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VideoShow App complete Review & Guide 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

An excellent video editor and movie maker made especially for Android and iOS users. Earning its name in the market due to its friendly interface and highly advanced features, VideoShow is doubtlessly now one of the best mobile phone video editing applications. However, for advanced video editing, you must purchase their premium version.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easily understandable interface It is necessary to share personal data with the application
Advanced editing tools Annoying ads in the free version
Android and iOS compatibility You will frequently push up ads asking you to buy their premium version
A free version is available Some of its limitations in the free version are very undesired
In this article
  1. What is VideoShow Video Editor App
  2. Key features of the VideoShow Video Editor App
  3. How to use VideoShow Video Editor App
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of VideoShow Video Editor App
  5. The best VideoShow App Alternative on Desktop

Part 1. What is VideoShow Video Editor App?

VideoShow video editor is currently the best option for those who want to edit their videos professionally with much less effort. It has all the updated editing tools which any mobile video editor should have.

Download: You can download this application for Android and iOS: Android | iOS

Price: Like many other mobile video editing applications, VideoShow video editor also has a premium version which you can purchase. However, you can still use it free using its free version and edit your videos. But it has a few limitations like you have to face annoying ads and bear their watermark on your video. And you cannot access some highly advanced editing tools as well.

Part 2. Key features of the VideoShow Video Editor App

Now lets us discuss some of its key features as well.

Various audio effects:

VideoShow video editor has various sound effects in its library, like Minions, little girl, taking tom and monster, etc., from which you can easily choose one of your choices. They can help make the audio of your videos fascinating for the viewers. Moreover, you can adjust the settings of these audio effects by yourself, but for that purpose, you must buy their premium version first.

Pre-Prepared Templates:

It also has a great collection of pre-prepared templates, which can be very helpful in making awesome videos very quickly. The best thing about this feature in VideoShow is that it does not require any premium subscription from you. All the templates are available for free and without any ads. You can use a template according to the aspect ratio of your video.

Amazing Filters:

The VideoShow application also has a unique and exciting collection of filters you can use in your videos. However, some popular filters are only available in their paid version, but still, in their free version, there are also many filter options for you.

Live Dubbing:

Its live dubbing feature allows you to dub your videos by watching them on your screen. So it will surely be a beneficial feature for those dubbing their videos for the first time. Moreover, you can also make your music video using it.

Special effects:

This feature of the VideoShow video editor enables you to add some special effects to your videos. There is an entirely separate library of these effects from which you can select which one you want to use. However, not all these effects are accessible in the free version. Some requires paid version as well.

special effects

Part 3. How to use VideoShow Video Editor App?

Now that we know about it, we will discuss how we can use it.


First, click on the video edit button to import your media files to the VideoShow video editor. Then it will take you to a menu where all your mobile's media will appear. You can select the media you want to import and click on the add button. The flaws in its importing are that it cannot separate your media in such a way that your pictures and videos are in different sections. However, thankfully there are separations of albums in it, making it easy for you to find the media you want. Also, in the free version, you cannot import any video of higher resolution. You need to convert them to some lower resolution for it.


You can use filters by clicking on the filters option, which will be at the bottom of your screen. Then it will take you to its filter library, where you can choose the filter of your choice. And then, click on the Tick button to apply that filter to your video. Some filters are free, and for some, you must purchase their premium package.


You can add different stickers to your video using it as well. For this purpose, you have to select the sticker's option from the bottom menu of it. A library will open from which you can choose them. After choosing your favorite stickers, click the Apply the changes button at the top right corner.

Speed adjustment:

Its speed adjustment feature is also not less than any of the above, as it can help you to make your video slow or fast. It will surely provide you with a cinematic effect. To use this feature, you must click the Edit button. Then you have to click on the Clip edit option and then the speed option. A setting will appear from which you can easily adjust your video's speed. It is a free feature. It does not require any premium package from you.


Now you click on the export button at the top right of your screen for this. After that, a menu asks which resolution you want to export your content. Only those who use a free version of the software can export videos at SD resolution. You must then select the "save to gallery" option after selecting the video resolution and frame rate.

click on export button

Part 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of VideoShow Video Editor App


User-friendly layout:

The layout of this application is too user-friendly. It helps the new users to understand it very quickly and rapidly. Moreover, it provides users with the best viewing experience and fascinates them.

Highly advanced features:

You can use the highly advanced features in your videos using this application. However, they will be trending filters and effects, popular video templates and stickers, audio or video adjustments, etc., all can be avail using it. Although some are free and some need to be purchased.


Some of its disadvantages are the following:

Export Quality:

You can only export your video in SD quality using a free version. To export it in HD, FHD, and 4K resolution, you must purchase the premium version of it. Moreover, you cannot select the frame rate above 30 in the free version.

Paid features:

As we have described, not all this application's features are free. Some of them are premium which requires you to buy their premium version. Using its free version is a big drawback, as it develops mainly to make users buy its premium version.


The biggest con of using VideoShow is that they also put their watermark on the exported videos, which ruins the quality and look of your videos.

Part 5. The best VideoShow App Alternative on Desktop

However, the VideoShow video editor provides you with nearly everything to edit your videos on mobiles. It still can't compete with any desktop app regarding usability, features, and user experience. Now you're probably thinking about what to do on the desktop.

It's simple to use Wondershare Filmora to enhance your videos. The features, like Mask and Blend, AI Portrait, Audio Ducking, Color Match, etc., can surely help make your videos look fantastic.

Free Download
Free Download


So now, in the end, the final words for today's topic are that VideoShow video editor is the best application to use on mobiles for video editing purposes. But because of the limitation of mobile devices, we recommend you to use the desktop video editor. Among these, Filmora will be the best option as it has all the great features you want to have in your desktop video editor. We hope you guys find this article quite interesting and helpful. Thanks for reading it.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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