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ToonApp complete Review & Guide 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you want to add cartoons to your images to give them a unique aspect, ToonApp - Cartoon Photo Editor is an excellent tool to use. Although it offers some useful features, the free edition includes way too many advertisements. ToonApp Pro is an option if you'd like a better experience. But in the end, it's the finest option for having fun with photo editing.

Advantages Disadvantages
Convert any picture into a cartoon easily Too many ads
A free version is available Subscribe notice after every click
Easy to Use A short trial of the premium version
In this article
  1. What is ToonApp
  2. Key features of ToonApp
  3. How to use ToonApp
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of ToonApp
  5. What is the online ToonApp
  6. The best ToonApp Alternative on Desktop

Part 1. What is ToonApp?

ToonApp allows you to turn any simple photo into a fantastic cartoon using various AI features. You can edit and add filters, cartoons, and backgrounds to the pictures.

Download: By clicking the link below, you can download the app from the app store. The two most widely used mobile operating systems are supported: Android | iOS

Price: You can use the ToonApp for free, but it shows many ads in the freemium version and also have a watermark on every edit. However, you can eliminate these ads and the watermark by subscribing to their weekly or yearly plan. A three to seven-day trial of the premium edition is also available, but you must first proceed by entering payment information. If you decide against it, you can cancel it before the trial period is through and won't be charged. Also, no plugins are available, but the full-body cartoon effect is not free. It is only available for trial or subscription.

Part 2. Key features of ToonApp

Now let's look into some key features of the ToonApp:

1. Remarkable Toon Filter:

Nowadays, cartoon or anime-like pictures are trending in styles and filters. Many well-known people have used effects like these on their social media accounts, which is a significant cause of the popularity of these effects. ToonApp provides many AI features that can restore your look as a cartoon.

remarkable toon filter

2. Full Body Cartoon:

The majority of cartoon filter apps you can find in app stores either work on your face or a select number just work on your body, with the background either being erased or left alone. However, ToonApp features an AI tool that can assist you if you also want to change your original background into a cartoon while keeping it. Then you might benefit from this effect. However, ToonApp Pro is the only app that offers this capability.

full body cartoon

3. 3D Cartoon

This is another excellent feature that ToonApp is offering and is available in a free version. Using this feature, your face will become a 3D cartoon.

3d cartoon

Part 3. How to use ToonApp?

It's time to discuss some steps of using the ToonApp:

Step1 Select Effect and Photo to Edit

Once you've entered the app, six effects will show up. The very first step is to choose any effect that you want. Then you have to choose a picture or capture one at the moment. Remember that your image is clear; otherwise, the AI can't recognize and edit it. The drawback while importing is that, by default, the app doesn't show all your gallery images; instead, the AI finds the most suitable photos according to the selected effect and shows them randomly. However, you can choose the gallery option to select from your gallery. Also, you are only able to select one image at a time. After selecting a photo, you can continue by clicking the create cartoon button.

Step2 Choose the Background

After you've created your cartoon picture, the Toon App offers you to add some beautiful backgrounds to it. Select any background to add it. This feature is provided primarily in some effects where the AI removes your original background.

Step3 Export to Gallery and Share

Now that we've successfully edited the picture, you can tap the save button in the next step to export this photo to the gallery. In addition to this, you can also directly post it to different social media platforms using ToonApp sharing options. The overall quality of the picture is good, but to get even better quality, the premium version is required.

export to gallery and share

Part 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of ToonApp

Here we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of using ToonApp:


1. Free Version

ToonApp is not like other apps that only have premium versions and trials. If you don't want to switch on ToonApp Pro, you can still use its free version with ads and other limitations like the watermark is not removable and some premium effects are not unlocked. But still, it has a lot to entertain you.

2. Easy To Use

You just have to provide your photo and let the AI effects do all tasks. Moreover, it's too easy to navigate because ToonApp has a simple interface with quick exporting and sharing.


1. Too many advertisements

One of its significant drawbacks is that ads appear in free versions after every step. These ads also consist of premium subscription notices. They sometimes highly distract the user experience.

2. Watermark and HD Export

Another main disadvantage is that users using ToonApp free will have no option to remove the watermark or save their picture in High Quality.

Part 5. What is the online ToonApp

Sometimes we don't want to download an app and look for some online alternative. So, here is the ToonApp online alternative, ToonMe.

You can use ToonMe by uploading your simple picture, and ToonMe will then return you cartoon pictures with various style options from which you can choose the best one. Moreover, there are also many new effects in the new ToonMe Labs you can check out too.


Part 6. The best ToonApp Alternative on Desktop

ToonApp and ToonMe offer excellent service, but we can't neglect what desktop software can do. Among the many desktop video software, I will recommend Wondershare Filmora. Because Filmora has some outstanding features that no other software has, you'll get access to nearly 900 effects and filters, including cartoons, anime, comics, etc.

Free Download
Free Download
wondershare filmora


The article concludes that ToonApp – Cartoon Photo Editor is the right choice if you want some fun cartoon photos. It has all the best AI features an app can give. You can switch to ToonApp Pro if you need more advanced features and enhanced usability. However, if you want ToonApp online alternative, we have introduced ToonMe. But when you want fantastic fun like this on a desktop, you can check out the Wondershare Filmora. Thanks for Reading.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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