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How to Bur Background in Google Meet

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

With the COVID restrictions, many people are working from home. But how to communicate with colleagues far away?

Because of technological developments, people can connect with each other easily. One of the most convenient weapons that helped bridge the gap is Google Meet.

However, not everyone is excited that coworkers can directly peek into the room. Is there any way to blur the background on Google Meetings? In this article, I will show you how to use the blur background feature in Google Meet.

Part 1: How to Blur the Background in Google Meet Before Video Call on Windows/Mac/Chromebook?

It is always better to be prepared for a meeting beforehand. However, because of the lack of time or morning blues, you did not clean your room and are hesitant to share your screen you can use the blurred background features.

After starting the Google Meet meeting or entering the password, you can see yourself on the screen. On the bottom right corner, there should appear a silhouette for Windows users. While for Mac users, there will appear three dots. Move the pointer on the silhouette icon or three vertical dots to view the options.

Google Meet provides its users with three major fun and convenient options for blurred background Google Meet.

  • When you click the silhouette with large dots, you can completely blur the background for Google Meet.
  • On clicking the silhouette with smaller dots, you have the choice to partially and slightly blur the background for Google Meet. Therefore, you may not look completely photo edited or creepy, in other words.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a funky or decent background. Google Meet allows you to upload your own photo from the laptop and use it as background as well.

Google Meet blur background options

Primarily there is no difference while blurring the background in Google Meet for android or Mac users; the background blurring option typically rolls out when you have the recent compatible software installed. The most recent version of Chrome is recommended for Windows users, whereas Safari for Mac users.

Part 2: How to Blur the Background in Google Meet Before Video Call on iPhone/Android Phone?

Online meetings have made our lives easier. We could be traveling and take a business call with the help of our iPhone or Android anywhere. There is, however, a minor restriction when it comes to a phone; we cannot choose any background. With mobile, we have only two options to blur the background for Google Meet. Completely blur or slightly blur.

There will always be glitches and malfunctions in the technical realm, which can usually resolve by restarting the software or device. However, minimum compatibility requirements must be present if you wish to avail blurred background features for Google Meet on your iPhone or Android.

You need to be having an Android phone with a minimum 9.0 version. For iPhone users, 6s is the minimum requirement for iOS. In addition, your Android smartphone should have 3 GB RAM, ARM64, 4 CPU cores, 1.6 GHz CPU clock. The majority of typical phones support all of the stated features. So, do not be concerned if you do not grasp all of the technical jargon. Just search the model of your mobile phone online and compare to find out.

Blur background before Google Meet video call

After entering the password or starting the meeting, you can spot an option to blur on the bottom of the self-view screen. Google Meet will present a preview, and you can continue with the desired blur settings before joining the meeting.

Part 3: How to Blur the Background in Google Meet During Video Call on a Laptop?

The process to blur the background in Google Meet during a video call is quite similar for Windows and Mac users. You can access three vertical dots on the bottom of the self-view Google Meet screen. Click on the three vertical dots, and a pop-up window option will appear. Click on the concerned option to change the background.

Blur background  on Google Meet video call

You can click on the silhouette with large dots to completely blur the background, or one with the small dots to obscure slightly. You can also click on the Plus symbol to add any picture and use it as your background on Google Meet. The feature does not only benefit lazy people, but it can often make your session fun and interactive.

Blur background options  on Google Meet

Part 4: How to Blur the Background During Video Call on Google Meet Mobile App?

Make sure that your mobile's model is up to date. After that activating, the blur feature in Google Meet is easy as eating a pie.

You can find an option on the self-view of Google Meet. Click on them, a pop-up window will appear. Select the option to blur the background. Moreover, from there on, you will have the same options visible as mentioned repeatedly.

Blur background options  on Google Meet mobile

Part 5: 3 Best Free Google Meet Background Blur Extensions

Choosing a suitable background can be a problem for many users. Therefore, we have a list of the 3 best Google Meet Background Blur Extensions. You can use these extensions for Blurred Background in Google Meet. Moreover, these can help you in improving overall communication.

1. Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet

It is one of the best background extensions out there. It provides a variety of background options to choose from to make your meeting more attractive. According to the situation, the person can change the background.

Google Meet extension: Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet

For instance, a teacher can change the background to the classroom, this will help children remember the class environment and decorum, office person can change to something more decent but what about parties then you can change to something funky.

You can find this background extension here:

2. Visual Effects for Google Meet

 This visual effects extension provides a variety of visual effects, for instance, AR Sunglasses, 3-D Movies, Blur Background, Inverse, Pixelate, etc. Being stuck at home, made our lives boring, and humans are social animals who need to communicate with each other for survival. These Communication plugins make our conversations livelier.

Google Meet extension: Visual Effects for Google Meet

You can download this extension directly from:

3. Background blur for Google Meet

This free extension allows you to blur out the background during a Google Meet video call easily. With this extension, you can use the slider to change the amount of background blur to control. What’s more, it claimed that all images are processed in the browser.

You can find this extension here:

Why Google Meet Blur Background Not Showing?

Google Meet blur background is rolling out in the market and is becoming more common and accessible with each passing day. There might be some errors or glitches, which can be resolved by restarting. However, one of the reasons that the feature of Google Meet blur is not showing accessible is because the gadget or the software is not up to date.

Why can't I use background blur on Google Meet?

One of the reasons why background blur on Google Meet might not be visible is because the software is not up to date or the extension is not installed. Compare the minimum Google Meet program requirement of your gadget and software (the requirements are mentioned above in the blog).

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