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Which 10 Best Video Editing Online Makers is Worth Your Attention?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jun 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Which 10 Best Video Editing Online Makers is Worth Your Attention in 2022

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Part 1 Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online

Video editing and customization is an essential aspect of graphic design and allied applications. Entering into the domain, the IT and software market presents a diverse range of solutions to work on the concern. While there are numerous software alternatives and programs to download and use, such utilities may sometime come up with a time consuming and rigorous editing process.

Another aspect that stops editors, especially beginners and newbies from picking the software alternatives is their high end working interface that may often be difficult to understand and navigate through. Sorting out all the aforesaid issues, there comes the extensive range of online and web based video editing utilities to perfectly cater to all the video customization needs in a spic and span process.

In the light of the aforesaid merits that you get to access with an online video editing program, let us try hands at having an insight into some of the best online alternatives to customize your videos in what follows next:

Adaptable Systems: All common operating systems

Inaugurating the list, here is the online editing website that you can work with to create, edit, share and host video footages and clips. The best utility of the program is that it caters a diverse range of film customization requirements, from personal, candid creations to high end professional editing needs of business enterprises, media enthusiasts, blogging and entrepreneurship platforms and a variety of other sectors.

Talking of the platform workability, you get to access a responsive and non-messy editing interface, with a convenient navigation for newbies and non tech savvy users. Going through the demos and informative articles, tutorials and blogs, you can design professionally sound presentations with utmost ease. The platform houses the widest video template library with over 400 million preset customizable stock videos to choose from.

The utility expands a range of customization choices to spark up your edits, such as including self-created logos, fonts and watermarks on the videos. Talking of video export options, the platform grants you the liberty to directly share your video edits across all popular media sharing handles and online storage accounts, like, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. in more than 30 different file formats.

You can also save the customized video to the local media gallery of your device in the MP4 file format. An exclusive video sharing feature of the site works to create an editable ‘Video Landing Page’ consisting of the created video edit, its title and a call-to-action button. You can also embed your creation to blogs and websites from the platforms. You can work with the program absolutely free of cost.


Tons of stock videos, music and fun elements to complement your footage.

Most convenient editing timeline for an enjoyable editing experience.

The customization process is very fast.


The video uploading process is quite time consuming.

Some features have a confusing work pattern.

The program leaves its watermark on the customized clips.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online-


Adaptable Systems: All popular operating systems

The InVideo online editing tool is probably the best alternative you can get for a quick customization of your video footage. The utility houses a series of tools and features to create classic masterpieces of clip edits. The program’s library allows you to expand your graphic design creativity with its extensive variety of in built editing templates. The add-on elements are no less with an appealing range of masks, stickers and vector shapes to spark up your creations.

The tool has a paid collection of more than 3 million preset templates, which get reduced to a count of 1 million for free version users. This is however, a cumulative figure with an addition of premium features. The free template options, though limited, are appealing to work with. As far as the customization options are concerned, the utility recommends you to create your brand prior to beginning with the editing process.

You can set a brand by adding the name and logo of your company, along with specific colors to a preferred default template. This causes your brand elements to stay in the tool’s editing dashboard for an instant access in times of need. The tool allows you to create video edits in the vertical, square and wide aspect ratios, which you can switch between, while customizing the preset video template.

When it comes to exporting your creation, the free version of the tool limits you to a local save of the edits in your device’s media gallery in a 720 pixel resolution, along with a direct sharing facility for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The utility additionally leaves its watermark on the output video. The aforesaid limitations can however be overcome by availing a paid subscription of the online editing program.


The program undergoes a regular update in line with user feedback.

You are granted a complete control on the video customization process to add the elements of your choice.

The program’s back end user support is highly active with a 24 x 7 chat service.


You cannot add sound elements to the video edits.

The tool’s Text-to-speech recognition abilities are somewhat of the mediocre level.

The free version of the tool has a limited number of video export options.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- InVideo

03Adobe Spark

Adaptable Systems: All popular operating systems

Presently known as Adobe Creative Cloud Express, this one is a sophisticated video customization tool, suited best for experienced users to address the needs of creating professionally sound video, graphic and web page edits. The tool greets you with a quite upgraded interface, although the workability and template selection is not that complex. Working with the tool, you can create customized videos in landscape and square formats with respective aspect ratios of 16:9 and 1:1.

Talking of the customization options, you get to access and work with tons of preset video customization templates within the Adobe Stock library of the tool. The templates are free to use, but however, leave a watermark on the final edited output. As far as other editing elements are concerned, the tool presents a huge set of choices to match the feel, flavor, theme and style of your videos and graphic footages.

You are also allowed to edit a brand with the aforesaid tool, but catering to the concern however, requires a paid subscription of the utility. Moving into the tool’s creation export facility, you may face a downside with respect to the time constraint of the video upload process. The export interface takes a sufficient time to fetch a download of the customized video, while compressing the output file.


The output quality of the customized video is quite impressive.

The tool’s working interface is simple, with stepwise, onscreen usage instructions guiding you through the editing process.

The utility is known to create excellent web design projects in a minimal amount of time.


The software does not allow you to embed your video edits on blogs and websites.

The video export process takes a considerable amount of time.

The free version leaves the tool’s watermark on the customized video output.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- Adobe Spark


Adaptable Platforms: All popular operating systems

Moving ahead with the list, there is the Animoto online video editor program that lets you work towards creating customized video edits in 2 separate modes, depending on your requirement niche. If you are keen on making customized video edits from personal or family centered events to share on social media handles, it would be great to pick the ‘Animoto Memories’ customization service. On the contrary, the ‘Animoto Marketing’ service is best suited to create professional video edits.

To have an in-depth understanding of the customization process within each of the editing modes, you can refer the inbuilt tutorials offered by the tool. The program interface additionally guides you through the customization process with stepwise on screen instructions when you are using the tool to create your first ever video edit. The interface is clean, responsive and easy to navigate.

Talking of the video customization facilities, you are allowed to access a refined audio and template library with a host of thematic choices to select and work upon. The tool lets you upload and edit video files from the local media gallery of your system, as well as import the same from a preferred online or external platform. You can even capture fresh video clips and begin editing them with the program.

The preset template library of the program houses a decent range of 60 different options to create amazing video edits that suit a diversity of purposes, like that of social and professional events, photography sessions, short content clips, recipes, YouTube ads and much more. You can work to customize the font, size, color and segments of the footage.

As of the editing formats, you are permitted to create landscape and square artworks in 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratio respectively. When proceeding to export your creation, the tool presents before you with HD and SD resolutions, with 720 and 1080 pixels in the former, while 360 and 480 pixels in the latter. You can easily share your creations across popular media platforms and online storage accounts, or host them on websites, and also save them locally to your device.


The tool caters to generate high quality edited video outputs.

You can customize the videos with personalized tags.

The program lets you create advertisement videos with ease.


The editing process takes enough time to make you feel distracted.

You cannot cancel the paid subscription at a later stage.

The free version has a limited set of features, and premium version is too pricey.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- Animoto


Adaptable Platforms: All popular operating systems

For those who are keen on following social media trends, or looking for high end business presentation ideas, Flyr is the just perfect choice. The elegantly professional pre designed template options within the tool’s library are effortless dedicated towards helping you create top class customized video footages and presentations. With millions of HD video backgrounds and templates to pick from, this program literally has everything to address the most expanded editing requirements.

Moving towards the workability convenience, the program greets you with an elementary interface, and the simplest of customization processes. To edit videos with this online tool, all you need to do is, sign up to the utility, pick an editable template, add a desired text in the message field and scale up the video background, if required. You will however, get to access a limited number of templates with a one-time download facility, when using the tool’s free version.

Extending the dimensions of customization flexibilities, you can complement the video edits with vibrant shades of your choice to render them with a personalized appearance. You are further, allowed to make a choice among the portrait, landscape and square formats for generating the customized output footage. While permitting you to export the edited footage in a variety of file formats with a 1080 pixel HD or SD resolution, the tool facilitates a local save of the generated clip exclusively to its paid subscribers.


The program comes to you with the simplest of interfaces to work with.

You can export your creations in a diversity of aspect ratios and output formats.

The tool has some AI based features to cater a quick and smart video output.


The tool’s subscription plans cannot be customized.

The free version of the program houses a restricted number of customization features.

The output generation process may ask you to wait a bit longer than usual.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- Flyr


Adaptable Systems: All popular operating systems

This one is a reliable online video editing app that caters to the most diverse customization requirements, all with its elementary set of utilities and features. Though the program interface may appear a bit chuncked up and messy, the featuristic viability of the platform is a convenient compensation of the same. Some of the choicest appeals of the program include a diverse range of clip aspect ratios and an instant video playback facility.

Compensating for its crowded interface to a further extent, Kizoa works to walk you through the footage customization process via step wise on screen instructions. If you ever find it difficult to navigate through the tool’s editing workspace, additional help is catered by a series of reminder prompts. As of the inbuilt customization utilities, the platform opens up a huge library of preset template options to pick and use.

The photo album and music library are however, a downside with about 20 default images and a limited number of royalty free audio tracks. While there is an additional range of surplus audio tracks, you are permitted to access the same only through a paid subscription of the program. Talking of the available video formats to work with editing your videos, you can pick from the 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9 landscape options, 9:16, 2:3 and 3:4 portrait choices, or a 1:1 square format.

Exploring the customization features to a deeper extent, you get to work with a decent and updated variety of fonts and color switches. When it comes to exporting your creation, the tool offers an expanded set of choices to present your artwork across popular social media and networking platforms and online media storage accounts, such as, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, E-mail, Google Drive, etc.

You can additionally, download the edited footage to your device, host it on a on a website or blog, and burn the same to an external disk. The tool comes with a ‘Pay Once’ premium subscription to access hidden features.


The tool backs up your editing queries with a 24 x 7 responsive customer support system.

You can avail a lifetime membership of the program to avoid periodic renewal.

The export facility of the tool is quite expanded.


The tool often encounters content mismanagement.

The working interface is quite crowded.

Uploading videos to the program’s workspace is a time taking process.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- Kizoa


Adaptable Systems: All popular operating systems

If you are a newbie in the arena of graphic and video editing applications, this one is a perfect choice to proceed with the task of video customization. The aforesaid online utility to edit clips and footages is extremely useful to the ones who have just landed into the creative domain and try hands at creating customized clips with an online aid. The tool facilitates you with a guided search and customization to let you create a visual masterpiece in a quick time span.

While the editing process is affordably simple, the working interface leaves nothing unturned to help you with a clean layout and prompting on screen instructions. The interface elements have a well-defined organization, displaying first things first, making it possible for you to conveniently design extensive video projects with a high end professional quality.

This online tool however, does not facilitate preset features and templates to free users. Although you can have a glimpse of the assorted range of sound effects, video templates, music tracks, animated themes and backgrounds, accessing the same essentially requires you to avail a paid subscription of the program. Additional customization features of the tool include an instant playback option, several title transitions and a decent font selection range.

As a free user of the tool, you are entitled to export your video edits in an affordably low resolution of 480 pixels. Premium users are however, benefited with a 720 pixel export facility, but the real element of surprise is that the platform does not allow a 1080 pixel export at all. While the tool does not present you with video export choices at all, you can anyway make a free download of your creation to the local media gallery of your system.


The utility is one of the most preferred video customization programs for freelancers.

The working interface has a calming and easy to go outlook.

The program is quite suitable to be used by beginners.


As reported by premium users, the media import process is not so welcoming.

The project media gets stored in your device’s internal memory instead of a cloud space.

Output quality for free users is disappointingly low.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- ClipChamp


Adaptable Systems: All popular operating systems

Launched as an extension to the Google Chrome web browser, the aforesaid online video editor program is chiefly designed to address the screen recording concerns of business and academic personnel, YouTubers and gamers. Ahead of the aforesaid facility, the tool is an excellent choice to sort out video customization needs as well. You can access the latter’s free tom use audio and image library to select and include these media into your video edits.

When addressing the concern of editing motion centered screen captures and video overlays, you can supplement the same with a single music piece, which is quite limiting. The program allows you to export your customized video edits to a variety of media sharing platforms, such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc., through a sign up to the respective website. If however, you wish to make a direct share, there is an option to use the HippoVideo integration of these media sites.

You can further, stock up your creations to online storage accounts, like, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc. If you wish to export the edited videos exclusively on Slack, the program lets you do that by generating a direct share link. There is also a choice to save the edits locally to your system. Talking of the output formats; the utility keeps you devoid of any aspect ratio options, but facilitates a 720 and 1080 pixel video output resolution for free and paid users respectively.


The tool boasts of a responsive and dedicated customer support service.

The program greets you with a welcoming interface that is handy to use and navigate through.

The tool undergoes periodic bug fixes to further upgrade and improve its workability.


The output video quality is visibly limited.

The video upload process occasionally encounters an appreciable time lag.

The Google Chrome extension often causes the program to crash down.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- HippoVideo


Adaptable Systems: All popular operating systems

If you are looking for an affordable solution to customize videos online for academic purposes, this one is possibly the most suitable web based alternative that you can rely on. The tool facilitates the students with creating educational video edits within a protected cloud interface, under a convenient supervision of the educators. The tool further caters an extensive editing portability on your preferred time, device and place.

Your video edits remain safe with the tool, with the flexibility to avail them at your fingertips, as and when required. The seamless transition of the edits via a ‘Drag and Drop’ method creates the illusion of an instant playback. As of the preset editing facilities, you can at the most see teaser previews of the tool’s extensive media library that houses over 4.5 million images and 1 million music tracks as an unpaid user. You can however, pick one from the 22 free audio tracks.

Diving deeper into the customization features, the paid users get to work with transitions, text, overlays and music tracks. Picking up a preset template to create the video edits however, puts a limitation on the aforesaid self-customization flexibilities. Talking of the video formats, they are an absolute ‘No’ for the free users of the tool. The paid subscribers however, can switch between the 16:9 landscape and 1:1 square alternatives with the most economical purchase plan.

You can avail the free trial up to one customization and save your edited videos to the local media gallery of your system with the tool’s watermark. Exporting your creations to the popular media sharing platforms, like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., relies on you paying for the utility. The watermark however remains with the paid subscription as well. The tool greatly compromises on the output video quality of the edits, with a mere 480 pixel resolution.


Though a paid feature, the tool houses an extensive library of preset video, image and audio templates.

The user interface is clean and responsive, with no messy presentation of elements around.

The transition flow within the created edits is effortlessly smooth.


The tool does not allow you to rotate and crop the video edits.

Publishing the edits with the tool sometimes gets confusing due to the difficultly of locating the videos within the program library.

Some of the customization features rendered by the tool are difficult to understand and work with.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- WeVideo

10Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Adaptable Systems: Windows and MacOS

If you have been wondering lately of picking the best free video editing software of all times to create high end graphic masterpieces with footage customization, the Wondershare Filmora video editing program is here to end your worries. The software conveniently lands among the most preferred graphic design tool across the globe to address a series of editing and creation requirements. An obvious cause of the above is the latter’s extensive collection of editing tools and features.

The software’s editing library is known to house an updated diversity of video customization tools and effects that you can play with to create classic pieces of video artworks. Ahead of the basic editing tools to cut, trim, crop and rotate videos, the Filmora library houses some of the latest and advanced video customization features, such as, green screen, split screen, auto synchronization, motion tracking, color match, and lots more.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Diving a bit deeper into the expanse of editing features and effects, the software allows you to add a series of filters, animated elements, text customizations, lower thirds, titles, video and image combinations and graphic inclusions to the clip being edited. The program audio library is another content storehouse with a huge collection of free to use background music tracks to complement your videos with.

While you can customize and export videos in 4K resolution with Filmora, the software allows you to import and edit GIF videos. Additional utilities of the program are a noise attenuator to eliminate background noise, color tuner for adjusting the dynamic range and white balance, audio mixer and video stabilizer for respectively, changing the music track and removing camera shake effects, and a screen recorder for a high resolution capture of the webcam and system screens.


The software comes with a good number of video editing tutorials that explain the usage pattern diverse range of features and effects.

The video import and export process of the software is quick and efficient.

The program is known to possess one of the best working interfaces to guide you throughout the video editing process.


Importing media files can sometime pose format compatibility issues.

The text customization features offered by the program are somewhat basic.

You may encounter occasional software crashes while working with the program.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Online- WeVideo

Part 2 Video Editing Online Q&A

What is the fundamental concept behind online video editing?

When working with creating video footages, online editing comes at the end of the production agenda and is performed after the video has been customized at the offline level. As of today, the task of online video customization is efficiently taken care of by the most advanced and diverse range of video editing programs that work in line with nonlinear editing (NLE) systems.

What is the main benefit of using online video editing tools to customize videos?

Online video editing programs grant you the liberty to customize your footages and clips without the compulsion of downloading heavy and expensive software packages. You are further allowed to access and use a diverse range of editing effects and features with absolutely no or minimal subscription cost.

What are the essential applications of video editing?

Video editing refers to the art of creating a structured presentation of different elements within footages to showcase the required content in an engaging and interesting style. Talking of the content variations that can be edited, you can experiment with video essays, documentaries films and video advertisements.

What are the prerequisites of a professional quality video edit?

When aiming to create a professionally sound video edit, take care of the final output quality and prefer a fine video resolution of 4K or 1080 pixels. You should additionally, prefer using a reliable video hosting website to facilitate a quick loading of your video, while using the same as an effective SEO strategy.

What are the various categories of online video editing?

Speaking sin professional terms, you can categorize online video customization into 5 major types that are, mechanical editing, line editing, copy editing, structural editing and substantive, content or developmental editing. Using a mix and match of these customization categories renders a classic and fine quality video edit.

Ending Thoughts

Editing videos online is a quick and smart way of transforming your videos, clips and footages into graphic artworks without the hustle of downloading extensive software.

Browsing through the web, you can come across a plethora of online editing tools and platforms to create high quality video edits.

When looking for a reliable video editing software alternative, you can make an intelligent choice by picking the Wondershare Filmora video editor program.

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