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Best TikTok Watermark Removers Online

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Nov 16, 21, updated May 20, 24
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The popularity of TikTok over the last few years cannot be denied. The platform of TikTok has been used for various purposes, from creating engaging content to making funny videos. Plus, TikTok is also known for making millions of people viral. In addition to this, TikTok allows sharing the content on other social media platforms. However, all the videos created on TikTok are marked with a watermark. If you want to get rid of the watermark, we have some amazing tools. Let's dive in together and learn to remove TikTok watermark online in a step-by-step guide.

Part 1: Best TikTok Watermark Removers Online

TikTok allows content creators to save videos on their smartphones or other gadgets. Not just the videos that you created but also the ones that other influencers have created. However, all these videos are marked with a watermark. The good news is that removing a watermark can be tricky but not impossible. So, we have handpicked the following web-based applications to remove the TikTok watermark online.

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is one of the most online efficient video editing tools that can be used to remove the TikTok watermark online. This web-based application comes with a simple yet intuitive interface. Several methods can be used to remove watermarks using Kapwing. One of the commonly used methods is cropping the watermark. Plus, it also has some editing features that can be used to enhance or refine the video further. Here's how you can do it in simple steps

Step 1: Access Kapwing's official website and upload a video

Go to kapwing's website: and click on start editing to open the editing window, and then select the click to upload option to navigate the video file in the local space.

uploaded tiktok video to kapwing

Step 2: Crop watermark

Select crop from the edit tab and crop the screen to cut the watermark from the video. Click Done Cropping after adjusting the cropping window.

crop tiktok watermark with kapwing

Step 4: Export video

Edit the video, if required. Click on the export video and wait till the process is complete. Click on the download option at the right-hand side of the screen to save the video.

export cropped tiktok watermark with kapwing

Note: You can also copy the link and share it on different social media platforms.

3. FlexClip

FlexClip is another TikTok watermark remover online. It is equipped with all basic video editing tools. You can hide or crop the watermark using this web-based application. In addition to cutting or covering watermarks, FlexClip also enables you to record screens, create GIFs, and add music to videos. Let's know more about removing watermarks in this TikTok watermark remover online.  

Step 1: Open editing panel

Click on the Start from Scratch option to access the editing tab after log in to the website, and then you can choose Storyboard Mode or Timeline Mode based on your need. Here I take Storyboard Mode as an example.

Step 2: Upload file

Select the desired ratio and click on the media option at the left. Click on the Local Files to upload TikTok saved in your device.

upload tiktok video to flexclip

Step 3: Crop out the watermark

Drag and drop the video on the timeline to trim it. Click on the zoom option and increase the zoom to cut the watermark from the video.

crop tiktok watermark with flexclip

Note: Zoom is not the only method to remove the watermark. You can also hide the watermark in the TikTok video. Click on the elements from the options at the left and place them on the watermark in the video to hide them.

4. MusicallyDown

MusicallyDown is one of the well-known applications that let you remove the watermark from the TikTok video, and that too in a hassle-free process. Not just this, the processed videos can also be saved in MP3 format. MusicallyDown is easily accessible, and all you need is an internet connection to process your videos in this fantastic application. What’s more, it also offers a plethora of video templates. Do you want to know how to remove the watermark using MusicallyDown?

Step 1: Copy the TikTok video link

Click on the share icon and copy the video link. Open MusicallyDown and paste the copied link in the toolbar.

Step 2: Download video

Click on the download MP4 now. Preview the video and select the desired format. In this way, you can download the TikTik video without watermark online directly.

Note: You may download the video using the direct link.

download tiktok watermark with no watermark

5. Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Apowersoft is another TikTor watermark remover online. So, you can remove the watermark from TikTok videos with just a few clicks. In addition to videos, it also enables you to remove watermark from pictures. The software is web-based, so it does not require installation. Plus, you do not need technical expertise to use Apowersoft watermark remover. Apowersoft supports all mainstream media formats and is compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems. Sounds interesting? Learn to remove the watermark using Apowersoft by following a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Open Apowersoft's homepage

Navigate Apowersoft and click on the remove water from video option on the homepage.

Step 2: Upload video and erase the watermark

Navigate to the video in your local files and double-click to upload. Wait for the processing time. Resize the box on the watermark and click erase. Select download files to save the output video.

remove tiktok watermark with apowersoft

6. is an online watermark removing tool that comes with a simple interface. In addition to watermarks, this tool is also known for efficiently removing overlays, logos, captions, texts, and much more. allows saving the output in the same format as the input media file. Moreover, it also enables you to remove multiple watermarks in the same video simultaneously. So, if you want to get away with all watermarks and unwanted texts, is all you. Follow the steps below to learn about removing watermarks in this free online facility.

Step 1: Upload video

Click or drag and drop the video in the toolbox. Wait till the file is successfully uploaded.

Step 2: Remove watermark

Click on the remove watermark option and wait for the processing time. Click on the download button to start downloading the output file.

remove tiktok watermark with watermakremover online

To download a TikTok video without a watermark, you can also try these TikTok downloaders online without a watermark.

FAQs about removing TikTok watermark

1. How to remove TikTok watermarks without cropping?

Cropping the video often results in the loss of important video parts. Moreover, it may also affect the video quality. So, software developers offer to remove TikTok watermarks without cropping. There are several web-based and other applications that enable you to do so. Video Eraser, RepostTik, to name a few, are applications that can be downloaded to remove the watermark without cropping. In addition, is a web-based application that can help you get away with the watermark and that too without cutting a video screen.

2. How to remove the TikTok watermark from a downloaded video?

TikTok allows you to save the media which is being shared on the platform. However, these videos or pictures include the TikTok watermark too. You can remove the watermark from a downloaded video. There is no need to copy the link from the TikTok application. You have to look for an application that lets you upload the video from the local space, such as Kapwing. So, you can add them to the watermark removing tool.

3. Can you use TikTok videos on other social media platforms?

If you are looking for an answer to whether you can use the TikTok videos on other social media platforms or not? The answer is yes. TikTok has an in-built sharing option that lets you share videos to different platforms, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

4. How can Windows users remove the watermark on a TikTok video

Windows users can get away with the watermark through web-based watermark removing tools, such as Apowersoft. In addition, they may also install software that is compatible with the Windows system. Windows users can also remove watermarks in video editing tools.


Removing the TikTok watermark becomes necessary if you want to repurpose the content. Plus, it also polishes the video content. So, we have discussed a few web-based watermarks removing tools in this article that can help you remove the TikTok watermark online. The article also guides you about the step-by-step process to remove watermarks in the above-mentioned applications.

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