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How To Download 4K YouTube Video And Convert To mp3?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube is the leading website that most go to, to hear a number of their favorite songs. The convenience of being able to watch these high quality videos is ideal for most music lovers but, unless you have an internet connection you will not be able to have access to your favorite songs. The easy solution to this problem is simply downloading the video and saving it to replay later whenever you want.

This in the past had been an easy solution but now, most YouTube videos are starting to be uploading as a 4K resolution. The 4K video offer a much higher quality of not only video but audio tracks as well unfortunately these files are quite large and will require a specialized app or file converter to be able to play the video back. The most popular file conversion choice you should go with is converting the 4K to mp 3.

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Mp3 is one of the most common and favorable ways to listen to music because of the small size, and it can be more easily transferred and shared over a multitude of devices. If you're not familiar with downloading MP3 on mobile device, you can check our picks of best MP3 downloader Apps for Android.

Converting a 4K video into an mp 3 file format can be ideal because you would be able to keep a majority of the high quality sound but how can you convert your YouTube video from 4K to mp 3?

Want to know how to edit MP3 file? Check this article to know more.

There are a number of file conversion software programs and websites you can use to do a number of file conversion. Unfortunately most of the free and even a number of the paid conversion software programs are not able to convert 4K to mp 3. Because 4K is a newer file format that is becoming popular many file conversion programs have yet to be update to be compatible with 4k files. There are a number of other problems you may run into when trying to download 4k YouTube video and convert it to an mp 3.

Common Problems When Attempting To Convert 4K to mp 3:

  1. Additional problems you will most commonly run into with file conversion programs is they can be time consuming. It can take hours upon hours for a file to become fully available as an mp 3. These incredible slow conversion times can be a huge inconvenience and can drain your computer power and free space.
  2. While the conversion is taking place you may not be able to utilize your device. Your computer could be inaccessible while a conversion from 4k to mp 3. is taking place because most online conversion sites or programs will require you to stay on the web page or in the program while the conversion is taking place. This means you will not be able to use your computer for hours.
  3. To be able to convert a YouTube video you need to be able to download it for most programs to do the conversion. This would require additional software or programs since most YouTube videos cannot just be downloaded and saved on every device.
  4. You use up a significant amount of storage space. 4K files are rather large and even when you download 4K youtube video and convert it to an mp 3. it can still take up a significant amount of space on your devices.

How Exactly Can You Download 4K YouTube Video And Convert To mp 3:

  • 1. Once you have a reliable conversion program available to use the process of converting your 4K files to mp 3. is quite simple. Wondershare video converter is one of the best file conversion program your will be able to find and is highly recommended to use for the task of converting 4K to mp 3.
  • 2. Once you have your file conversion you will need to know the URL for the 4k YouTube video you want to convert.
  • 3. Open the Wondershare program and click on the download button.
  • 4. You will have the option to add the a URL. Paste the 4K YouTube video URL.
  • 5. Then you will choose the format you want to convert the download 4K YouTube video to. Choose the mp 3. option or one of the many other file conversion options.
  • 6. Select an output folder.
  • 7. Then push OK and your 4K YouTube video and your conversion will begin.

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate offers users an incredibly fast program to perform a number of file conversion. It runs at a 30 times faster conversion speed than most other file conversion software programs. It supports the 4K format than many other lack the capabilities to do. Wondershare video convert Ultimate also offers a variety of additional function and features make it the best all in one video conversion software program you should invest in. You can get your version of Wondershare by going to and downloading it today.

If you are interested in editing YouTube videos, no matter what format it is, we highly recommend Wondershare Filmora - an easy to use while powerful video editing software for Win and Mac, it can help you make beautiful videos with its versatile features and over 200 effects. Check the video below to know more details.

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