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10 Best Online Video Editing Courses

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Creating digital images has never been easier, with so many digital cameras and Smartphones available at more than reasonable prices. Putting together video clips and editing them, on the other hand, is as slow and complex process as it ever was. Despite an increasing number of video editing programs that aim to make editing videos a painless effort, creating fine-tuned videos still requires knowledge and dedicatio

Fortunately, learning the fine craft of editing has never been easier, due to the abundance of tutorials and video editing courses that are available online. Let's take a look at some of the best places on the Internet to start learning the ropes of video editing.

Before studying the below courses, you may need suitable video editing software. Filmora video editor will be a good choice. It is an easy video editing software that comes with an intuitive interface. It's designed for home users, not professionals. When you see our main primary interface, you'll immediately know how to use it. Just click and drag and drop. Timeline-based video editing makes all your tasks easier. Check this user guide to know more about Filmora timeline.


1. Larry Jordan

A Los Angeles based member of the Directors Guild of America and Producers Guild of America, Larry Jordan, has made it his mission to help editors across the globe to find work. On Larry's website, you'll be able to find different video editing courses for different video editing software, such as Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro, as well as courses that cover topics such as job searching in the film industry or video file management tips. Courses are not free, but the website contains a Free Resources section where you can find valuable information free of charge.

2. Video School Online

As the website's name suggests, Video School Online is a real school that offers courses on nearly all subjects related to the world of filmmaking, including video editing courses for Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC. Although most courses are priced at $15, courses such as 'Video Editing Basics' aimed at DSLR video shooters are free. Beginners and consumer level video editors will profit the most from this website because advanced editing techniques are not offered.

3. Ken Stone's

Ken Stone's is literally the Mecca for Final Cut Pro users, although it is probably not best suited for absolute beginners because it contains countless learning resources and tips from the industry's leading professionals. Even though you will not find any guided courses on this website, the free information you will be able to find will help you complete almost any task in Final Cut Pro you can think of. The best part of it is that the Editing section is just one out of many, thus you'll be able to learn much more than to just cut and trim video clips at the Ken Stone's website.

This online learning platform offers much more than just video editing courses since its subscribers can attend CAD, 3D, Animation, Photography and many other courses. Video editing courses cover several editing programs such as Avid, After Effects, Final Cut Pro to mention a few, but pricing options start at $19,99. If you would like to start learning how to edit from the ground up, may be one of the best choices you can make.

5. Skill Share

The abundance of courses offered on this website will cover nearly any area of the video editing process in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and other video editing software. Besides, the Skill Share website also provides valuable information on cinematography and filmmaking that you will definitely need if you are taking video editing seriously. In order to access any of the courses you'll need to register and choose the pricing plan, you can either choose to pay $12 each month or $96 annually.


You can learn almost anything you want at Udemy, from Web Development to the German language. Their Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 course costs $45, but in return, you will get on-demand videos and most importantly a Certificate of Competition, in addition to learning how to perform basic editing actions in Premiere Pro CS6. Nonetheless, advanced video editors will have little use for Udemy's courses since they only scratch the surface of the video editing world.


Although aimed mostly at the IT industry professionals, Pluralsight also offers online courses for creatives who work with digital images and visual effects. Nuke, Avid or Final Cut Pro are just a few video editing software, you can master on Pluralsight. The monthly subscription costs $29, while the annual fee is $299, although the website offers a free trial period so you can decide whether their online video editing courses meet your demands.

8.American Graphics Institute

The only official higher education institution on this list offers online Premiere Pro training with Live highly skilled trainers. You'll be able to hear the trainer's instructions and follow the steps they describe from the comfort of your own home while following the basic or advanced online courses, that will enable you to become a professional video editor. The cost of one course is $795, but you'll be able to learn everything from capturing the video in Premiere Pro to Exporting and Rendering videos.

9.Film Riot YouTube Channel

There are thousands of YouTube videos that can help you during the editing process, but Film Riot YouTube channel will provide you with pro tips and advice from experienced film industry professionals. This option is probably not the best way to start learning how to edit in a particular video editing software, but if you already have a certain level of editing knowledge Film Riot YouTube channel can be a great source of new information.

10.Art of the Guillotine

If you want to be a successful video editor, keeping in touch with the latest news and articles that cover this topic is as essential as knowing how to use a video editing software. The Art of the Guillotine will not help you much if you have no video editing experience, but if you already know your way around Final Cut Pro or some other powerful video editing software, then the 'The Cutting Room' podcast or hundreds of articles the AOTG provides will be very useful to you.

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The choice to become a video editor will require from you much more than just knowing all the shortcuts in the Adobe Premiere Pro because you must be interested in all things related to the post-production process. While online courses will provide you with technical knowledge, websites such as the Art of the Guillotine or Film Riot YouTube Channel will enable you to broaden your knowledge of video editing process and hopefully help you develop your own unique video editing style.

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