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ScreenFlow for Mac Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 22, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

ScreenFlow is a great Mac software for screencasting and video editing. It records your activities on your desktop screen, which you can subsequently modify by editing and rearranging the information, as well as adding callouts, notes, and motion to the recordings. You'll undoubtedly get the job done with a layered timeline and lots of features you won't find in a typical video editor. ScreenFlow is a program that allows you to record your screen as well as edit videos. The program was created for Mac rather than Windows. If you're a Windows user, you'll need to find another means to get to the programs.

The software is perfect for individuals who wish to create professional-looking films for instructional or promotional reasons. Teachers may utilize ScreenFlow to screencast short how-to movies that will improve classroom engagement. For their goods, marketing experts may make an explanation video or lesson. YouTubers and bloggers can create a professional video that engages their viewers in a matter of minutes. The user may transition between screens with a single click of a button thanks to ScreenFlow. It also permits recording from a mobile device by simply putting the device onto a USB port and selecting the Record IOS Device option. Of course, the option is also readily accessible from the main menu.

1. Stunning Features of ScreenFlow

User-Interface Design:

With a sleek user interface, an easy-to-use video editing and screen recording program built exclusively for MacBook users. There are also a plethora of other transition effects, all of which are labeled to make them easy to identify. Other video editing software names transition effects in such a confused manner that it creates a lot of stress throughout the editing process.

Display Resolution:

To work smoothly and correctly with a macOS authorized graphics card for Apple MacBook, it demands high-resolution.

Input/Output Formats Accepted:

This software input formats need an external thunderbolt GPU in Capture devices.

Feature for Editing:

This program allows for video editing, as well as comments and drawing tools, as well as screen recording. The editing interface is also quite user-friendly. For video pictures and audio, there is a timeline, which is identical to most other user-friendly editing tools.

User Interaction:

Good ratings on the App Store, as well as millions of macOS users worldwide, prove that this software utility provides a very satisfactory user experience.

Features for exporting:

It offers a direct YouTube upload option that enables you to directly publish your modified video to your YouTube channel. All of the video effects may be found in the upper right corner. Text and videos may be added, as well as audio and video attributes, video effects, and more.

2. How to Use ScreenFlow

Step 1.Setup and User Interface:

ScreenFlow will want to be relocated to your programs folder when you initially download it. The intro screen appears once everything is up and running. You may produce new media by capturing your screen and/or microphone by selecting "New Recording." You may also start a new blank document or open one that you're currently working on. Whatever path you choose, you'll ultimately arrive at this location:

setup and user interface

Step 2.Media & Screen Recording:

ScreenFlow can record your desktop or any iOS device connected to your computer through the lightning connection, which is particularly useful for Apple enthusiasts who may need to show a mobile function during a video. This function was not accessible to me since I have an Android phone. ScreenFlow's main function is a screen recording, and the application is particularly good at capturing video. You'll be provided with a dialog box for capture settings such as source and audio choices when you select to start a new screen recording.

media and screen recording

Step 3.Turn Off the Recorder:

You'll be instantly transferred to a new document (or the one you were working on) once you complete the recording and your recording will appear in the timeline and media resource panel. The media tab, which is located on the right-hand editing panel, contains any video clips you've uploaded, audio from iTunes or your PC, and a copy of your screen recordings.

turn off the recorder

3. Best ScreenFlow Alternatives

Wondershare Filmora:

Some YouTubers and vloggers will create great films themselves, while others will take snippets from wonderful and famous movies and add their voices to create movie clips that everyone enjoys watching. It is vital to have a strong screen recording and video editing program like ScreenFlow alternative Filmora, whether we have a unique pastime or our employees are directly tied to recording and editing video. Wondershare Filmora is a demo-making program that allows you to capture your screen and edit your movie all in one spot. It has a basic and easy user interface. Apart from being capable of providing the greatest screen recording performance, Filmora goes even further with some pretty intriguing additional capabilities.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

filmora mac

The built-in video editor in Filmora is its strength, with strong video editing capabilities and a variety of resources such as titles, stickers, shapes, effects, and more. ScreenFlow is a well-designed screen recorder app. Filmora is the precise ScreenFlow for Windows option you're searching for, whether you're a teacher, salesperson, engineer, or gamer. This is owing to its high-quality video editing capabilities, which are popular among marketers. You may also record your screen and camera for free and submit an infinite number of movies to the library. You may quickly distribute your films by email, social media, or any other method you like. To give you the best of both worlds, Filmora has added the opportunity to get notifications anytime someone sees your film. You'll get access to some useful analytics that will tell you how well your movies are doing.


Filmora's main features include:

  • With the free built-in video editor, you can edit videos.

  • Video from the screen (full, partial, window), camera, and microphone may be captured.

  • Use headlines, arrows, sketch animations, and shapes to express your ideas.

  • Pan and zoom, as well as other effects, maybe easily added.

  • Supports a frame rate of up to 120 frames per second.

  • Make a professional video using pre-made titles, templates, and stickers, among other things.

  • Include a function comparable to ScreenFlow's highlight.

  • Cursor highlight left-clicks rings and left-clicks sound was among the three kinds of cursor effects available.


Camtasia is a powerful screen recorder with a full-featured editor that can be used on both Mac and Windows computers. How many days does this tool give a free trial? This program lets you record your screen and includes cameras and audio tracks in the recording. On Windows 10 PCs, you may record any computer activity, including games, lessons, live videos, and more. After that, save the recorded video to your computer. Separate editing of the videos and audios is also available. The good news is that it also saves the recorded files automatically. The files may be saved in a variety of formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, and others.


Camtasia includes several features that make it simple and efficient for commercial use. You won't need to hire any more specialists to use this program. It's simple to explore and utilize numerous video editing features to make your film more interesting thanks to the drag and drop interface. It also has the capability of taking a screenshot or recording a specific area or screen, as well as storing the product in several formats that are suitable with platforms such as LMS. Camtasia is the best alternative for you if you want to make clean and appealing films to get your message through to the public precisely as you want.


  • Capture any computer activity, such as games, tutorials, and live video.

  • Annotations, callouts, transitions, and visual effects are all available.

  • Enhance the video with clicks, keyboards, spotlights, and zooms.

  • Separately edit audio and video.

  • Change the recording area and choose which sounds to record by customizing the capture parameters.

  • The mic or the native system may be used to record.

  • Add animations, effects, and shapes using the timeline.


Consider utilizing an iMovie player if you don't have any advanced screen recording or editing requirements. It's free and comes standard with Mac OS, but you won't have access to sophisticated editing, annotations, or filters. iMovie is ideal for quickly capturing your screen or producing recordings that need no (or little) editing. Simply launch iMovie and choose File > New Screen Recording from the File menu. In addition, when your film is ready for a big release, you may see it in iMovie Theater on all of your devices. Explore your video collection, share your favorite moments, and create high-quality movies with resolutions up to 4K. You can even start altering videos on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


Both iMovie for Mac and iMovie for iOS are designed to work together. All of your produced films and trailers appear as a gorgeous exhibition of motion picture notices in iMovie Theater. With a simple interface and intuitive editing features, the iMovie app allows you to get the most out of your recordings and tell tales like never before. You may rotate, divide, and cut your movies, and you can add clips after a recording if you wish to combine the screen recording with another reference. Only MOV files may be exported; otherwise, you'll need to use a video converter.


  • Streaming audio and video may be recorded.

  • Simultaneously record screen and webcam footage.

  • Make changes to the capture area.

  • Easy mode allows you to quickly build a montage.

  • Picture-in-picture and slow-motion are among the special effects offered.

  • Divide the movie into sections and use seamless transitions between them.

  • Enhance your videos using screenshots and video snippets.

Final Cut Pro:

For Mac users, Final Cut Pro is the most direct rival of ScreenFlow. For the last two years, we've been utilizing Final Cut Pro for Mac. Final Cut Pro has a very low learning curve: it's really simple to use. It also has a simple ScreenFlow solution that enables you to swiftly move material from phones and tablets to the software. If you want to make movies on the web and share them with friends or family, Final Cut Pro is another easy-to-use and easy-to-learn video editor for casual users. It's possibly the most affordable commercial video editor available. One thing we don't like about the application is that it lacks screen recording capabilities, which many of its rivals possess.

final cut pro

Final Cut Pro is an excellent piece of software for producing high-quality films, television programs, and advertisements. You may pick from a variety of video effects, titling choices, and movie templates in the software. It also has 4K and motion tracking capabilities. It isn't the most user-friendly video editor, though, since it lacks import and organizing options. Final Cut Pro is aimed towards all PC users, the same as ScreenFlow is. Final Cut Pro14, the most recent version, fits clearly in the upper echelon of video editors. Many amateurs may be put off by the price, but if you want to make professional-looking movies for commercial usage, you get what you paid for.


  • Make a video instruction or record gameplay.

  • Add lines, numbers, and text to your recording as you go.

  • Add a watermark, edit, or trim your video to make it seem better.

  • Trim the video's beginning and finish.

  • Record the whole screen or a rectangular region; the area immediately around the mouse; or drag and modify to get the precise image you want.

  • External devices, such as a smartphone or a camera, may be recorded.


When it comes to the finest screen recording software, ScreenFlow is a must-have. ScreenFlow is a Mac-only tool that is one of the most well-known screen recording programs. That is to say, ScreenFlow is just for Mac users. Recording a computer screen is a typical occurrence for us. We can use screen recording to create video lessons, preserve online courses, record live streaming videos, capture video conversations, and so on to a local disc for later viewing. If you're looking for a dependable tool to record your screen, this article has you covered, with a list of the finest ScreenFlow alternatives to select from. We like Filmora because of its sleek and extravagant appeal.

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