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Top 10+ Best Online Screen Recorders

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 29, 21, updated Jul 23, 24

There will be times when you need to record your screen activities for personal and professional purposes. For example, you may have to send your recorded screen activities to someone to explain how to do a process correctly. In addition, people need to create software demonstrations and tutorial videos to explain steps and procedures to clients and team members in the professional world. We have lined up the top ten online screen recorders if you are looking for the best online screen recorder.

When you use an online recorder, you do not have to install any software on your computer. You can record your screen on the go whenever you need to. There will not be any performance lag issue or unnecessarily blocking storage space. However, you have to ensure that you use a good online recorder to accurately get all the required features. Find out the best online screen recorder for PC below.

Part 1. What Is a Good Online Screen Recorder?

There are several online screen video recorders available to choose from. However, not many have the necessary features for high-quality screen recording. Here are the main features that make a good online recorder.

Good Video Quality: A good screen recorder should let you record at the present screen resolution. Therefore, if you have a 4K monitor, you should be able to record the screen at 4K resolution. However, a minimum HD resolution is a must. A good screen recorder offers Full HD recording, while some offer 2K and 4K recording.

Capture Audio and Webcam: A good online video recorder lets you record your screen and your webcam with audio. This is useful when you want to record your screen, show your face, and give your commentary. Besides, you can also record your screen with internal audio or mic audio without a webcam. Therefore, go for a screen recorder with audio online and webcam capture.

User-Friendly Interface - The overall interface of the online screen recorder for PC has to be intuitive and user-friendly. This means you should be able to record with a minimum number of steps. Besides, customizing the settings should be easy, and the download option should be readily available. In addition, some screen recorders come with a basic video editor, which is an add-on.

Part 2. Best Online Screen Recorders

2. ScreenApp IO (

ScreenApp IO is a great screen recorder, and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. You can record your screen directly from its web platform. There is no need for downloading any application and installing any browser extension. ScreenApp IO is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

You can record in full-screen mode, any application window, and browser tab only as your requirements. Besides, it is an online screen recorder with audio, and you can record audio from the mic and internal sounds. Moreover, there are options for previewing your recording and editing out unwanted portions in the recorder video. Here are the steps to follow in recording your screen with the tool.

screen app io

Step 1: Open the web browser on your device and visit

Step 2: Select audio sources from options - Mic Audio, Browser Audio, or No Audio. Click on the Share Your Screen option.

Step 3: A pop window will appear. Select from options - Entire Screen, Application Windows, or Browser Tab, whichever you want to record. Click on the Share button.

Step 4: Click on the Start Recording option when you are ready.

When done, click on the Stop Recording option and then click on the Download option to download the recorded video on your device storage.

3. Panopto Recorder (

With Panopto Recorder, you can instantly record your screen and share the video. The web platform allows you to record the screen directly without installing software. There is no watermark or time limitation. Besides, you can easily capture videos from the webcam. In fact, it lets you perform various operations such as pan and zoom on your webcam. It allows you to record in SD, HD, or Ultra HD. You can set the video configurations as per your preference. Here is how this online video recorder free lets you record the screen.

panopto recorder

Step 1: On your web browser, you need to go to

Step 2: Click on Start Recording Now button.

Step 3: Click on the Screens and Apps option.

Step 4: Select the screen option - Entire Screen, Window, Chrome Tab.

Step 5: Click on Share and click on the Red Record button. This will begin recording the screen you shared after a few buffer seconds.

Step 6: You have to click the same red button to stop recording.

After the recording is complete, you will have the option to view and download the recording. You will also get options to share the video through Send to Panopto, Send to YouTube, or Send to Classroom.

4. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is an intelligent and feature-rich online tool. It does not come with any time limitations and you don't have to worry about lagging. The web-based tool has an intuitive interface for hassle-free operation. It lets you record the audio from the microphone and the sound system. With Apowersoft Screen Recorder, you can have flexible screen capture and record the entire screen. You can set up the keyboard shortcuts to start and stop recording through general settings. Here are the steps to free recording your screen activities through this online video recorder.

apowersoft screen recorder

Step 1: Visit “” on your web browser.

Step 2: Click on Start Recording button and click on Download Launcher.

Step 3: After the launcher is downloaded, click on Start Recording button. Then click on Open Apowersoft Online Launcher button. A floating bar will appear with controls.

Step 4: Click on Settings to configure parameters for recording. Similarly, set the screen size and the audio source.

Step 5: Finally, click on REC button to start recording your screen activities.

5. is a versatile online video recorder free. You can only record your screen, webcam and screen, webcam, and audio. You can access it on both Mac and Windows PC. It does not require any software and there is a basic video editor. The online screen recorder comes for free and it can start recording in one click. The following steps will enable you to go for screen recording on

veed io online recorder

Step 1: Go to on your computer browser.

Step 2: Select from the many layouts as per your requirements. To record screen, you have to select Screen Only option.

Step 3: Select the recording area such as entire screen, application screen, or browser tab. Then click on Share button. Give the necessary permissions to access mic and others.

Step 3: To begin recording, you need to click on the Red button.

Step 4: You can stop recordime by clicking on the same Red button.

After the recording, you can review or edit it to add professional touches.

6. Flexclip

Flexclip is another online video maker that offers you many options. It is easy to use and has thousands of video templates. The web platform will meet all your needs as it can be perfect for tutorials, marketing videos, animated videos, and social media videos. It features an intuitive interface so that you don't require any video editing experience. You can even customize the video by cutting or trimming. Here is how to go for screen recording on Flexclip.

flexclip screen recorder

Step 1: Go to on your web browser.

Step 2: Prepare your screen for recording and click on Start Recording button.

Step 3: Choose the audio source and click on the red Rec button.

Step 4: You will be prompted to select the recording area. Could you select it and click on Share button? The recording will start immediately.

Step 5: You can click on Stop icon to complete the recording and download the recording in MP4 file format.

7. Clipchamp Screen & Camera Recorder

Clipchamp is a popular online screen recorder with audio. You can record your screen and webcam simultaneously. You can even edit your recordings to make them look perfect. You can even add texts to your recorded videos while editing. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is completely free to use and here are the steps to follow to record your screen activities.


Step 1: Visit on your web browser.

Step 2: Sign up for a free account. Then log into your account.

Step 3: Click on the screen button under the “Start with a recording” heading.

Step 4: Click on the red Record buttnt at the bottom-left corner.

Step 5: Select recording area and click on Share button. The recording will start immediately.

Step 6: To stop recording, click on Stop button. This will show you the recorded video and you have the option to save and edit.

8. ScreenCapture

ScreenCapture is a free online screen recorder compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. You can also capture from your webcam and microphone. However, there is going to be a watermark in free version. To remove that, you have to purchase a plan. You can capture webcam along with screen recording. It is a very secure platform and you can start recording in minimum number of steps. Here is how you can record on ScreenCapture.

screen capture

Step 1: Launch your web browser and go to

Step 2: Click on 'Start Recording' button and you have to select the recording area.

Step 3: Click on Share button and the recording will start immediately.

Step 4: Once you are done, click on Stop Recording button.

You can view the recording and download the video immediately on your computer.

9. Screencastify

Unlike other online screen recording tools, Screencastify is exclusively for Chrome. It comes in the form of Chrome extension that lets you record and edit videos. In addition, it lets you share on different platforms including YouTube, email, Google Classroom, and much more. Here are the steps to record the screen with an online video recorder free Screencastify.


Step 1: On your Chrome browser, go to Click on "Add to Chrome" button.

Step 2: After the installation is successful, you will have to click the Screencastify icon on your Chrome browser extension section.

Step 3: Select what you want to record from the desktop or browser tab.

Step 4: To begin recording, you will have to click on the Record button in blue. Your recording will begin after the countdown.

Step 5: Use the keyboard shortcut or the extension icon to stop recording.

Before you start recording, you will come across many options, including driving and annotation tools, capturing videos from other applications, browser tabs, and changing the countdown length. After the recording is complete, you will automatically go to the recording page to save, edit, and share the video.

10. Screencast-o-Matic

Screencast-o-Matic is a popular online screen recorder for PC. It is one of the few screen recorders compatible with iOS and Android. Besides, you can use it on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. The user interface is simple, and you can record and edit your screen activities to publish professional videos. There are different versions of Screencast-o-Matic available to meet your requirements. Here is a step-by-step process to record using Screencast-o-Matic for free.

screencast o matic

Step 1: Visit on your browser.

Step 2: Click on the Launch Free Recorder button. The launcher will get downloaded. Then install the launcher.

Step 4: Once the screen recorder comes up, you have to click on Start Recording option.

Step 5: Click on Stop to finish the recording. You can even pause the recording.

Chrome users can add the Chrome browser extension for seamless recording.

11. Recordcast

Recordcast is a perfect combination of screen recorder and video editor. You can record your screen, video calls, presentations, webinar, gamep, and webcam. You can use the video editor to add text and mu, makeake background adjustme,nts and insert dynamic elements. The user interface is simple and easy to use. You can choose from different recording modes, and all the recordings stay private and secure. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux as well Chromebook. Here are the steps to use this screen recorder with audio online.


Step 1: Navigate to on your web browser.

Step 2: From Screen Recording, select Record Video Tutorial option to capture your screen activities.

Step 3: Click on the Record Video Tutorial button.

Step 4: You will have to choose the recording area and click on the Next Step button.

Step 5: Setup the audio settings and click on the Start Recording button.

Note that the free version has a recording time limitation of five minutes.


The different online tools for screen recording eliminate the need for installing any software. Online screen recorder has become a perfect tool for video creators to record anything on their screens. The online screen recorders are suitable for making professional recordings such as software demonstrations and tutorial videos, not just for personal recording and sharing with contacts. Go through the entire list and choose whichever meets all your recording requirements.

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