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How to Record Google Meet on Phone?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

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Using Google Meet on the phone can be exciting for both the students and the business community. Even if you are traveling, having your phone in hand means that Google Meet can be accessed easily. You will be glad to know that now you can join a meeting on Google Meet using your phone and record it.

Luckily, both iPhone and Android users can record screen activity on Google Meet. Thus, long gone are the days when people used to be reluctant to use Google Meet on the phone. You can record the screen through built-in tools or external apps. If you want to learn more about how to record Google Meet on phone, the article below is worth reading. Let's start now. 

Part 1: Before Recording Google Meet on Phone as a Host/Participant?

Google Meet video sessions can be recorded on both iPhone and Android devices. However, you need to fulfill specific requirements before Google Meet allows you to record screen activity. Let's look at all requirements one by one and know how to record Google meet on phone as a participant or host. 

1. Join the Google Meet session

You have to join the meeting room through an invitation link or code. If you are a host, creating your own meeting session is the only option. In short, you must be part of the meeting session to record the Google Meet session on your phone as no one other than the participants can record the session.

2. Get permission from the administrator.

The recording must be enabled in the Google administrator settings. Otherwise, you won't be able to record on Google Meet.

3. The external screen recording application

If Google Meet's built-in screen recording feature cannot be enabled because you are not using a workplace account, you must record screen activity through an external tool. 

4. A working microphone, screen panel, and camera

Mainly, the microphone and screen panel are involved in recording Google video sessions. So, they must be operational. Plus, if you also want to record footage from your camera, your smartphone must be working too. 

Want to record the Google Meet video meetings on laptop? You can read how to record Google Meet for free to find out how.

Part 2: How to Record Google Meet on Android Phone with in-built Screen Recording Feature? 

Note: Google Meet comes with a built-in recording feature, but its access is limited to users with workplace accounts. So, you may find the recording feature disabled when not using the right account. What’s more, the recording feature is only available on computer, which means you can’t record Google Meet video on mobile even you have a workspace account.

However, you can record Google Meet on Android phones with their in-built screen recording feature. Here are a few simple steps to record Google Meet on Android phones with screenshots.

Step 1: Join the meeting.

Get the invitation link. Click on join after opening a shared link.

join in Google Meet on Android

Step 2: Turn on the in-built screen recorder.

Swipe from the top of the screen and choose screen recorder from the menu.

enable screen recording feature for Google Meet on android

Note: The process of enabling an in-built screen recorder can vary from phone to phone in Android. For example, Samsung and Huawei users can use swipe to access the quick settings panel to access the screen recorder. On the contrary, in some Android phones, you may open up accessibility features to enable screen recording. 

Step 3: Start recording and enable microphone

Open Google Meet session when recording starts. Click on the microphone's symbol to record screen activity with audio.

record google meet video meetings on android

Step 4: Stop recording

Click the red button to stop recording. You can see the message like "Recording saved to the gallery" at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, find the recorded video in the gallery. 

Part 3: How to Record Google Meet on iPhone with in-built Recording Feature? 

Not just the Android phones, in-built screen recording is also available for iPhone users. This feature can be used to record Google Meet video-conference sessions. Now, you must be wondering how to record Google Meet on iPhone? So, the answer is that, like Android phones, the Google Meet recording feature is also disabled in iPhone. Therefore, recording through an in-built screen recorder is easy to record Google Meet activity on iPhone. Let's summarize the procedure in simple steps. 

Step 1: Join meeting and open control center

Swipe from the bottom of your iPhone' screen after joining the Google Meet session. Click on the red circle to start recording.

start google meet recording on iPhone

Note: Process to access control center may not be the same in different models. For instance, you swipe from the right corner of the screen in iPhone X to open the control center.

Step 2: Enable recording 

Click on the red button and open the Google Meet window. Press the red status bar appearing on top of the screen.

record google meet recording on iPhone

Note: The recorded file will automatically be saved in iPhone's gallery when you stop screen recording. 

Part 4: Best Apps for Recording Google Meet on iPhone and Android

Have you ever thought about how to record Google meet on phone with audio when you neither have a recording feature enabled in Google Meet nor have an in-built screen recording feature in your iPhone or Android? If yes, you have landed on the right page. External apps are the last resort when you encounter such a situation. Let us take you through some best apps for recording Google Meet sessions.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen recorder is one of the most famous screen recording Android applications. The app is easily downloadable from the Google play store, and that too free of cost. However, you need to pay $2.99 for the pro version as some features might not be available in the free version. This screen recorder can assist you in recording content on Google meet.

  google meet video recorder app -  AZ Screen Recorder

Learn more details about this Google Meet video recorder here:

Key Features

  • Incorporated with the built-in video editor
  • Offers overlay button to start and stop recording
  • Multiple recording features


  • No watermarks
  • It does not require root
  • No time limit for screen recording


  • No advanced features in built-in video editor

2. Kimcy929 Screen Recorder

It is another simple screen recording tool with multilingual support. In addition to recording, you may also take screenshots in this screen recorder. Moreover, the recorded video can also be edited using its basic level of editing features. So, if you were in a quest to know how to record Google Meet on the phone with ease, Kimcy 929 screen recorder is a viable option.

  google meet video recorder app -  Kimcy929 Screen Recorder

Check it here:

Key Features

  • Supports both the front and rear camera of Android phone
  • It comes with a simple magic button
  • Supports internal sound system of Android phones


  • Edit overlay feature
  • Quick tiles and captions
  • Built-in logos and themes


  • Paid pro version

3. Super Screen Recorder

It is a powerful screen recorder that allows users to capture screen activity on Google Meet on both Android phone and iPhone. It supports output video files in high resolution. Plus, there are no time constraints when recording screens through this app. So, you can enjoy the unlimited recording of Google Meet sessions.

  google meet video recorder app -  Super Screen Recorder

For iPhone users, click here to download it

For Android user, you can get it from here:

Key Features

  • It comes with basic editing tools
  • Pause and resume recording option
  • Allows to add the logo or your trademark


  • No default watermark
  • Free app
  • No rooting required


  • Not ads-free

4. TechSmith Capture

It is one of the popular screen recording apps for capturing screen activity on Google Meet in your iPhone. So, if your phone's in-built screen recording feature is not working for some reason, you may use this app. It supports your microphone, so you can also add narration to the video while undergoing the recording process. Let's know more about its key features, pros, and cons. 

  google meet video recorder app -  TechSmith Capture

You can get it from here:

Key Features

  • Equipped with an organized library that saves recorded files
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Allows direct export to TechSmith Camtasia, where the video can be further edited and enhanced


  • Instant review option
  • Free on Apple store
  • Screen recording in different modes


  • Only compatible with iPhone and iPad

5. Record It

It allows simultaneous audio and video recording of the Google Meet session in your iPhone. So, if you want to record Google Meeting for training your colleagues or sharing recorded activity as a tutorial on social media websites, this app is all you need. 

  google meet video recorder app -  Record It

You can download it directly from here:

Key Features

  • It comes with one tap button to begin recording
  • Allows trimming video in its powerful video editor
  • The developer provides a step-by-step guide and video tutorial


  • Built-in face reactions
  • Customizable playback speed
  • Includes video filters


  • Offers in-app purchases

Bonus: Record Google Meet Videos with Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is an easy-to-use yet powerful video editing program that provides screen recording, webcam recording, and voiceover recording tools. You can record the Google Meet video screen, the audio, and the webcam simultaneously. What’s more, you can set up the Record Timer to stop recording at the desired time. Of course, you can show mouse clicks in recording with click sound as well. Download now and start the Google Meet video recording.

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The role of Google Meet in changing the digital landscape of the world cannot be denied. However, users who are unaware of methods that enable them to record their screens during virtual meetings on Google Meet are not fully benefiting from this masterpiece creation. We briefed our readers about screen recording and that too on both their Android smartphone or iPhone. So, now you know how to record Google Meet on phone in a few simple steps and without any hassle.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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