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Best Audio Waveform Generator

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

For more than a century, sound waves and broadcasts have played an important role in shaping media as we know it. Here's how to implement them into your social media strategy. They have become popular in short video animations used to promote audio on social media, commonly referred to as audiograms.

Before learning everything there is to know about audiograms and how to make them, let's gain a better understanding of the significance of these patterns.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What is an audio waveform?
  2. Part 2. What is audio wave animation?
  3. Part 3. Why do we use audio visualization?/a>
  4. Part 4. Best Audio Waveform Generator

Part 1. What is an audio waveform?

A sound wave is the vibration of air molecules, which is how sound travels. The waveform describes the wave using a graph of how the air molecule is displaced over time.

Amplitude is the strength of a wave's action; the higher the amplitude, the more the air molecules are displaced. This also translates into loudness for the human ear; increasing the amplitude of the wave will increase how loud it appears to us. Sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth waveforms are the most typical periodic waveforms.

Part 2. What is audio wave animation?

A waveform animation video is a short video clip that can be uploaded to social media that combines an audio file with a static background image and a straightforward waveform animation. Audio animations, an example of audio visualization, make for fantastic video content, which is increasingly valuable on ever-noisy social media platforms.

Part 3. Why do we use audio visualization?

We all know that there is a special way of feeling called synesthesia, which is both a psychological and a linguistic phenomenon. Similar to how you automatically link this rain scene with the sound of heavy rain when you see it. People's newly awakened senses are more about the synthesis of sensory experience with actual life experience than they are entirely about actual information. Therefore, for clean audio, enhancing it with complementary visual animation effects will improve the user's visual experience and, to some extent, offer additional information and impact to your audio.

use audio visualization

Part 4. Best Audio Waveform Generator

Audio visualization can be presented in a variety of ways. The simplest kind of processing involves taking low-dimensional information like frequency, loudness, and rhythm and converting them into images in the form of colors, forms, strokes, etc. However, modern artificial intelligence technology can now extract high-dimensional visual attributes including style, tone, and emotion. But, for most non-technical players, such processes are obviously out of their league, therefore your best choice is to use a basic audio waveform generator. Following, we'll suggest 10 desktop or online generators so you may quickly finish the audio visualization project and create your audio-related videos.

Audio Visualizer on Desktop

  1. Filmora Audio Visualizer

You may add audio spectrum visualizers to videos using a variety of tools. But one of the best software we recommend is Filmora audio visualizer because you can edit all sound effects on this platform with just one button. Filmora has audio keyframing and a built-in equalizer that can create unique sound effects and make the audio recording more appealing when you hear it.

Price: US$ 49.99/Year

  • Filmora Audio Visualizer provides you with 25 types of audio and concludes circle audio spectrum.
  • Easy to use for the beginner and there are more other audio features that you can easily use and start editing your file.
  • It's super affordable as compared to other audio editing software.
  • Pattern shape can't be defined by yourself, also doesn't support your custom template
  1. Magic Music Visuals

VJs and all other artists who like to combine sound and images during live performances can use the Performer edition of this cross-platform music visualization software. The Studio edition offers all the functions that are necessary to create music visualizations or music videos in real-time. You can use both editions of Magic to generate 2D and 3D graphics that respond to music or mix photos, 3D files, or videos. In addition, you can easily enter full-screen mode and project your videos using LED displays or projectors. Magic Music Visuals also allows its users to combine an unlimited number of audio inputs simultaneously, meaning you can effortlessly mix two or more tracks. This music visualization software allows you to export videos in mp4 and MOV files, but the length of the rendering process depends on the length of the video and the performance of the computer you are using.

magic music visuals

Price: Free demo available, $44.95 for a full version license

  • Amazing Visual Effects
  • Efficient Text Processing
  • Lots of Blending modes
  • Custom Color correction
  • No Video Stabilization tool
  • Audio waveform and hardware acceleration features are not available
  1. VSDC Video Editor Free - Audio Spectrum Visualizer

Music visualization is just one of the countless video editing options offered by VDSC Video Editor Free. In addition to creating music-based videos, you can also use this video editing software product to stabilize videos recorded by action cameras, enhance colors in footage captured by a wide range of cameras and drones, create 3D graphics, or export high-quality videos. Resolution to your social media accounts directly from the software. The editor's Audio Visualizer contains five hundred presets that you can use to create a captivating music video for your latest track. In addition to Spectrum, which displays sounds within a set color range, VDSC Video Editor also offers Audio Abstraction, which generates colorful abstract shapes based on the music you select. While visualizing audio with VDSC Audio Visualizer is a fun and simple process, video creators with no prior video editing experience may need some time to get used to the software's interface.

audio spectrum visualizer

Price: Free

  • Every tool for video editing is available
  • Amazing Visual Effects
  • Efficient Text Processing
  • Lots of Blending modes
  • Custom Color correction
  • Pro Editing Features are Missing
  • No Video Stabilization tool
  • Audio waveform and hardware acceleration features are not available
  • Standard voiceover and masking tools

Audio Visualizer Online

  1. Music Visualizer Online

Want to add eye-catching visuals to your audio? Music Visualizer web app is the perfect app for you. You can add audio waveforms to any audio format, including M4A, M4R, MP3, OGG, AU, and many more. After loading the audio, this program allows you to add a captivating progression and a cover photo of your choice. Additionally, users of can trim, split, rearrange, and remove audio. You can even add subtitles, subtitles, and texts. If you're fine with visualizing music, it lets you choose the aspect ratio before exporting to 1080P MP4. Just try it!

media io music visualizer online

Price: Free

  • It has consistently been upgraded and improved since its inception when it was pretty great already.
  • The product is great based on how it was marketed, and it is a great tool. This is easily accomplished by use among three brands.
  • An excellent experience with a great community of entrepreneurs and marketers supporting the ecosystem.
  • It doesn't have a direct publication on Instagram but offers 2 ways: via app notification (which can be annoying at times) or integration with Zapier, through a wizard.
  1. Renderforest Music Visualizer

Renderforest is a platform that enables users to design whole websites or upload visual assets for online use. However, to start visualizing your music with Renderforest, you must first register and create your account. Then just choose between visualization templates with text or photo holders, add the artist's name and track title, then add a background photo or video. You can proceed to choose a visualization style that perfectly matches the music, chooses its color, and finally uploads the song you want to use in your video. Once done, you should simply click on the Preview icon and Renderforest will send you an email containing a video of the music visualization. Keep in mind that all videos created using the free version of the platform will be watermarked and cannot exceed the one-minute limit.

renderforest music visualizer

Price: Free version accessible; $9.99 is the starting price for subscriptions.

  • It has got loads of beautiful templates to choose from, which could even fit perfectly into the kind of logo animation project you may have in mind.
  • The effortless, natural, effective, rational, and impressive way to share your amazing ideas with the world. Just let your imagination go wild and keep going.
  • A wide variety of templates and animations, with lots of customization available. And it offers amazing customer service.
  • The only thing that is a downside is that there is a watermark by default, which can only be removed by paying.
  • It is fairly expensive for the lack of many features.
  1. Videobolt Music Visualizer

The collection of music visualization templates that this website offers is really impressive as you can choose from a wide variety of templates during the video creation process. However, you must purchase one of the available subscription plans to customize the template you've selected and export it without a watermark. After selecting a music visualization template, just click the Edit button below it and start working on your project. You can either upload a song from your computer or use SoundCloud to import the song you want to visualize into your project. You can improve the quality of your video by adding a cover or using a variation of the template you originally selected. The only downside is that you won't be able to edit the videos produced by Videobolt Music Visualizer during the free trial period.

videobolt music visualizer

Price: Free trial available, subscription plans start from $7.99 per month

  • The quality and ease to create awesome-looking intros have been an invaluable tool in my work. Simple to use with excellent assistance available.
  • This tool has helped me make an awesome-looking music video and an intro as well.
  • Particularly the quality of the final product and the ability to change the templates to compliment the client's brand guidelines.
  • The overall experience is poor, and their support is terrible.
  • As someone with not that much money to spend, it is a bit costly.
  • Sometimes it's hard to find exactly what you need.


Filmora Audio Visualizer is one of the top-rated audio editing software tools due to its incredible features and interface. If you want to create amazing sound effects on your video, we highly recommend you download this software on your computer to enjoy all the amazing editing tools. Social media content creators, musicians, and VJs can produce stunning videos with any of the music visualizers we've listed in this article. What's your favorite music visualizer to use to create videos based on music? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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