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Top 7 MP4 Video Editors on Mac: Edit MP4 Videos Easily

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 19, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

There are a lot of individuals out there who want to know what the most exemplary video editing application for Mac is. Well, it all relies on what you need to accomplish. Do you need free video editing software? Are you planning to use the software for business or solely for personal use as a pastime?

You may need to get your hands on the most complex video editing software you can access on Mac, or you might prefer something simple to use and free to install. There is no need to worry because I will usher you through some of these below.

We've conducted a significant study into what some believe to be the video editing programs currently available for Mac, and we're ready to share what we've discovered.

Getting Started

It can be challenging to locate a video editing app that meets your requirements. It's simple to see why: software developers are torn between making home films and developing Hollywood-quality films.

The finest applications don't force you to pick between "powerful" and "easy-to-use" instead of focusing on providing you with tools to help you accomplish your vision while being intuitive and simple to use.

Keep reading as I show you the best MP4 video editing software that is available on Mac:

#1: Filmora – Overall Best

It is available in Mac Os and Windows.

Wondershare's recently released professional editing software perfect for individuals who want to edit videos quickly but professionally. Filmora Video Editor is perfect for achieving the "greatest of both worlds" outcome. It has all of the features you'll need to make a video. Plus, you won't have to waste a lot of time surfing YouTube tutorials to study how to use it. This enables you to concentrate on your creativity rather than learning how to utilize the program.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later



  • Free Included Video Effects
  • Motion Tracking
  • Animation Keyframing
  • Color Matching
  • Motion Elements
  • Green Screen
  • Direct Upload to Leading Social and Sharing Platforms


  • The free edition has a watermark.
  • Large-scale content editing can be slow at times.

How to Edit MP4 Video in Filmora

You never know what you'll want in the video editing room, and that is why you must equip yourself thoroughly for all of the obstacles that will arise during the video editing process. Since post-production may take several days, sometimes months, prepare yourself patiently and remember that you are not in a race; take it slowly.

To start making your first video in Filmora, follow the instructions below:

  1. Start Filmora and Choose Your Preferred Aspect Ratio

When you're ready to get started on a new video, double-click Filmora's desktop icon. The software's greeting screen will prompt you to create a new project or open an existing one. You can also select the aspect ratio here to save time when editing.

  1. Make a New Project

Allow the editor to load after clicking New Project on the software's welcome screen. After gaining access to Fillmora's video editor, you may hit the Register button to activate the software.


Select the aspect ratio for the final edit of your video by going to the File menu and selecting Project Settings. You'll be able to choose from various dimensions, including the typical 16:9 or 4:3 ratios, the less popular 9:16 aspect ratio for vertically oriented films, and the 1:1 aspect ratio for square-shaped videos. You may also adjust the aspect ratio to suit your requirements.

  1. Import Your Files

You can find the Import button in the upper left corner of the film editor; hit it and choose Import Media Files. Next, navigate to the folder on your hard drive where the material you wish to edit is located. Select the Import button after selecting the video, audio, or photo files you wish to utilize in your project.


Import with Instant Cutter Tool is now available in the Import menu. The Instant Cutter Tool was created to make trimming 4K and other huge video files simple. Filmora also can quickly edit videos captured with action cameras. You may easily enhance your films with the lens correction tools or the Fish Eye Distortion feature.

  1. Organize Your Clips

Filmora's Media tab, underneath the Load button, will hold the documents you import into the interface. When you have to seek the videos and photos you want to add to the timeline, working with several different files in a single project becomes considerably more difficult. You can utilize the My Album feature to create folders and organize your files to reduce clutter and frustration.

Click the Add a New Folder icon at the bottom of the "My Project" section in the upper right corner of the screen. You can sort the footage numerically or in another way that improves your productivity and reduces the hassle you spend looking through files.

  1. Arrange The Video and Audio Files on The Timeline

Since raw footage frequently contains errors orbits that don't belong in your video, simply drag them from the Media tab and place them on the timeline if you want to delete or trim your videos. You may add as many clips as you would like, but each additional one will be added after the last one, and you must drag the files to the proper position on the timeline to reorganize them.


To evaluate the video clips you've uploaded to the timeline, press Play or use the Spacebar. You may also use the playhead to navigate to a specific place in the film. Place the playhead at the precise location where the segment of the video you want to cut begins, then repeat the process on the other end.

  1. Apply Visual Effects

You may now separate the audio and video files, add music, make transitions between the clips, or apply one of Filmora's many graphic effects after deleting all the undesirable sections from your video clips.


If you want to place opening titles, end credits, or subtitles on your video, click the Text /Credit icon. The software includes a variety of text templates that you can use for various reasons. Drag and drop the theme you chose to the proper spot on the timeline, then use the software's preview box to add the required text.

  1. Export Your Final Output

Hit the Export button when you're sure there's nothing further you want to do with your project. You can quickly select the video file type in the Format section in the Output window and customize the video for Smartphones, iPads, or gaming consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One.

Choose the type that better serves the project you're working on from the Format tab, then provide the video a title and choose the location on your storage device where it will be exported. You may choose the video resolution, modify the frame rate, and choose an encoder by clicking the Settings button.

Users who do not want to preserve their videos on their storage devices can export them to Vimeo or YouTube. Because the rendering and uploading procedures occur simultaneously, exporting videos helps users save time waiting to submit the video online. To properly distribute your films on these social media networks, you'll need a YouTube channel or a Facebook account.

#2: iMovie 

It is available in Windows and Mac OS.

This software is a consumer-grade video editor that is available for free. Users who would like to produce videos with material from their Photos library quickly will benefit from the app. iMovie has a more straightforward timeline editor that excludes multi-track editing to make things easier. 

Picture-in-picture video and slow-motion or fast-forward special effects are also supported. With iMovie, you can create titles, drag-and-drop effects, and insert motion graphics like 3D globes or travel maps. You can find ready-to-use music and sound effects in the program.



  • Compatible with 4K resolution.
  • It can save all the original files into one file.
  • You can switch across different devices anytime.
  • Advanced video editing capabilities.
  • Drag and drop with ease.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It necessitates a large amount of HDD space.
  • It's time-consuming to import MP4 files for processing.
  • Before importing, you must convert MP4 files to codecs for best results.

#3: DaVinci Resolve

It is available in Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

DaVinci Resolve is a non-linear movie editing and color grading. It is the only software application globally that includes editing, color grading, special effects, motion graphics, and sound editing. Its attractive, sleek interface is simple to learn and use for new users yet powerful for experienced ones.



  • Tons of extra video effects
  • It offers 10bit video at 120 fps and resolutions higher than 4K.
  • It includes numerous controls for photos, logos, text, and transitions.
  • A color warper based on mesh and grids offers a completely new way to manipulate color.
  • The DaVinci Neural Engine powers the magic mask's automated object separation.
  • High-speed audio production with new context-sensitive keyboard and mouse features


  • Its learning curve is steep.
  • There is no external software compatibility.
  • Allows you to export MKV files but not import them.
  • Only the premium version includes audio noise reduction.
  • Some advanced grading and tracking tools are disabled in the free edition.

#3: OpenShot

It is available in Linux, Mac Os, and Windows.

OpenShot Video Editor gives you an endless number of tracks to make your edits look natural, making it simple to get started putting together clips. After you've imported the necessary files, all you have to do now is organize the various films, photographs, or sounds within those tracks in any way you want. You may easily edit and crop these clips at any point and add effects and animations to improve your final product.



  • Several videos, audio, and image formats are supported.
  • Keyframe animations with powerful curves.
  • Desktop synchronization (drag and drop capability).
  • Endless tracks or layers.
  • Real-time previews of media transitions.
  • Advanced Timeline feature.
  • Frame accuracy.


  • It might have a shaky performance.
  • It has limited video editing features.
  • Hardware acceleration is less sophisticated.
  • It may not be as cutting-edge as other modern software.


It is available in Windows and Mac OS.

For experts and aspiring video enthusiasts, EDIUS is the best editing program. EDIUS is a paid video editing software that arose from a collection of Adobe Premiere Plus plugins. It has no subscription fees — you pay for it and keep it with a permanent license. It is the recommended software of choice for many broadcasters throughout the world, thanks to its versatility in dealing with numerous video formats as well as its ease of use when contrasted to some of its rivals.



  • It has Nikon Z9 "N-RAW" support
  • It is compatible with N-RAW and ProRes RAW files shot by Nikon cameras.
  • It supports 8K editing and exporting.
  • You can paste improvements to clip attributes.
  • You can copy and paste attributes between clips.
  • It offers a "clip color" feature for pasting objects.
  • It includes Mync updates.
  • It has a superior 4K workflow.
  • It has a flexible user interface.


  • It does not have a free trial version.

#5: Autodesk Smoke

It is available in Mac OS only.

By merging workflows with node-based blending capabilities in a timeline-centered editing interface, the Autodesk Smoke video editing tool helps production companies improve productivity. Autodesk Smoke is a video editing software that combines advanced video effects with an intuitive interface. Most folks assume Smoke as a finalizing tool, but it's also a complete editing kit with a built-in node-based compositor.



  • It has an innovative timeline workflow base
  • Compositing with ConnectFX nodes
  • It is supported with Powerful Compositing
  • It has 3D Text and geometry
  • Trimming in motion
  • It is supported with FCP X and Smoke


  • Only Macs are supported, and a very powerful system is required.
  • You cannot use smoke on multiple monitors.

#6: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

It is available in Mac OS and Windows.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a powerful, professional-level digital video editing suite with excellent collaboration tools suitable for even the most demanding users. This program, which is both economical and straightforward, has been at the high end of the market for several years and shows no signs of slowing down, as new upgrades are continuously made available for free download. If you want to master how to edit videos professionally with little to no expertise, Adobe Premiere Pro CC might be the right tool for you. 



  • Motion Graphics Templates are available.
  • Graphics and video titling.
  • Its user interface is extremely responsive.
  • It is supported by Immersive Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Workflow Integration.
  • Effortless and continuous editing.
  • Multiple file formats are supported. 
  • You may install plugins to add extras.


  • You may need to pay monthly or yearly payments in this subscription-based model.
  • It's pretty complicated, and you might get lost in it.
  • Strong computer specifications are required.
  • It necessitates a large amount of RAM.


Which Should I Choose, Free or Paid MP4 Editor?

If you need to work on videos on a regular basis, or if you wish to edit films for your own Facebook or Instagram use, paid software is probably not necessary. However, keep in mind that video editor tools cannot compete with paid software. Based on our own experience, they're generally limited in terms of capabilities and performance, and they often have other annoyances like advertisements or export restrictions.

That said, if you simply need to make minor edits or aren't planning on editing films for a long time, the most exemplary free video editing programs listed above can be handy. However, if you use video editing software regularly or for work, I strongly advise you to invest in professional video editing software.

What Editing Tools Do Professionals Use?

Several people are curious about the software used by professionals. On the other hand, professional editors use various tools to improve their video editing productivity. Many use Adobe Audition for audio editing. Many users prefer Final Cut Pro for color grading. They often use Premiere Pro and Lightworks for film editing. And semi-pros use Filmora to speed up the video editing process.

What Software Do YouTubers Are Using to Make Their Videos?

Several YouTubers prefer simple video software to create YouTube content. They chose Filmora because of its built-in effects, flash animations, graphics, and transitions, which total over 300.

Furthermore, several YouTubers with advanced video editing talents use Premiere Pro.

What MP4 Video Editor Is Best for Beginners?

One of the most significant aspects to consider for beginners is convenience and affordability. On the Mac, users choose Filmora, Movavi, Powerdirector, and iMovie. 

What Should I Think About Before Buying Professional Video Editing Tools?

If you are reading this, you might be wondering, "What persuades me to c a professional video editor?" Is it because you've seen other YouTubers utilizing them? 

Is there enough time in your schedule to study these expert video editors? If this is the situation, think about the price you are investing in and if those high-end features and functionalities are really what you need. Well, I have something to recommend for you.

Filmora can handle 95 percent of your video editing needs for just $49.99 a year, thanks to its absurdly short learning curve and user-friendly design. You won't have to waste time studying a tiresome manual with Filmora, and you can start editing videos straight away because everything is set up for it.

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