capcut templates add text


  • You can double-tap the icon to edit the text in the template; it automatically brings up the keyboard.
  • You can even use the microphone key on the keyboard to use the dictation feature instead of typing out the text.
  • If you wish to add the text across all clips till the end of the video screen, you can simply drag out the text window.
  • If you wish to change where the text will start and end on your video, you can simply drag out or crop the text bar accordingly.
  • Also, you can position where the text bar appears on your video by simply using the drag and drop feature.
  • However, in a text template, the style or appearance is fixed; hence, if you wish to explore how the same text looks with different styles, you can do so by changing the template.

Once you have added text to your video as per your liking, you can export the same. Once the export process is complete, you can then find it in your smartphone gallery. It will be ready for sharing.

Part 4: How to Use Filmora Template Mode on PC?

Wondershare launched Filmora as a video editing application. Since its launch, it has been a handy editing tool for the novice as well as professional video makers. It is considered to be a multi-purpose editing tool that has powerful functionalities. It also comes with fully stacked features. Hence, it is easy to make complex short videos with this comprehensive software.

The Filmora Instant Mode is a recently released new feature. It is a trending aspect that makes most video editing tools popular, especially among novice users. With the Instant Mode you need not create but have a set backdrop for your pictures or clips. It is a new way that video makers are using to make short, impressive videos automatically.

Filmora includes several stylish templates, similar to how you download CapCut templates. With their readymade templates, it is easy to turn photos and video clips into video stories that are visually striking. If you are a beginner, it is the best way to make videos quickly. Those, who do not have enough time to edit their video stories before they post them on social media, can count on this feature. It is a great handy tool for making promo videos.

Check the below videos to get a more clear understanding regarding the Instant Mode of Filmora.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Steps to use Filmora template mode are:

  • Download the software; it has a free trial period during which anyone can explore all its features.
  • Click Instant Mode on the Startup Window.
  • Once you pick a template of your choice, start by importing photos or video clips that you want to use to create the video.
  • Import at least three photos or video footage; the AI technology inbuilt will show you how the template helps to ramp up your video as a whole.
  • Once you are happy with the total video layout, you can export the file.
  • After it is exported it will be available in your phone gallery.
  • You can then share the same on different platforms.

The Instant Mode is an easy, fast way to generate videos in no time. It is a time-saving feature, especially for novice video makers. It is a simple feature to use that most find intuitive. Also, you need not add on any editing aspects when using a template. All you need to do is choose a template of your choice. Then the AI does all necessary edits when adding your photos or videos to the template.


CapCut is a handy editing tool, especially for TikTok users. It acts as a seamless editing feature with which TikTok video creators can make videos fast and effectively. This application also includes handy CapCut templates, both video and text templates that make video creation a cinch.

There is other video editing softwares such as Filmora of Wondershare that has video templates as well. It can help new users create impressive and innovative videos from their favorite clips and pictures in no time.

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