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PowerDirector App Complete Review & Guide 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

An outstanding video editor that allows for on-the-go production is PowerDirector Mobile from Cyberlink Corp. You may use the tool to import and edit your films, give those titles and effects, and generate high-definition videos for posting on social media or YouTube.

Advantages Disadvantages
Free Trial Premium code contains bugs
High -quality Editing Slow development staff
Premium Asset Collection Slows down with 1080p video
Support 4K videos Need to pay attention to copyright issues
In this article
  1. What is PowerDirector App
  2. Key features of the PowerDirector App
  3. How To Use PowerDirector App
  4. The desktop version of the PowerDirector App
  5. The best PowerDirector App Alternative for Desktop

Part 1. What is PowerDirector App?

The editing tools of PowerDirector assist content producers, including motivated individuals and small business owners, in creating engaging content and connecting with their audience. Beautiful pictures and videos may help you tell your tale.

The transitional gap between two short video clips can be used to add engaging effects if you want to combine the snippets into a single video. Over 30 slides and 30 more visual effects are among the numerous alternatives for such transitions provided by this program. Your video may be enhanced with these.

Depending on the starting material used to make the film, you will be able to save the edited movie in a variety of quality levels when it has been finished. With the correct beginning footage, this program can export in up to 1080p resolution.


Download: This is undoubtedly among the best effective video editing apps for Android and iOS.

Andriod | iOS

Part 2. Key features of the PowerDirector App

Powerful Green Screen Effect

As a mobile video editor, PowerDirector has an easy-to-use green screen replacement feature. By using chroma-key, the background can be replaced using a green screen editor. Your video will be full of more fun and possibilities.

Blend and Mask

Create beautiful sceneries by blending, layering, and forming.


You can quickly add text or follow effects to the items in your movie. Smooth animation effects will give your films vitality and excitement.

Color Key

Utilize green screen effects to create scenes in impossibly remote locales. Green screen replacement is simple to utilize with PowerDirector, a mobile video editor.

AI Motion Tracking

To improve your films, use text and visuals that move together with the items they are following.

Detecting Objects

Apply masks automatically to areas surrounding persons or objects to get rid of backdrops or extraneous items.

Part 3. How To Use PowerDirector App?

Nowadays, you can obtain some really good results right from the devices that you generally carry with you, your phone or tablet, thanks to the incredibly quick development of video editing apps for Android. After testing a huge range of apps, We would give recommendations for Cyberlink PowerDirector App for android and iOS and we’re going to run through exactly how to edit your videos and get great results using the app. Okay, so in PowerDirector, the first thing to do is to click the big button in the middle,

  • Create a new project. Give your project a name, then import the video screen.
  • On the bottom is the timeline. On the right-hand side, you will see the settings, share, play button and undo buttons there as well. On the left, you will see main the feature buttons.
  • There is an option for importing audio and video button, and a layers button, which is where you can import audio, video, and text. On a separate layer to their primary video layer, you can get some effects in there as well.
  • Okay, you can import your main video material to get started, by choosing the import media button. Verify that "video" is chosen at the top, then browse to discover the video files you wish to import. By selecting the video and pressing "+," you may add it to your timeline.
  • To navigate around the timeline, you can just pinch to zoom on that timeline, which will zoom in and out. Or you can just tap, and slide left and right and you'll slide left and right across your timeline.

Part 4. The desktop version of the PowerDirector App

PowerDirector 365 makes it easy to create effects of studio quality. It includes more than a billion stock photos, movies, and pictures, as well as background music, sound effects, beautifully designed themes, dazzling video effects, titles, and AI-powered tools.

PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award winner was Powerdirector app for PC. PowerDirector app has an amazing journey of 10 years. The video editing program PowerDirector from Cyberlink straddles the divide between expert editing and user-friendliness. You can achieve your creative vision with PowerDirector since it comes with everything you need.

Features Of PowerDirector For PC:

  • You can create your next YouTube video with multi-track timeline editing on PowerDirector app for PC.
  • Utilize an extensive range of mixing options to produce captivating double-exposure films.
  • The Action Camera Center lets you adjust the pacing of your recordings while adding drama.
  • Make attention-grabbing intros or take control of your projects by building keyframe animations.
  • Pitch shifting, vocal transforming, denoise, and other sound editing tools. Direct audio recording in projects is ideal for voice-overs.
  • Use the chroma key to alter a green screen to remove the backdrop.

Part 5. The best PowerDirector App Alternative for Desktop

Although mobile video editors are becoming more varied and user-friendly. However, we still advise using a desktop video editor – Wondershare Filmora if you need to do more extensive video editing.

A drag-and-drop interface is used to explore and manipulate the timeline, preview window, and effects library of Filmora. Both Windows and macOS machines may use the Filmora software library. Before making a purchase, you may test the product out for free.

Wondershare Filmora's main features include compatibility for 4K editing, GIF compatibility, noise reduction, color tuning, a powerful text editor, an audio mixer, video stabilization, scene identification, and audio equalization.

Free Download
Free Download


Now that you have learned how you can try editing another movie and uploading your first one with PowerDirector, the greatest video editing mobile program for beginners. You will become a better video editor as you edit more through this platform. Download it on your devices to enjoy free editing!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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