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Everything You Need to Know about Making a PhotoMontage

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Originally published May 23, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

"Old is Gold" is a common saying. It indicates that it doesn’t matter for how long what you value has been around. And photography is no exception. It has been around for ages, with its physical image being the most valued aspect. Photo-montage is one mode of representing reality in the form of photographs.

It has come a long way from printed form and is now scalability in the digital space. Currently, photomontage-making tools are available for quick mounting. But you also need perfection in this noble act, which is why tips and tricks before making a photo mount are ideal. Let’s dive in below for more emphasis.

how to make a photo montage
In this article
  1. What is a photomontage?
  2. Things to pay attention to before making a PhotoMontage
  3. A helpful tool for photomontage?
  4. Fantastic Photomontage Examples

What is a photomontage?

Unlike the typical photograph with a single pic, a photomontage encompasses several photos collaged together. It doesn’t matter the number of photos it contains. You can also use a variety of locations to take photos. Way back, photographers composed photo montage images by cutting, gluing, and arranging pieces together. However, the advent of computers has shifted the dimension of making a photo montage. Several apps are available for not only montaging your photos, but also editing them for a splendid outcome.

Things to pay attention to before making a PhotoMontage

Let’s check out what to consider in the quest to make a photo montage.

i) What’s your subject?

Ask yourself what you intend to express with your photomontage. Pick a subject that’s static and simple. You should also consider the ease of adding more photos if you need to. Plan out how many photos you want to include in your montage as well.

ii) Keep it real.

Don’t exaggerate your work, but keep it real. At a glance, related collage photos will make sense. Likewise, check the photos you are importing into your editing program. It’s great to use easily editable clips.

iii) Be adventurous.

Making a photomontage need not be plain. Go out of your way and add some creativity as well. Have in mind what you want to create in advance to avoid distractions. However, add all the necessary elements and just let it be fun.

iv) Take more than needed.

Have more backup photos than you need. This gives you ways to twist your arrangement where necessary. It is also a perfect way to try several suits and find the right match for your college.

v) Resize your photos.

Photos of different sizes would do better than using the same size. So, be ready to resize some clips to make a perfect fit in each corner.

vi) Get a quality photomontage tool.

The choice of a tool is also paramount. Opt for a tool that has an intuitive user interface. Likewise, it should be able to edit your photos and add any necessary effects to make your photo montage look splendid.

A helpful tool for photomontage?

Several apps are at the disposal that you can use to make a photo montage in minutes. These programs ease the editing process for a polished outcome.

1) Kapwing Collage Maker

This is a web-based photo montage which is easy to operate. It comes with numerous templates from which you can quickly pick your theme to solder on. Meanwhile, you can also slam the templates and start with a blank canvas. Likewise, you can add subtitles and music, among other things. Kapwing also lets you directly share your artwork upon completion. Download your project to get an embed code, or copy the URL link and share it on social media platforms.

Photo montage maker - kapwing

2) Photo Joiner

Meet Photo Joiner, a tool with several collage maker options. Collage slams you with several templates to choose. The process is simple; first, upload your photos from your device, pick a suitable template, and drag your clips into the interface. Once you work on a desirable layout, save it and go on to share your project. The other option is the stitch, which you can use to join your photos either horizontally or vertically using the preset layouts.

Photo montage maker - photo joiner
Photo Joiner

3) Wondershare Filmora

Besides being a video editor, Filmora is also a sophisticated photo montage tool. It has high-end features that you can use to edit your videos, like transitions and overlays. Additionally, you can split the screen for multiple photos, among other editing abilities. Filmora also directly connects to YouTube and Vimeo for easy video sharing.

Wondershare Filmora11
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Filmora Windows Filmora Mac

4) Pixiz

Make a photomontage with this free tool. It has both mobile and web-based versions. Pixiz also has a rich set of built-in tools to make splendid and unique memories. It harbors over 500,000 frames that are perfect for any theme. It’s easy to use; choose a frame and upload your photo for a great snap result.

Photo montage maker - Pixiz

5) Shape Collage

This photo montage tool is fast, automatic, and easy to use. It automatically and intelligently places your photos in just a few clicks. You can either use photos from your computer or download them from the web for added creativity. Be in control of that great piece of art you are working on. Easily adjust the size of your photos, the spacing between them, and even change the background color. Finally, save your project in any format, such as Photoshop PSD, PNG, JPEG, etc.

Photo montage maker - Shape Collage
Shape Collage

6) Fotonea

If downloads and installations are not your things, then Fotonea is here to sort you out. It is a web-based app with editing features to let you resize, move, and rotate your clips to the desired positions. The background collections are splendid and contribute to the total uniqueness of the artwork. Even though it allows only six images to be uploaded, you can arrange them according to your preferences and customize them to your taste.

Photo montage maker - Fotonea

Fantastic Photomontage Examples

Photomontage art is highly-valued due to its uniqueness in telling a story or combining memories into one piece. Since its inception, many artists prefer it over other modes of painting. Here is a list of photo montage examples from great artists of-all-time.

#1.Oscar Rejlander: The Two Ways of Life

He is among the pioneering art photographers who excelled in photomontage. Besides working on waxed-paper processes and wet-collodion, Oscar created perfect erotic artworks with several groups, like street children and circus models. "The Two Ways of Life" was his infamous print that consisted of thirty-two photos. The theme is about the choice between virtue and vice. It represented two young men being offered guidance by a patriarch, moving from the countryside into the stage of life. It was a success and earned the "Royal Photographic Society of London" recognition.

Photomontage examples - The Two Ways of Life
Oscar Rejlander: The Two Ways of Life

#2. Metropolis by George Grosz

George Grosz has a collection of quality artwork ranging from Eclipse of the Sun, The Funeral, Gott mi suns, Explosion, and Metropolis, among many others. Metropolis was between November 1916 and August 1917. The message was derived from the horrors witnessed by the artist. It depicts urban life and is typical of Italian Futurism. The Metropolis scene depicts a dehumanized group of prisoners and a dissatisfied crowd. This photomontage is currently among the artworks in Madrid at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Photomontage examples - Metropolis
Metropolis by George Grosz

#3. David Hockney: American Collectors

Here comes another photomontage artist who is known for vibrant artwork. Among his other famous paintings are "We Two Boys Together Clinging", "A Bigger Grand Canyon", and "A Bigger Splash", among others. In Talking of American Collectors, David gives an insight into American culture. It is a magnificent work of art by his two friends, Fred and Marcia, a couple. The scene appears dreamlike, ending with beautiful scenery.

Photomontage examples - David Hockney: American Collectors
David Hockney: American Collectors

#4. Hannah Hoch–Cut with the Kitchen Knife

She identifies with the Dada movement in Germany. This piece of art reflects Hannah’s views on the social and political issues that occurred during World War I. As the kitchen knife cuts, this piece of photomontage is clear on gender issues experienced during the WWI. This artist has combined both text and images found in advertisements, journals, and newspapers as they were during the war. Germany was later to experience political drawbacks after losing the war.

Photomontage examples - Hannah Hoch–Cut with the Kitchen Knife
Hannah Hoch–Cut with the Kitchen Knife

#5. Man Ray – Black Widow

Man Ray worked on several paintings, like Larmes and Kiki de Montparnasse. The most renowned was the "Black Widow" photo montage that he created in 2015. This artwork fetched him about $5.8 million. Most of his works are represented at the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. He was an American visual artist who was a great contributor to the Dada movement. Besides photography, Man Ray was also into poetry, sculpture, design, and film.

Photomontage examples - Man Ray – Black Widow
Man Ray – Black Widow
Closing Thoughts:

Move away from the general form of photography and throw in some artistic feeling. The best way to make a photo montage is to find the perfect tool. Besides, you should also pay attention to other aspects, like being adventurous and keeping it real.

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Mar 27, 24
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