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Best Virtual Background for Google Meet

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you out of the office and do not have a professional backdrop behind you? Well, have no fear because the Google Meet background extension is here! Google Meet has a feature that allows individuals to change their backgrounds based on needs. You can get yourself the best Google Meet background, which is functional in every single situation. Whether it is a formal meeting with your boss or an online session with your friends - we will help you find the best virtual background for Google Meet.

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With the Human Segmentation effect, you can isolate people from the Google Meet video to remove the background automatically even without a green screen, and then you can any image or video as the background. 

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Part 1: What is A Virtual Background in Google Meet

You don’t need to bore your colleagues with the same apartment walls as your backdrop for all of your meetings anymore. Google Meet has introduced a background change feature. You can now select your virtual effect for Google Meet from 10 backgrounds and change the outlook of your surroundings. Not only that, but you can also upload images from your computer to be your background for a Google Meet meeting!

See a big white office on Pinterest, whose interior you are in love with, but you don’t have enough money to get one like it? Download its photo and use it as your virtual background for Google meet! Not only that but if there are too many distractions in the background, they can be removed with the help of this feature. Additionally, there are numerous options available in the market of extensions that can help a user get the best Google Meet background.

Part 2: 5 Best Google Meet Background Extensions

There are times when the ten available virtual backgrounds on Google just don’t do the job and you require more variety and options. That is where handy background extensions come into play. Get access to more than a thousand backgrounds through extensions providing the best backgrounds for Google Meet.

1. Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet

Google Meet Virtual background extension: Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet

This extension works with Google Drive and can even run offline so you don’t have to worry about your unstable or poor internet connectivity while using it. It offers more than a hundred different virtual backgrounds for a Google Meet video conference.

All you need to do is to add the extension to your chrome and click on the options shown to you for your background for Google Meet. Then you can easily browse through the 10+ templates to choose for your Google Meet background.

Important: Hosts permissions are required to use this extension for setting a background for Google Meet in a meeting.

2. Visual Effects for Google Meets

Google Meet Virtual background extension: Visual Effects for Google Meets

Looking for a user-friendly extension to change your virtual background on Google Meet? Then opt for the extension of the visual effects on Google Meet. This extension enables individuals to add numerous backgrounds to their video as well as other effects too.

You can add a hat on your head during a call session to add a bit of humor to the meeting or individuals can even contrast, inverse, and pixelate their video. This extension is the go-to option for everyone who is trying to hide a messy background or add a sense of visual aesthetics to their surroundings.

3. Change Background for Google Meet

Google Meet Virtual background extension: Change Background for Google Meet

The Change Background for Google Meet extension is used by 10,0000+ people globally and is extremely popular among individuals who use Google Meet on a daily basis. If you are tired of looking at a plain black screen during your meetings when the other participant has turned off their camera, set the color/background that you like!

It allows you to select your favorite background for Google Meet, be it the solid colors, beautiful sceneries or famous landmarks! Not only that, but it provides individuals with the option to hide the names of participants from their Google Meet screens! It also allows you to customize the UI display inside Google Meet. So many options, all in one extension!

4. Google Meet Virtual Backgrounds

Google Meet Virtual background extension: Google Meet Virtual Backgrounds

Replace your real backgrounds with beautiful office backdrops and more! This extension comes equipped with numerous options and is extremely user-friendly.

You need not worry if you are tired of using solid colors and using green screens to get a unique virtual background for Google Meet conferences. What’s even better is that it works on simple/old computers as well, unlike some other popular Chrome extensions for virtual background for Google Meet. All you need to do is download the extension, integrate it with Google Chrome, and it will automatically launch.

5. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Google Meet Enhancement Suite is used all around the globe due to the numerous options it offers to users. It gives you access to more than 40 features to improve your Google Meet, but most important of all. It has the best virtual backgrounds for Google Meet. They vary in terms of color, functionality, and do not even affect the speed of your device.

All it takes to run this extension on your device is to install it. Then simply launch it by clicking on its icon on Chrome, from there just customize settings according to your needs!

Part 3: How to Add A Virtual Background for Google Meet?

Adding a virtual background on Google Meet is a fairly simple task. Here’s how!

Important: Note that if you are entering the meeting without logging into your Google account, and if you require a knock to get admitted into the meeting, you will not be able to use this feature. Also, users who join Google Workspace for educational meetings, can not select their virtual backgrounds for Google Meet.

First, open the Google Meet session and enter into the meeting. At the bottom of your window click on the 3-dots option and click the “Apply visual effects” option from there.

Google Meet change  background

To blur your backgrounds slightly or completely, you can click the blur buttons accordingly. If you want to opt for the built-in backgrounds, click on any of the backgrounds offered by Google Meet that you like the best.

However, if you want to add your own virtual background from your device then click “Add”.

Google Meet visual effects interface

Once you have chosen your photo for your background, click done and you are good to go!

Tip: Using virtual background for Google Meet may sometimes drain the battery of your device faster and slow it down, to avoid that, turn off your background.

Part 4: How to Remove A Virtual Background From Google Meet?

Not feeling comfortable with a virtual background in your meeting? Don’t worry, you can always remove it! Here’s how!

Click at the 3-dots you can see at the window of your self-view and click on the “Change Background” button from the options.

Once the background options appear on your screen, click the option with a cross on it to remove the virtual background.

Google Meet no background

Once you are done, the background will automatically be removed.

FAQs about Virtual Background for Google Meet

Q1) Does Google Meet have a virtual background?

Yes, Google Meet now allows you to replace your real backgrounds with virtual backgrounds for Google Meet conferences, the feature includes built-in backgrounds as well as custom backgrounds.

Q2) How do I get more backgrounds for Google Meet?

To get more backgrounds for Google Meet, users can add extensions for Google Meet into Chrome or they can add images from their computer to set a custom virtual background for Google Meet.

Which Extension for Virtual Backgrounds Do You Like Best?

There are numerous Google Meet background extensions available in the market, however, not all of them work efficiently and effectively. For the best backgrounds, results, and options - use the extensions mentioned above. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also optimal as well! 

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