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How to Effortlessly Fade Audio with Garageband

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 11, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

In the music production industry, an element that is often used in a song is fade-in or fade-out. If you are not new to this industry, you might have heard this term. For instance, please think of The Beatles Hey Jude; this popular song has a lasting, drawn-out refrain that slowly fades out in the silence. Among the terms, Garageband fade out is not so popular these days, though its importance in the music industry is still the same. It can help you resolve a song that doesn't have a good ending or offer a smooth transition of different sections of a piece of music.

In the article, we will educate you on various topics related to GarageBand; if you are new in the field of music production, then this article will benefit you.

In this article
  1. How to Fade Audio with Garageband on Mac
  2. How to Fade Audio with Garageband on iPhone
  3. Garageband Alternative to Fade Audio on Mac

Part 1. How to Fade Audio with Garageband on Mac?

We all know that Garageband is a program that allows its users to produce music and podcasts on iOS, macO, and ipadOS devices. It has many in-built audio effects that can enhance your music. Fade-out and fade-in are two of the most used products in Garageband. Many beginners face trouble on how to fade out in Garageband as it is not a popular feature that everyone practices.

Steps involved in fading in and fading out audio on macOS

This platform allows an individual to include an automatic fade-out effect on their song or can also apply a fade-out effect manually. However, GarageBand is a pre-installed iOS, Mac, and iPad application.

Step1 Turn on the application and open the song from the home screen.

open songs in garageband

Step2 Press the track> show the master track from the icon menu, and then the master track will come below the last track.

Step3 Choose the mix> produce volume fade out on the main output option.

Step4 Press the volume button from the menu in the track header, and use the volume point to adjust the fade-out length.

start fade out length garageband

Using the GarageBand application on your iPad, you can opt for the automatic fade-out option. You need to open the song set and activate the active fade-out option.

Part 2. How to Fade Audio with Garageband on iPhone?

Fading out of music is very popular when going through your favorite track. As soon as the song comes closer to the end, you will get to hear it fade slowly-slowly. You can use this effect even if you produce your music in Garageband. Fading out a song is not a widespread practice, but you can go through the article to gather information about how to fade in Garageband.

The fade-out option (automatic)

Step1 Search for your track, open it from the home screen, and watch it in the mixer window.

Step2 Go to the setting option at the top right corner and open the song set.

Step3 Scroll down to the fade-out option and turn it.

fade audio garageband iphone

Step4 Hit the done icon.

The fade-out option doesn't offer you much set of control. It usually works as a master track and includes the fade-out effect over all the track channels. You won't be able to edit the fade-out; in simple words, it will automatically select a point where the feature will start working, and it will also control the speed and intensity of the volume drop. It is one of the best features for fading short tracks as it won't lose much audio.

Part 3. Garageband Alternative to Fade Audio on Mac

One of the worst jobs is searching for an excellent MP3 editor, as most offer paid services. It can save time searching for a suitable alternative to Garageband to fade out audio. According to a survey, people usually interact with the MP3 editor that offers an excellent interface. Moreover, one of the essential requirements is multi-track editing, and you can't use multiple tabs for editing complex tracks. Apart from fade-in on Garageband, Filmora is one of the best alternatives.

Suppose you are searching for a great MP3 editor that offers various file formats and has a straightforward and clean interface with the ability to multitask. In that case, no application can be better than Wondershare Filmora. If you prefer using Mac, then Filmora is something that you need. The application's simple user interface will help you use it quickly without any casualties; the best part is that a beginner can also use it.

Free Download
Free Download
use filmora editor

This application also offers many features that make the users curious about the application. This application can easily add background music to any video file. You can also change the media file with benefits like split audio, volume adjustment, and adjusting audio. This application also offers audio denoise and equalizer features. You can gather more information by exploring the application.

When attaching a song to a video, you may have a rough start that can burst your ears. To get rid of this, you can utilize the audio fade feature to adjust the volume, enhancing the audio's smoothness. If facing the same issue, you can add the fade-in effect in just a few clicks. With the help of Filmora, almost all the audio clips in this program can be faded quickly without an effort.

Steps involved in fading audio in Filmora:

Step1 Transfer the video to the program

After the installation procedure, select the import icon from the menu. Choose the file you want to edit and click on the open icon. The file will automatically get transferred to the library, and you can drop and drag the file to the library.

Step2 Add the audio fade-in effect to the clip

After the drag and drop procedure, double click on the file and direct yourself to the audio column; there, you will get numerous settings that include volume, fade-out, fade-in, and pitch. Adjust as per your need until and unless you get the desired clip.

add audio fade in to clip
Step3 Save the video

Choose the create option to save the new file if you are done with the adjusting part. You can save your file in several formats such as MP3, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc. you can play the track on various devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Zune, etc.

save the video


According to the survey, one of the most searched topics is how to fade music in Garageband. If you are also facing the same issue, this article will offer you a simple guide on the topic related to fade-in and fade-out features. You can also browse the internet to search for other benefits, and you can explore the application to learn more about its uses.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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