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The Best Ideas To Perform Cinematic Wedding Videography: A Review

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Originally published Apr 29, 24, updated Apr 29, 24

In the recent past, couples have been leaning towards cinematic weddings, aiming to make their big day feel like a dreamy movie. This means hiring expert cinematic wedding videographers who can turn their love story into a captivating film.

However, knowing cinematic videography costs and understanding the editing process can sometimes be overwhelming. In this review, we will help you break down these aspects in a way that's easy to understand so you can make your wedding day unforgettable.

Part 1: Discussing the Best Ideas To Execute a Cinematic Wedding Videography

Various creative approaches must be addressed or considered when shooting a cinematic wedding video. These ideas aid in making your wedding footage extraordinarily captivating:

Top Ideas To Execute Cinematic Wedding Videography:

1.Drone Footage for Aerial Shots

2.Incorporating Slow-Motion Effects

3.Creative Lighting Techniques

4.Applying Time-lapse Footage

5.Utilizing Creative Camera Angles

1. Drone Footage for Aerial Shots

Using a drone to capture the aerial shots adds a breathtaking perspective to your wedding videos. Showing the venue's landscape from the above drone footage provides cinematic quality that improves the overall viewing experience.

aerial shot wedding videography

2. Incorporating Slow-Motion Effects

Utilizing the slow-motion effects in your wedding video can influence the emotion and importance of key moments. Even if it is the exchange of vows, the first dance, or a glance between the newlyweds, slowing down these scenes allows viewers to fully drench themselves in the moment.

slow motion wedding videography

3. Creative Lighting Techniques

These techniques can transform simple scenes into visually stunning moments. From natural, romantic lighting to dramatic spotlights, the right lighting sets the vibe and adds meaning to your wedding video. You can create cinematic visuals that improve the storytelling experience by applying light and shadow.

creative lighting wedding videography

4. Applying Time-lapse Footage

Time-lapse footage provides a different perspective by capturing the passage of time. Whether it's about capturing the venue, guests arriving excited activity, or the changing of sky color as the day progresses, time-lapse footage adds an element to your wedding video.

time lapse wedding videography

5. Utilizing Creative Camera Angles

Experimenting with different camera angles can emphasize the visual interest of your wedding video. From close-ups to overhead shots and creative perspectives, depending on the camera angles, it can capture the emotion and energy of the day from different points of view, which creates a more dynamic viewing experience.

creative angle wedding videography

Importance of Storytelling in Cinematic Wedding Videography

Now we have discussed the top best ideas for executing cinematic wedding videography, let's discuss and shed some light on the importance of the storytelling of cinematic wedding videography:

1. Shaping the Story and Emotional Connections

Storytelling is the foundation of cinematography; it's generally about putting all the moments together in a way that narrates the love story of the couple. By opting for this, the videographer creates the videos that tell the story and all the emotions involved. These videos recap the event that takes the viewer back to when people can connect and understand emotion and cherish it forever.

2. Personal Touch & Enhancing Viewing Experience

With a deep focus on special candid moments and personalities, the overall videos become personalized and authentic. From the viewer's perspective, skilled storytelling captures the magic of the big day that will be remembered for years. While the cost of cinematic videography may be a consideration, investing in professional cinematic wedding video editing makes sure that the final product is worth every penny.

Part 2: How Much Does An Average Cinematic Wedding Videography Cost?

Based on the real wedding study, approximately an average photographer takes 3000$ per wedding, but it can be exceeded depending on the matter of cinematography, videos, and personalized shoots. This is because some people look forward to the full wedding video, while a few want small clips for social media. However, let's break down the factors that effectively cause variations in the cinematic videography cost:

Average Costing of Cinematic Wedding Videography:

1.Pre-Wedding Consultation

2.Filming on the Wedding Day

3.Post Wedding Day

1. Pre-Wedding Consultation

Before the wedding week starts, couples involve themself in pre-wedding consultations to address their vision, style preferences, and specific shots. This ensures the videographer understands work expectations and can pursue them on the big day. Usually, the consultation cost is broken down into $250-$350, depending on the intensity of the meeting.

2. Filming on the Wedding Day

On the wedding day, the videographer is responsible for capturing all the moments, including the ceremony, reception, and other important events. They work to add the essence of the day, making sure that each precious moment is caught and recorded in the lenses. This, judged according to the number of hours defined, goes between $1500-$2000.

3. Post Wedding Day

After the wedding day, the raw footage undergoes post-production editing to transform into a polished, cinematic, wonderful movie. This process includes tasks such as color grading, audio enhancement, and adding music overlays to enhance the overall viewing experience with an average cost of $700-$800.

Some Top Tips To Save in Wedding Photography

Now, let's delve into the tips and tricks that can help you save the wedding videography costs. These basic tricks will guide you to make the right decisions for a great cinematic wedding:

  1. Define Your Priorities: Figure out the most important parts of videography for you and your partner. Setting up your priorities will help you exempt all the unwanted portions within the wedding that you do not want to shoot.
  2. Research and Compare:Discover different videographers and packages to find the best fit for your budget. After careful consultation with all the services and packages offered, you will be able to select the best cinematic wedding videographer.
  3. Consider Customization: Choose customizable packages to alter services to your needs. In this way, you won’t have to pay for anything that is either not a part of your wedding or does not require attention.
  4. Plan and Negotiate: Book as early as you can to secure better rates, and do not be afraid to negotiate with videographers. Negotiating will help you cut some charges from the overall wedding videography shoot.

Part 3: Editing Cinematic Videos to Perfection With Wondershare Filmora

As discussed above, directed attention to detail is required in the post-production process of cinematic wedding videography. For this, you need to have a tool that helps you make changes in your videos with ease. Wondershare Filmora provides a comprehensive solution for editing videos easily. It provides various tools and functions that allow users to improve their videos with professional-quality effects and transitions.

This helps users save money by providing access to a vast library of cinematic resources through Filmstock, Wondershare's virtual platform for stock media assets. With Filmstock, users across the globe can browse and download various cinematic effects, overlays, music tracks, and much more at affordable prices. This reduces the need to spend much on expensive assets and aids in saving both time and money.

12 Best Effects for Wedding Videos | Titles, Transitions, Filters and More!

Free Download
Free Download

Step-By-Step Guide To Adding Cinematic Resources With Filmstock and Editing Across Filmora

If you want your wedding video dreamier and more stunning, use Filmstock within Wondershare Filmora. Choose wedding-themed assets according to your requirements, download them, and add them to your timeline. To understand how it is done, follow the steps below to perform perfect cinematic wedding video editing:

Step 1 Search for Cinematic Wedding Pack on Filmstock

After accessing the official website of Filmstock, log in with your account and tap the "Search" bar. Type in your required query, i.e., cinematic wedding resources, and let the platform search its assets.

access filmstock website
Step 2 Download the Required Wedding Pack From Filmstock

As the appropriate results appear on the next screen, select one to proceed further. Click “Download Now” to add this resource pack on Wondershare Filmora.

download required wedding pack
Step 3 Start New Projects and Import Media

Open Wondershare Filmora and start video editing by pressing “New Project.” As this leads you to the editing window, continue to import your required material using the “Import” button. Drag and drop the wedding media to the timeline for further editing.

add wedding video for editing
Step 4 Add Cinematic Wedding Elements to Video

Look through the "Titles," "Effects," or "Stickers" sections to add respective resource media to your videos. On approaching "Effects," look for the "Mine" section on the left and find the "Material Pack" sub-section. Find the downloaded resource pack in the media panel and drag it on the timeline to add.

apply effects from the cinematic pack
Step 5 Export Final Cinematic Wedding Video

After you've made all the changes to your wedding video, continue to the "Export" button on the top right. Provide the required exporting parameters and click "Export" to save the cinematic wedding video on your device.

export final wedding video


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event. A cinematic wedding videographer helps you to relive every emotional or precious moment of your ceremony. Furthermore, with Wondershare Filmora, editing has become a joy and not a hassle anymore. It is like having a professional editor at your fingertips; it makes your videos perfect without costing you much.

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Apr 29, 24
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