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2 Methods To Add Effects On TikTok

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 13, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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TikTok is one of the most famous social media and video-sharing platforms. Many individuals want to figure out how to add effect on TikTok by which they can edit their videos and improvise their quality. In case you are one of these individuals, you can be focused on the upcoming details.

 Part 1 Method 1: Add Effects In TikTok

Step 1 Access TikTok

Firstly, you should access the TikTok application. On the application interface, you can see the PLUS (+) button with white background and black color in the middle of the bottom screen menu.

Step 2 Add Video

After clicking on the plus icon, you can see several options on the screen. Here, you should focus on the RECORD button and press it to start recording a new video. In case you want to edit an existing one, you can proceed with the UPLOAD button.

 Add video to the platform

Step 3 Check Out Effects

When you successfully upload a video or record the desired shot, you can see a different interface with different options. Here, in the left-side bottom, you can see the EFFECTS option. You should proceed by tapping on it.

Step 4 Step Up Effect

Now, your device screen will start getting input regarding the live preview of the video you added. Here, you can see a complete timeline preview of the video. In the timeline, you can spot a white marker as well. You should place this marker where you want to put an effect.

 Place effect marker

Step 5 Effects Appear

During all these things, you can see available effects in the circle icons. These icons are available below the timeline. For checking out all effects and options, you can go with a swipe right or left for exploring all available options.

By default, the VISUAL category effect is applicable to the video. By choosing other effects from circle icons, you can change them.

Step 6 Preview Changes

After choosing and applying the effects, you should click the play button. It will help you preview the changes on videos and check out how the effect is working and delivering the results.

 Play for preview

In case you don’t like the changes or effects, you should proceed by focusing on the button in the shape of an arrow available below the timeline. It will undo all the changes and get your video back to normal.

Step 7 Save Changes

You can use and repeat the effects as many times as you want. There are not any kinds of restrictions or limitations regarding this particular thing. Once you like the changes and satisfaction with the effects, you should not forget to click the SAVE button.

Step 8 Next Button

If you want to make more changes to the video, you should proceed. After finishing all changes, you should click the NEXT button.

 Done with changes

Step 9 Post

After all these things, your video is not ready to post on TikTok. You should add a good description and some hashtags for explaining it and then hit the POST button.

By following this particular process, you can know how to add effects in TikTok with ease.

 Part 2 Method 2: Add Effects With TikTok Templates

Step 1 Access TikTok

Firstly, you should access the TikTok application by using your mobile or tablet.

Step 2 Discover


Now, you should look for the DISCOVER button on the screen. You can find it in the bottom screen menu on the 2nd-second position between the home and plus icon. It is will be referred to with the icon of a magnifying glass.

Step 3 Look For Videos

 Look for videos or templates

Here, you should start looking for the videos that are posted by other users. In case you like their effects and edits, you can use them as a template. You should be focused on some specific search terms here. In case you don’t like the search results, you should try to use the different ones.

Step 4 Pick The Effect

 check out the effect

Now, you need to access the video that you like. In case you like the effects in the video, you can access those effects by choosing from the video. For such a task, you can see a specific button on the screen with a yellow icon. With this icon, you can see the name of the effect as well.

Step 5 Start Recording

After choosing the effect, you can go with the recording procedure by clicking the button available in red color. Here, you will start recording visuals with already loaded effects as per your requirements.

Step 6 Preview And Proceed

Now, you can preview the video with effects that you record. If everything is perfect, you should proceed by clicking the red checkmark button.

Step 7 Video Edits

 Make changes

It will help you finalize the visuals. Now, you can make changes in the video with required editing, such as – adding effects, texts, stickers, and sounds.

 Next step

After all these things, you can preview the video once again and proceed with the next button.

Step 8 Publish

 Post video

When you finish everything, you should focus on adding a proper description regarding your video post and hit the post button to publish it publicly on TikTok.

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Final Words

You can consider any of these methods to add effects to TikTok videos. In case you don’t understand how to add effects to TikTok videos procedure, you should be focused on lots of things, such as – video tutorials, guides, etc. In case you are facing any issue regarding all these things, you can contact professionals as well. A professional can help you in sorting things quickly and provide top-notch solutions. It will be helpful in getting desired results with ease.

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