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How to use LUTs in Lumafusion & Free LUTs Resource

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Originally published May 24, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

LumaFusion is one of the most complex iPad and iPhone video editing apps. Many of its customers adore it, and it has some incredible capabilities that you'd find incompetent editing software. They've effectively opened up the realm of LUTs to iPhone and iPad users.

LumaFusion LUTs are individual files that act as containers in LumaFusion. This container file includes standard LUT data as well as LumaFusion-specific color preset data. A LumaFusion LUT Preset file is similar to a Super LUT. LumaFusion can only employ one standard LUT at a time; however, LumaFusion LUT presets enable simultaneous Color Grading and Color Corrections.

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  1. How will LUTs help with color correction in Lumafusion
  2. How to use LUTs in Lumafusion?
  3. Free LUTs Resource for Lumafusion

How will LUTs help with color correction in Lumafusion

Colors in today's cameras are vibrant, but they may continuously be improved. Color correction corrects the color that's already there, whether it's boosting the exposure to brighten a darker photo or increasing the saturation to make the colors pop. Color correction in other NLEs can be difficult, but not in LumaFusion.

The Color Presets tab in the Color & Effects section is where you begin color correcting footage. There are various presets from which to pick. I wouldn't use these settings on my videos because they're too stylized, but they're there. You may alter any of the presets to your taste, so some of the more dramatic ones can be toned down. By picking the original setting, purists can color-fix their raw footage without using LumaFusion. Moving the sliders till the color seems perfect is all that's required from there.

Exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, mid-tones, and saturation and hue are all controlled by sliders. The color sliders can be used for a more forceful approach. But proceed with caution. The sliders are delicate, and it's easy to overdo them. Play around with the sliders until you get the look you want. If you don't like it, toss it in the trashcan and start over.

Color grading and color correction are not interchangeable terms. Color correction is a technical requirement, but color grading is primarily creative. You'll have no command over the color grading process if you're working with film material where primary colors aren't even visible. Before diving into the creative LUTs, make sure you complete adequate color correcting.

Color grading, unlike color correction, adjusts the shot's color to modify the atmosphere or feel. The only way to do that in LumaFusion is to play around with the color sliders under the Color Presets tab, but that's not ideal. As previously stated, the three sliders are sensitive and limited. LumaFusion isn't designed for color grading, which is OK. Thankfully, LumaFusion allows you to use LUTs.

Always color correct your footage before utilizing any LUTS, which entails changing the White-balance, Highlights, Contrast, and Shadows. Do not apply the LUTS to your footage directly.

Empower your videos with a new mood using different LUTs.
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How to use LUTs in Lumafusion?

Videographers, colorists, and editors use LUTs because they are efficient. Rather than starting from zero every time you work on a video editing project, you may speed up the color grading process using a LUT with predefined color profiles. It's elementary to import LUTs. Simply import the preset files into LumaFusion and add the preset to your footage like an Instagram filter.

The Import button in the Color & Effects editor is the easiest way to load LUTs.

  1. Double click on any video/photo clip on the timeline to access the Clip Editors.
  2. At the bottom of the Clip Editor UI, select the Color & Effects tab.
  3. The import button is located directly below the effect preset library.
lumafusion Lut
How to use LUTs in Lumafuison

LUTs must be loaded via the LumaFX clip editor at the moment. Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

  1. To access the LumaFX UI, double-tap any video/photo clip in the timeline.
  2. At the bottom of the LumaFX UI, select the 'Color & Effects' tool.
  3. In the upper right panel, press the cube icon.
  4. The import button is located directly below the effect preset library.
lumafusion Lut - Load LumaFX LUTs
Load LumaFX LUTs
  1. Once hit, it will display your transfer site options; select your desired transfer site and navigate to the folder where your LUTs are stored.
  2. Select and import all of the LUTs in the folder.
lumafusion Lut - Import LUTs
Import LUTs

Free LUTs Resource for Lumafusion

Choosing the appropriate LUT pack will boost your photography and videography immediately. With our quick guide to the top free LUTs available, you can find the appropriate one for you.

1. Jaun Melara free LUTs

LUTs aren't simply for stylizing video. They're frequently employed as a color correction tool to ensure that your colors are shown correctly in various formats. Juan Melara has provided a free LUT set to assist you in color correcting your footage for printing on film stock. These free LUTs will provide modest stylization to your footage if you don't want to send it to print.

Melara developed this video to demonstrate his free LUTs in action. The colors are more subdued than in the other LUTs on this list. This free LUT pack is ideal if you're looking to produce a modern-style cinematic color grade. Melara also has a great article about using LUTs to create a lovely color grade. DaVinci PowerGrades are available for several of these LUTs. They color correct your film in the same way as LUTs do, but you'll have more flexibility over individual PowerGrade components.

lumafusion Lut - Jaun Melara free LUTs
Jaun Melara free LUTs

2. Small Hd free LUTs

SmallHD, a company that makes small, full HD on-camera monitors, is giving away a free set of color grades that reproduce the appearance of seven classic movies. The company is also releasing a series of video lessons that show how to get the most out of these effects throughout production and post-production. Everything is completely free. The color grades are provided as file and are in the form of 3D LUT files created in DaVinci Resolve. If you're unfamiliar with SmallHD, the company offers free LUTs for on-set monitoring in real-time. This free set of Movie Look LUTs is inspired by seven recent films, including Apocalypse Now's warmth and The Matrix's green overtones. Take use of SmallHD's free LUT set if you want to give your footage a dramatic and cinematic vibe.

lumafusion Lut - Small Hd free LUTs
Small Hd free LUTs

3. Color Grading Central free LUTs

Color Grading Central is essential knowledge for any aspiring colorist or video editor who takes color seriously. CGC is a company that specializes in color grading. Their website has a wide range of outstanding color-related products, from grain to LUTs. They also provide their email members with a wealth of free color grading information. Free trials of some LUTs are also available, so you may try them out before you buy. They're giving away an array of color presets, grains, and burns exclusively to their email list and the seven free color LUTs. We strongly recommend them if you want to give your footage a shot-on-film look.

lumafusion Lut - Color Grading Central free LUTs
Color Grading Central free LUTs

4. PremiumBeat Free LUTs

PremiumBeat has freely given countless LUT packs as well as other assets to any video editor or filmmaker over the years. Todd Blankenship has designed a fresh new set of FREE LUTs for Shutterstock, which is their latest addition. Todd chose distinct looks from films and pictures that inspire his daily work to create this bundle with attention and love. There are many options, and these looks will offer you a great place to start when it comes to grading your footage. They recently published an in-depth evaluation of, a new color grading tool. Todd Blankenship, who ended up utilizing the tool to create these LUTs, wrote the initial review. The pack has been fine-tuned to replicate some clean, cinematic looks that you may use as a jumping-off point for your video.

lumafusion Lut - PremiumBeat Free LUTs
PremiumBeat Free LUTs

5. Frank Glencairn free LUT

Despite having access to the most advanced filming gear, there's something about a vintage film aesthetic that looks fantastic. Frank Glencairn has made a nice K-Tone LUT that is meant to look like vintage Kodachrome film. This film grade, which was formerly popular among photographers and filmmakers, has fallen out of favor due to the rise of digital cameras. With this free LUT, you can get the appearance of retro-looking reds, blues, and yellows.

lumafusion Lut - Frank Glencairn free LUT
Frank Glencairn free LUT

6. Reverse Tree Media free LUTs

Reverse Tree Media is releasing a new LUTS bundle that is absolutely free. In addition to LUTS, this LUTS collection includes utility LUTS, film grains, and a Black-Bar layer. For the color-grading procedure, this is critical. This bundle contains 56 free LUTS for various scenarios like weddings, television commercials, travel films, landscapes, Rec.709, and so on. It also has several useful LUTS and film grain overlays for 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm video, as well as a cinematic black bar PNG file with a ratio of 2.35:1 to assist you in achieving a more cinematic appearance quickly and save time. Check out the link to learn more about LUTS and to obtain their previous cinematic LUTS bundle, which is also free.

lumafusion Lut - Reverse Tree
Reverse Tree
Closing Thoughts:

LUTs are most typically used to build and store color profiles that can be utilized in other film projects. By using contrast and design, you can bring logs and flat materials to life. Everything you need to know is right here. You can now rush to your desk and fix your video.

Add LUTs on Video
Add LUTs on Video
Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Jul 18, 24
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