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Best 5 Web Video Recorders

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 01, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

We record videos online to showcase our screen experiences on the internet. As we stand amidst the post-pandemic, choosing to share our screen time frequently surmounts all we are left with. The web screen recorder overlays our lives, defining the sort of content we consume, how we work with a team and how they have impacted businesses, and enterprises.

There are a vast majority of people who we see vent out for the need for an online video recorder, to initiate easy downloads and screenplays. The social media platforms have been taken into a storm as developers work to cater to the urgency of a web video recorder available on the internet.

Best Way to Record Video from Website

Wondershare Filmora is the best video recording software that is easily accessible and can be used for several screen recording purposes. Filmora has an eye shooting interface offering a plethora of text tools, audio records, nifty effects and filters alongside video editing and cutting features.

Why should you record from a screen recording website? For this concern, we have advanced a list of some most useful screen recording websites to leverage your online streams. If you require to capture your PC screen then record online from a powerful screen recording website that enables you to set up an easy screencasting session in simple steps, we are here to guide you through.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

You can record your screen using Filmora on both Mac and PC. Download the app and install it to complete the formalities. Finally, Launch Filmora on your computer.

Step 1: Select the appropriate options in the setting system. Filmora's user interface will provide you with the screen recorder window appearing on the screen, so you can adjust the setting for your upcoming screencasting session. In order to do that, navigate the Record button and click Record PC Screen to start the record.

freeseer screen recorder

Step 2. There is a rectangle button on the left side of the screen recorder's window, that lets you choose which area of the screen you will record. You can select from Full Screen, Custom and target window options.

Step 3. If you are to record your PC audio from a microphone device or audio system on the computer, then turn on the icons

filmora recording settings

Step 4. To do any necessary adjustments click on the settings, the quality frame rate and timer are set on lower by default. You can always alter that according to your requirements.

Step 5. After setting the limits of your choice, press the REC button. Filmora will start recording after a countdown till 3.

start screen recording

Why should you really use a website for video recordings? They are easy to access and of no rocket science. Some of the best web video recorders that can be used as a Chrome extension are provided in the guide.

Other Popular Web Video Recorders

1. Screencastify

Screencastify is a robust app that empowers teachers to organize important events, online helping to save maximum time and ease the learning process. You are allowed to record clips from the app on your device and later play or share it among others. It has several toolkits that fit both students and teachers, enhancing the process of learning.

Create, edit and share videos within seconds from Screencastify, with the best web video recorder. Screencastify is the most trusted extension of chrome, engaging communities of video recorders. Once you download Screencastify you go through a prolonged set-up process which later adds value to your web recording experience. You can add captions to your footage after recording them on the application. Be it a house party or a humble meet or Zoom call on family.



  • Create assignments while recording your desktop screen and on multiple devices together.

  • This extension works using Google Chrome, so it can record all the online activities, with an in-built Google Drive.

  • Showcase interactive questions to check viewer comprehension.

  • Monitors engagement as the "Watch Page" reveals how the users engage in each of the recordings.

  • The interface supports a safe and simple security system.

  • Add interactive questionnaires to the final edited video.

2. Nimbus Screen Video recorder

Nimbus stores in with an editor feature of changing background, color text to turn your simple image capture shades of happy color and memory. Like most screen recorders comes in the form of desktop applications, with Nimbus another video recording website you can record a section of your entire screen selectively. Initially, users can upload the recording either on Nimbus notes, Google Drive or Dropbox.

You might presume that the Nimbus screen video recorder is lacking in features and functionalities, just because it operates on the browser. But this app is fully integrated. This add-on can be very beneficial in diverse ways, allotting users to take high-quality screenshots and video recording and directly save to the Drive. With Nimbus, users can set new shortcuts on the keyboard to ease the recording mechanism.

nimbus screen recorder


  • Screen record website or any video on any screen size using the awesome Nimbus screen video recorder

  • Screencast from your screen or webcam using the webcam feature and screencast recorder via Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

  • Trim, Resize and crop screencast

  • Convert recorded video to GIF and mp4

  • Add watermarks, graphics and text notes to the footage.

  • Publish full-page screenshots on YouTube with Nimbus premium.

  • Blur feature to section sensitive information

  • Support scrolling and editing while capturing ongoing records from websites.

3. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic enables you to record websites directly. It is also equipped with advanced editing features. This app eyes at helping educational institutions and workplaces create and record videos from websites. The cloud-based application is best suited for educators, academicians, work professionals within virtual blended learning classrooms, or workspaces to enhance educational and learning goals.

Screencast-O-Matic is highly suitable for helping offline work environments in team building, onboarding, such as sales, pitching proposals, marketing to record and coordinate video-based projects. Another unique feature about Screencast-O-Matic is that there is a backup option for the recovery of any lost files. In the case of an Entrepreneurial start-up be it an SME or MSME, this app is of sustainable use to the owners as it enables tutorials promoting any product subsiding its journey to a brand.

screencast o matic


  • Screencast-O-Matic Stock Library introduces the discovery of video recording and images to enhance screencasting.

  • The collaborative video management tools share and protect your content.

  • Import internal narratives and audios

  • Add style text, text notes, clip art, shapes and images.

  • Edit meeting videos in Zoom. Google Meet, MS Team, WebEx.

  • Effect and animation with numerous filters.

  • Create captions with Speech to Text.

4. Loom

Loom stands out distinctively from the video recording websites for its executive messaging tool that helps you share texts across sharing footage. Records the entire screen wholly or partially for chrome, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Loom is the leading screen recorder website among communication websites for asynchronous work. Engineered for simplifying the video recording process with speedy and interactive recording tools.

Video recording is the new feature for onboarding new employees, discussing business issues, networking, troubleshooting. Bridging the gap between communication and web video recorder Loom has outnumbered a subscription of 10000+ downloads, Loom is great to tackle university work and business connectivity. The free version is highly accessible and affordable.

loom screen recorder


  • Fast recording of any specific app with or without a webcam.

  • Easily edit the videos by adding call-to-action and thumbnails.

  • Allows sharing your screen immediately on other websites.

  • Add set up of custom privacy technique to ensure the information is safe and secure

  • Handy to embed, upload or download files into websites.

  • Records tech issues and bugs by the QA team.

  • Chrome plugin for easy recordings.

5. Vidyard

Vidyard's free Chrome extension prevails easy recording for both Windows and Mac. Recordings are of HD quality and restrict no watermarks. It automatically enables you to host and share videos on several platforms. Best suited for long recording purposes, be it for a movie recording from the web or video gaming. The built-in video editor obscures any filter that goes alongside the background.

You can upload the whole video directly on YouTube, Google Drive, WebEx or Dropbox without any hassle. Vidyard screen recorder is another website that's emerging and working to improve its interface. If you want to style and edit videos, however, you'll have to upgrade to the paid version, which is highly affordable, though there is a free trial. Vidyard is good for producing tutorials, live chats, streaming, demonstrations etc.



  • Get notified of the number of watches

  • Upload an existing video or record a new website

  • Embed the video on a website, upload on YouTube or send it via emails.

  • Detailed viewer analytics with AI-equipped software

  • Ultimate video recording support with no bandwidth limit

  • Bulk file sharing with no glitch


Web screen recorders excel in the video recording, editing and annotating of the screen of your device. Online screen recording websites help in customizing logos, inserting text notes and changing the background of the recorders. After the pandemic where the internet has shaped our world of interaction, Web recording websites are a great medium of product reviews, capturing bugs, bulk screen recordings and continuous uploads.

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