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11 Tools To Create Radial Blur Photo Mobile And Desktop

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 21, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Radial blur is an effect you can use to create a sense of movement, emphasize parts of an image, add visual interest to a scene, or make a subject stand out. There are multiple apps and software programs available to achieve this effect.

But if you don’t know where to start, we’ll show you 11 ways to create radial blur images on your iPhone, Android device, Mac, or Windows PC. With these tools, you can quickly recreate your pictures to make them unique by adding visual interest.

In this article
  1. How To Make A Radial Blur Effect On iPhone And Android?
  2. 6 Ways To Radial Blur Your Images On Windows And Mac

How To Make A Radial Blur Effect On iPhone And Android?

Below we’ve provided a list of 5 apps that can help you make a radial blur photo effect on your iPhone or Android devices.

1. Design Blur: Radial Blur

Design Blur: Radial Blur is a free app available on the Play Store for Android devices that lets you add a sense of motion and depth to your picture by applying the radial effect with just a few taps.

design blur radial blur app

Download: Android

Key features:

  • Mainly devoted to creating radial blur and motion blur effects.
  • Includes a camera to help you instantly take pictures and apply radial effects.
  • Option to revert to your original picture if you don’t like the effects.
  • Easier to remove the radial blur effect from parts of your image.
  • Supports changing the intensity of the effect.
  • Includes a redo and undo option
  • Free to use
  • User-friendly UI
  • Applies the effect instantly
  • Includes ads

2. DSLR Camera Blur Effects

With the DSLR Camera Blur Effects app, you can instantly apply a more natural-looking radial motion blur effect to your images to give them a more professional appearance. The app offers multiple image-blurring tools and adds a DSLR-like finish to your photos.

dslr camera blur effect app for creating radial blur

Download: Android

Key Features

  • Import photos from your phone’s gallery or take a new one using the app’s camera option.
  • Options to crop your image before uploading.
  • Multiple types of blur effects to choose from, such as motion blur, gaussian blur, line blur, box blur, and pixel blur.
  • Can change the focus from auto to circular, linear, freestyle, point focus, or point blur.
  • Simple and fast to use
  • Available for free
  • Draws around the subject
  • A quick social sharing option is available
  • Shows multiple ads
  • Adds a watermark to your final image

3. Image Radial Blur

The Image Radial Blur is another user-friendly app designed to create radial blur effects for Android users and has a range of blur strengths, types, and focus options, so you can create the exact look you want.

image radial blur app

Download: Android 

Key Features

  • Two Focus Move options and two blur types to choose from.
  • Adjusts the strength of the radial blur on your image.
  • Instantly applies the radial blur effect.
  • Free and easy to use
  • Applies the effect with one tap
  • Comes with a quick social sharing option
  • Excellent UI
  • Displays ads

4. Picsart

Picsart is a powerful photo editing app that lets you create beautiful images by removing backgrounds, adding text and radial blur or other effects, and even creating collages.

picsart for radial blur effect

Download: Android | iPhone

Key Features

  • All-in-one photo and video editor.
  • Supports creating slideshows, and collages, adding subtitles to your video, and more.
  • Labeled as “Editor’s Choice” on Google Play Store.
  • Blur parts of an image, its background, the subject’s face, or a complete photo.
  • Available for free
  • AI select auto-detect blur feature
  • Perfect for quick and easy edits
  • Gives a professional touch to images
  • The app lags sometimes

5. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is an award-winning photo editor available for iPads offering desktop-grade basic and advanced editing tools, including the Radial Blur effect.

affinity photo for radial blur effect

Download: iOS

Key Features

  • Available for a one-time purchase of $2476.20.
  • Creates the radial effect in concentric circle lines, giving your images a sense of rotation.
  • Brings the focus point in your pictures to life.
  • Creates unique motion blur effects
  • Offers other editing options
  • Desktop-grade editing
  • No image organization feature is available

6 Ways To Radial Blur Your Images On Windows And Mac

Here are our top 5 recommended tools to radial blur your images on Windows and Mac:

1. Wondershare Filmora

Free Download
Free Download

Price: Starts at $7.99 per month

Support System: Windows 11 and below & macOS 10.14 - macOS 12

Wondershare Filmora is an editing software recommended by many content creators and is available for Windows and macOS. The software comes with various features such as speed ramping, screen recording, a library of royalty-free music, radial blur, keyframing, numerous filters, effects, & preset templates, motion tracking, title editing, and more.

To create a radial blur effect on your photos using the Wondershare Filmora software, do the following steps:

Step1 Visit the Filmora website and download the file, depending on your system. Install the software and launch it. Click the “Create New Project” option and drag & drop your file.

creating new project in filmora to apply radial blur

Step2 Head to the “Effects” tab, choose the Tilt-shift Circle for the radial blur effect and drop it in the timeline.

applying radial blur in filmora

Step3 Double-click the effect in the timeline and configure the size, X-axis, Y-axis, and intensity. That’s about it. You can now export your file by clicking the “Export” option.

2. Final Cut Pro

Price: $299.99/perpetual license

Support System: macOS 11.5.1 or later

final cut pro to apply radial blur effect

Final Cut Pro is an editing software designed for Mac systems and has everything you need to create high-finished videos. This software program offers a wide range of features, including a timeline, proxy editing, Multicam editing, and support for 4K and HDR footage.

With Final Cut Pro, you can instantly apply the radial blur effect to your images and adjust it using various parameters in the Filters Inspector section, such as Center, Angle, Crop, and Mix.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Price: US$20.99/month

Support System: macOS and Windows

adobe photoshop for creating radial blur

As one of the most popular and advanced photo editing software in the digital market, Adobe Photoshop is packed with high-end features and is used by many professionals as well as graphic designers to create stunning radial blur effects in their projects.

To add the radial blur effect on your images using Adobe Photoshop, start with converting your background image into a Smart Object and go to the “Filters” tab. Next, select “Blur” and click “Radial Blur.” Finally, you can set the parameter in the radial blur window to adjust the effect.

4. Paint.NET

Price: Free

Support System: Microsoft .NET 6, Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8, and needs a 64-bit Windows processor

paint net for radial blur

Paint.NET is an easy-to-use software developed on the .NET framework and is only compatible with Windows PCs. The software is free and has an innovative interface for novice users to create stunning image editing projects in no time.

Paint.NET also lets you quickly create the radial blur image effect using its blur effects. You can even configure the angle, center, and quality of the effect.

5. BCC FX Editor

Price: $175 per month

Support System: macOS Mojave 10.14

bcc fx editor for radial blur

Yet another powerful software is the BCC FX Editor, designed with an intuitive interface where you can quickly apply the BCC+ Radial Blur effect around a specific point in your pictures.

The software also offers various parameters to help you adjust the effect on your image. These include GPU rendering, blur type, center, radial amount, rotation amount, falloff, smooth mode, edge mode, apply mode, and more.

6. VideoPad Video Editor

Price: Free, and the premium version starts at $23.16 quarterly

Support System: Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1

videopad video editor

Designed for Windows systems, the VideoPad Editor is an intuitive and fast software program that can help you quickly add the radial blur effect to your file. Moreover, the software comes with numerous visual effects and transitions.

You can add custom logos, texts, & overlays and create & export your file in over 60 different video formats.

Last Words

In this article, we’ve provided a list of 5 iOS and Android apps and 6 Mac and Windows software for creating the radial blur image effect. From the above list, whichever tool you choose can help you create some stunning radial blur effects that will add depth and movement to your photos.

We’ve also provided step-by-step instructions on how you can use the Filmora 11 software to add impactful effects.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading this article and can now quickly add the radial blur effect to your images without any issues.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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