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Top 5 Solutions on How to Add Emojis to iPhone

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Top 5 Solutions on How to Add Emojis to iPhone

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Have you been looking for interesting solutions on how to add emojis to iPhone? Stop you search and take a breath, you have landed at the correct spot!

Part 1 Want an Emoji on Your iPhone? Here's How to Do It

Emojis are known to live up to their name and introduce an emotional connect to the otherwise plain text within your social media posts and conversations. Speaking in the light of the latest and currently existing communication trends, these miniature graphic elements have managed to earn a significant amount of popularity across a diverse range of communication and information sharing platforms.

Moving ahead, the credibility of emojis to uplift the fun and emotional element in personal conversations across the popular chat service programs does not need an explanation. While the most common means of such conversations are smartphones, having a convenient access to these graphic chat elements on your mobile devices becomes quite important.

Recognizing the need to have emojis at your fingertips the next time you initiate a conversation with your friends on social media or across chat applications, let us proceed with learning about some interesting ways of sorting the concern of how to add custom emojis to iPhone in what follows next:

Solutions for Adding Emojis to Your iPhone

01Using the Emoji Keyboard of a Chat Application

The IT market has launched a variety of high end chat service programs that come with a default emoji keyboard to uplift the customary text messages. You can choose to work with any of the available iPhone compatible chat service program, while conveniently accessing their emoji keyboards on your device.

Step 1: Launch the Application

To begin with addressing the concern of how to put emojis on pictures iPhone; start with browsing through the Launchpad of your iPhone and opening a preferred chat application that supports the emoji keyboard. You can start with using the 'Messages' or 'Mail' applications.

Step 2: Access the Emoji Keyboard

Tap within the text field of the chat application, followed by clicking on either of the 'Globe' or 'Emoji' icons. The 'Emoji Keyboard' will now pop up on the application screen of your iPhone.

Step 3: Select an Emoji

Proceed to choose a desired emoji to add within your conversation by navigating through the diverse range of available emoji themes. You can this by tapping the 'Gray' emoji symbols in the bottom toolbar, or making a left-right swipe to access the available choices.

To browse through the collection of emojis that you have used most frequently, tap the 'Clock' icon. If you are not finding the exact emoji to depict a particular expression, navigate to the 'Search Emoji' box under the text field and type a relevant keyword to open a customized list of emoji options.

Step 4: Play With Different Skin Tones

If you want to alter the default skin tone of a selected emoji, you can do this by tapping on and holding the same to see a display of different skin tones appear above your selection. Click on the one you like, to apply it to the selected emoji.

Step 5: Include the Emoji

When the aforesaid customizations make you happy; click on the emoji once again to include the latter within the text field of the chat service program you are working with.

Solutions for Adding Emojis to iPhone- Using the Emoji Keyboard of a Chat

02Enabling the Emoji Keyboard of Your iPhone

If you are keen towards sorting the issue of how to add emojis to photos iPhone while working with an emoji keyboard explicitly on your iPhone, you can proceed to enable the same on your device. The process is quick and easy, with no rocket science, and allows you to add emoji to picture iPhone. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Launch the Settings Application

To start with settling the query of how to add emoji keyboard to iPhone, navigate to and click on the 'Settings' application on the welcome screen of your iPhone, followed by hitting the 'General' tab from the list of categories that appears next. Entering into the 'General Settings' interface, pick the 'Keyboard' option.

Step 2: Add a New Keyboard

Within the 'Keyboard' category of your iPhone settings, you are required to tap on the 'Keyboards' subcategory, followed by hitting the 'Add New Keyboard' option from the window that pops up next.

As you click on the aforesaid option, a series of keyboard types gets displayed on the screen. Scroll through the list to locate the 'Emoji' option, followed by clicking on the same to add emoji keyboard iPhone. That's it! You can now proceed to use the keyboard to communicate across different conversation platforms.

Enabling the Emoji Keyboard on an iPhone- Selecting & Adding the 'Emoji

03Adding Emojis to the Status Bar of Your iPhone

This one is a recently included feature in iOS compatible devices to sort out the issue of working with emojis on iPhones and allied device categories to answer the question of , how to add emoji to iPhone photo. As is obvious, availing the utility requires you to launch an update of your iPhone to iOS 15 or more recent versions. Make sure you adhere to the same before proceeding with the emoji inclusion process.

Without further ado, here's how you can add the emoji elements to the status bar of your iPhone in just a few quick and simple steps:

Step 1: Launch the Settings Application

Start with heading to and clicking on the 'Settings' icon frame on the Launchpad of your iPhone to be greeted by the app's welcome interface. In the list of available categories, click on the 'Focus' tab.

Adding Emojis to the Status Bar of an iPhone- Launching the 'Settings'

Step 2: Navigating Through the Focus Feature

As you hit the 'Focus' tab in the previous step, the latter's interface pops up with a series of utility options. Instead of entering into the options, you however need to just tap the 'Add' button depicted by a '+' icon at the top right corner of the 'Focus' window.

Adding Emojis to the Status Bar of an iPhone- working with the 'Focus'

Step 3: Select an Emoji Category

Clicking on the 'Add' button directs you to the 'Emoji Selection' interface. All you need to do here is, click on the 'Custom' option to open the available emoji categories within the 'Focus' feature. Talking of the diversity of emoji options, the feature allows you to add up to 25 emoji categories to the iPhone status bar.

Ahead of the customary variations in smiley faces, you can experiment with adding more specific icons, like; paw prints, stethoscope, fork and knife, light bulb, etc. You can work with these varieties to walk through the subject of how to add emojis to photos iPhone.

Adding Emojis to the Status Bar of an iPhone- Selecting a Custom Image

Step 4: Name Your Emoji

When you are done with adding the preferred emoji icons, proceed to assign them a specific name. The added names will however, not show up on the status bar of your iPhone, but can be seen on other conversation platform and chat service applications.

If you choose to add the emoji in a specific color to your iPhone's status bar, you can avail the feature. The color however, won't reflect on the device's status bar, but can be seen on the latter's lock screen.

04Adding Emojis to iPhone Though the Google Messages Application

When aiming to set aside the concern of how to add emoji to iPhone photo, you can seek the help of third party applications. All you need to do is install and run the app on your iPhone and start your editing spree. Browsing through the IT market, you can easily land across a never ending series of third party alternatives to work with emojis on your iPhone.

Picking one from the same, here's a detailed explanation of using the Google Messages app to include emojis on your iPhone:

Step 1: Download and Install the Application

Start with visiting the Apple App Store to download the Google Messages application in your iPhone. In case the utility already exists in your device, proceed to update the same to the most recent version.

Step 2: Set as Default

Once you are done with the download and installation formalities, proceed to launch the app in your device, followed by setting the latter as your preferred chat application.

Step 3: And…It's Ready!

The completion of Step 2 will guide you to the Google Messages welcome screen, where you can start conversing with your friends and peers.

Step 4: Select a Contact

To begin chatting with a contact, click on the 'Start Chat' option, followed by selecting the contact number or name of a desired person.

Step 5: Type a Message

As you finish Step 4, the app's chat interface appears where you can type a message within then text field and proceed to complement the same with emojis, stickers and other graphic elements. The app comes with an extensive range of emojis to select and add from. Moving ahead of the basic smileys, you can pick emojis from categories like, Food and Beverages, Travel, Nature, and many more.

Step 6: Send!

Tap the 'Send' button when you are done with composing the message, to let it reach the recipient. You can also forward the message to multiple contacts at the same time.

05Adding Emojis to iPhone Through the SwiftKey Keyboard

This one is another entry in list of answers regarding the query of how to add emojis to a picture on iPhone. Essentially a third party keyboard, SwiftKey works to supplement your messages with the latest and most expressive graphic elements, including emojis. The utility comes with a smart feature that predicts the type and style of emojis you will use in future conversations, in line with your current usage pattern.

The following user guide explains the step by step process to work with the SwiftKey keyboard for adding emojis to your iPhone:

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch SwiftKey

Navigate to the Apple App Store in your iPhone and proceed to download and install the SwiftKey application to the device. When you are done, launch the app and click on 'Get Started'.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- Launching the SwiftKey

Step 2: Sign In to SwiftKey

As you launch the SwiftKey keyboard, the latter's 'Sign In to SwiftKey' window pops up, requiring you to select an account for initiating the sign process of the application by clicking on either of the 'Continue With Google' or 'Continue With Facebook' options. To move ahead, follow the instructions that appear on your device screen.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- Selecting an Account to Sign

Step 3: Enable the SwiftKey Keyboard

When you have chosen the sign in account, the 'To Enable SwiftKey' window appears to explain to you, the process of enabling the SwiftKey keyboard.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- Enabling the SwiftKey

Step 4: Accessing SwiftKey Keyboard in iPhone Settings

Launch the iPhone's 'Settings' application, followed by hitting the 'General' tab from the list of options within the latter's opening interface.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- Accessing the SwiftKey

As the 'General' window pops up, proceed to choose the 'Keyboard' option by tapping on the same.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- Selecting the 'Keyboard'

Within the 'Keyboard' setting window, navigate to and click on the 'Keyboards' option.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- Choosing the 'Keyboards'

Step 5: Make SwiftKey an Additional Keyboard

To work with the SwiftKey keyboard on your iPhone, you will need to add the same to your device's list of preset keyboards. To do this, click on the 'Add New Keyboard' option within the list of keyboards that pops up as you complete Step 4.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- 'Add New Keyboard' Option

A series of third party keyboards shows up in the window that appears next. Proceed to select 'SwiftKey' from the available keyboard choices. In case you don't find the aforesaid keyboard among the options, double tap the 'Home' button on your device to exit the 'Settings' application.

Re-launch the 'Settings' app after a few moments and follow Steps 4 and 5 to make the 'SwiftKey' option appear within the list.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- Selecting the 'SwiftKey'

Step 6: Grant Full Access to SwiftKey

To work with the complete feature bank of the 'SwiftKey' application, you will have to allow the latter to fully access your iPhone. To proceed with the process, navigate to the 'Keyboards' window of your iPhone settings, where you can see the 'SwiftKey' keyboard present in the list of active keyboards of your device. Open the application's 'Access' window by clocking on the keyboard name in the list.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- Selecting the 'SwiftKey'

Within the 'SwiftKey Access' window that appears, toggle the slider to the right side to enable the 'Allow Full Access' option.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- 'SwiftKey Access' Window

As you enable the 'Allow Full Access' option, the 'App Permissions' dialog box pops up on your iPhone screen. Click on 'Allow' within the same to grant the required app permissions.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- 'App Permissions Dialog Box'

Step 7: Switch to the SwiftKey Keyboard

You will now be directed to the 'Select SwiftKey' window to change your default keyboard. Here you need to click on the 'Globe' icon, followed by choosing 'SwiftKey' from the menu that appears next.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- 'Select SwiftKey' Window

Step 8: SwiftKey Is Ready!

As you finish Step 7, a confirmation window pops up on the iPhone screen, displaying the 'Installation Successful' message. If you wish to get regular updates and tips from the SwiftKey application, click on the 'Save' button, otherwise, navigate to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the 'Not Now' option.

Adding Emojis to iPhone Via SwiftKey Keyboard- 'Installation Successful'

You can now work towards adding emojis in your chats and conversations on the iPhone, simply by typing a message in the text field of the preferred chat service program, followed by picking a suitable emoji from the diverse range of available options within the SwiftKey keyboard. Talking of additional merits, the utility allows you to introduce customizations to the keyboard in terms of supported languages, theme centered design, access compatibility and settings.

Part 2 Add Emojis to iPhone Q&A

01Why does the emoji utility not show up on an iPhone?

In case you find difficulty in accessing emojis on your iPhone, or the latter does not appear within your communication centered utilities of the device, consider checking the settings of the iPhone to make sure that the feature has been added as well as enabled. If not so, proceed to enable the same in the 'Settings' interface itself.

02What is the procedure to download an additional set of emojis to an iPhone?

If you want to spark up your iPhone's emoji library with an extra set of the latest emojis, the only method that would cater to the concern of how to add more emoji to iPhone is taking the help of third party applications. As an affordable pick, you can rely on the Messages App Store in your iPhone to avail a decent rage of third party emoji packages, both free and paid.

03How can the hidden emoji keyboard be accessed?

In your iPhone settings, open the 'General' category, followed by selecting the ' Keyboard' option. Entering in, choose the 'Keyboards' subcategory and tap on 'Add New Keyboard'. From the list of options that drops down, select 'Japanese', followed by 'Kana'. As you proceed to type a message the next time, click on the 'Globe' icon at the bottom-left corner of the app screen to toggle between keyboard options.

04How can the hidden emojis on an iPhone be unlocked?

To unlock a hidden emoji, navigate to the 'Apple Messages' app in your iPhone and launch the iMessage application. Next, open a conversation thread and enter any emoji in the chat's text field. Now, press and hold the 'Send' button to open a hidden emoji page that lets you choose and add these elements to your text message.

05What is the best software to look for free emojis?

If you are willing to sort out the concern of accessing the best inventory of latest emojis, you can traverse the editor library of the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor graphic designer program. Divided into a hoard of specific categories, the software is known to house the most elaborative variety of emoji elements that undergo a periodic update that can help you to sort the query of how to add emojis to pictures on iPhone.

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Ending Thoughts

Including emojis in your social media and chat service conversations works to add an emotional connect to your otherwise normal text messages.

When looking forward to work towards the constraint of how to add new emojis to iPhone, there are a variety of methods to move ahead with the process.

If you are on a search of the latest collection of emojis to add to your iPhone, you can take suggestions from the editor library of the Wondershare Filmora graphic designer program.

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