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Oscars 2024: Witness The History!

With 13 Oscar nominations, as the most talked about film of the Oscar, what kind of history will Oppenheimer finally create!

The full list of winners and nominees

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Get inspired from previous award-winning film 's Editing

Everything Everywhere All at Once has netted a whopping 7 Oscar awards, which makes it one of 2022's biggest success stories. Although many people think that this film is overrated, it is undeniable that it has a very creative editing technique, and that's why this film also won Best Film Editing. Let's investigate the highlight moments in this movie and learn how to create similar scenes with Filmora!

Broken Glasses Effect

The scene using Broken Glass Effect demonstrates the heroine's multiple personalities and the key core of this film - multiverse. Firstly, you can download a broken glass PNG from copyright-free websites and put your video on four tracks on the Timeline in Filmora. Then, create a mask and adjust the color setting to create the same Broken Glasses Effect in the film.

Magic Visual Effcet

This film uses many magic visual effects to show the parallel lives of Evelyn. To create the same special effect, drop the Green Screen, apply the Chroma Key Pro Effect and Soft Focus Effect, set the Skin Tone Color, and use the Dask. Everything you need to give your videos the same magic touch can be found in Filmora!

Fast Zoom Effect

The fabulous use of Fast Zoom Effect kick started Evelyn's life in many parallel universes. You can first shoot a video in front of a green screen and download a copyright-free background clip. Use the Keyframe effect, shake effect, and cinematic bar effect in Filmora. If you want to remove video backgrounds without using a Green Screen or Chroma Key, try Filmora's AI portrait to create the same effect with ease.

Cinematic Video Tips:

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