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Want Make a Slide Show Video? Here's How

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 16, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Want Make a Slide Show Video Here's How

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Dear readers you don't have to worry a bit, in this article we bring you the best slideshow video maker and easy ways using which you can custom the templates for your presentation in your way.

Part 1 Best Slideshow Video Templates

A slideshow video could be an effective way of presenting your point to your audience. This becomes super easy when you use a good template to create your slide show video.  Here are 8 best slideshow video templets which you can give a try

01Instagram Slideshow

This slide show video template is best for creating videos for Instagram and other social media platforms.

instagram slideshow

02Clean Slideshow Template

This one is suited to create video slide show for family purposes. This template could also be engaged in a clean slideshow presentation for your office. 

clean slideshow template

03Parallax Scrolling Slideshow Template

This is one of the most video templates which you can use for your slide show video. This template has various after-effects which can take your presentations to a different level.

parallax scrolling slideshow

04Modern Tie Slideshow Template

If you are in a business or corporate job then give this slideshow video template a try. With a unique, tiled look and a 3D tile drop-down effect, your videos will impress everyone.

modern tie slideshow

05Minimal Slideshow template

Minimal slide template is best for business presentations or product promotion. Here you can use creative text images and graphics to promote your product.

minimal slideshow template

06Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow

If you want the best template for presenting your memories, marriages, anniversaries, emotions etc then Sweet Memories Cinematic Slideshow is the one you need.

sweet memories cinematic slideshow

07Motiongray Slideshow Templates

If you want to turn your adventure images and videos into an impressive slide show video then this is a must try template for you. 

motiongray slideshow template

08Stylish Spinning Columns Slideshow Template

This template is best suited for high-end business projects. Here you will have image placeholders paired with a modern spinning column transition effect to make the slideshow video outstanding.

stylish spinning columns slideshow

09Fast Slide Slideshow Video Template

If you want to create a high paced slide video show with various concepts explained in it then go for the Fast Slide Slideshow Video Template.

fast slide slideshow

10Creative Slideshow Template

For the ones who want dynamic, fast-paced animation style and bold typography in their slideshow video this is the best-suited one for them.

creative slideshow template

Part 2 10 Best Video Slideshow Maker

After knowing the best templates for your slideshow video you, may be curious to know about the slideshow video maker. Here, after a lot of research, we have come up with the list of 10 best slideshow video maker which can make your professional life easy. Check the list


PhotoStage by NHC Softwares is one the best online software to create video slide shows online. This tool is specially very helpful in creating personal and commercial presentations. 

Key Features - Key features of PhotoStage includes user oriented interface, animations, and music tracks (300 +). It has inbuilt Audio editing tools and a built-in music collection. If you use this software in a paid version then you can unlock its thousands of animation effects and transitions. You can also export your slide show between PC, mobile, Web etc.

Price - PhotoStage PRO $70.

Rating - 4 stars


02SmartShow 3D

The next slideshow video maker to feature on our list is  SmartShow 3D.

This software is known for its very easy to use interface with power-packed and loaded features. 

Key Features - It has more than 200 templates for use of every kind. This software enables you to use 300+ transitions, special effects, 3D collages, and nature effects with animations and graphics. You can add music to your slideshow video from more than 200 music tracks with precise volume adjustment. 

Price - Standard version cost $ 39.90 and the Deluxe version costs $ 59.50 (10 days free trial)

Rating - 5 stars

smartshow 3d

03Magix PhotoStory

If you have a bit of experience in making slideshows then you can take your slideshow making experience to another level using this software. A custom animation module and an integrated photo editing tool of Magix PhotoStory make it stand out in our list.

Key Features - 300+ library of effects coupled with a huge collection of music tracks. 100 + video templates and graphics. This software has Built-in filters for photo enhancement with the picture-in-picture option. 

Price - $ 49.99 ( 30 days free trial )

Rating - 4.5 stars 

magix photostory

04PTE AV Studio

The best suited online tool to make a slide show video is PTE AV Studio. If you want to create smooth and fluid visual slideshows then try this software once. Here you can combine pictures, videos, and audio files into sleek slideshows and impress your boss and colleagues.

Key Features - PTE AV studio supports 100+ effects and templates. It has the best video, photo, and multitrack sound editing tools among competitors. You can create custom animations and graphics if you want. With a huge collection of masks, filters, and text styles you can create high resolution slideshow videos.

Price - Standard Version costs $ 69 while and Pro version costs $ 139 (30 days free trial)

Rating - 4 stars

pte av show

05Adobe Premiere Pro 

If you are a regular slideshow user then no doubt you would know about Adobe Premiere Pro. Those who want easy to navigate the software with hundreds of features then try this one. The only draw [back of this software is that it has no inbuilt templates but don't worry you can download thousands of templates from the internet for free. 

Key Features - Animations could be added to slides using keyframes. Efficient video and audio editing and creating tool. Animations and graphics add a cherry to the cake. Advanced photo enhancement and filters to make your photos and slideshows stand out.

Price - $ 239.88 a year (30 days free trial)

adobe premiere pro

06CyberLink MediaShow 

Cyberlink MediaShow is one of the earliest software that came in the field of slideshow video creation. This software enables you to create awesome slideshows, movies, and screensavers. Cyberlink MediaShow has enough features to make eye-catching videos and still it is one of the easiest ones to use. If you aim to create easily simplistic videos then go for this software.

Key Features - Descent collection of transitions with a built-in photo editing module. It is equipped with face recognition and tagging feature. You can integrate social media platforms like Facebook and share to them directly from the software.

Price - $ 49.99 ( 30 days free trial )

Rating - 3.5 stars


07AquaSoft Slideshow

For users who want to create colourful and dynamic family-themed slide show videos then AquaSoft Slideshow is the software to try. After a review from thousands of users, this software has made a place in our featured list. The user-friendly interface with dozens of eye-catching effects and animated text make it fun to use. It allows you to create colourful, text-filled videos and so on.

Key Features - It is powered packed with more than 200 effects and transitions and hundreds of text options. It supports almost all the formats even the older ones like CDs and DVDs. Smooth and advanced editing tools for a better experience.

Price - Premium costs $ 57.00 while Ultimate costs $ 97.00 ( 30 days free trial version)

Rating - 4 stars

aquasoft slideshow


This software helps you to create slide show videos which can be played on any screen. This is basically an online video creating and editing tool but it provides formats for creating slideshows too. You can use this tool on whatever platform you have like a tablet, TV, smartphone, computer screen etc. 

Key Features - Intelligent cropping tool of Kizoa helps you to create and edit world-class finest images for your slideshow video. The created slideshow could be downloaded in various formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. You can directly share the video to online platforms. 

Price - Starter $ 29.99, Creator $ 49.99 , Professional $ 99.99, and Business $ 299.99

Rating - 4 stars


Part 3 5 Easy Steps to Make a Slide Show Video

Guys, now you know the best templates and best slideshow video makers but now the question comes "how to make a slideshow video?". If you are confused and don't have any clue about making a slideshow video then just get your google slides and follow the steps explained below.

Step 1: Get Free Screen Recorder

Firstly you have to start with launching Free Screen Recorder. You can use any screen recorder of your choice. Create your account on the screen recorder and get started.

Step 2. Record Your Google Slides

Noe on the screen recorder "Drag and drop" the sides of this box that appears on your screen to fit your slides into it. Select a suitable size for your video ( preferably 720 p).

Now on the left corner of the screen, you will see various controls using them you can perform various functions like start and stop recording, recording to webcam, selecting the size of the video, add audio and narration.

After performing all the functions click on "Record" to record your slides into video.

Step 3. Finishing of Recording

If you are satisfied with the video then click on the blue button to stop recording, and select "done" to save your video. However, if you don't like it you can restart the process anytime. 

Step 4. Editing of the Video

Once you have completed the recording of the video you can edit it according to your requirements. You can add or delete overlays, video sounds, narrations, graphics, green screen etc.

Step 5. Publish and Share your Slideshow video

After completing the editing and creating work click on "Publish". You can save and publish your video directly on a YouTube channel, or Google Drive folder, or save your video as a file. And you can share it on any social media platform. 

Part 4 How to Custom Templates for Google Slides Presentation

Just imagine, how easy would it have been if you could create the templates for your slide show videos. This would have made your professional life so easy. If you too are looking for such an online tool which provides you with the feature for creating custom templates for your slideshow video then you should try Wondershare's Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Video Editor. Don't get confused with the name it's a video editor but has awesome features for creating custom slideshow videos. Following are some of the highlighting features of Filmora Video Editor.

Easy to use for beginners.

User-friendly interface and bunches of editing tools.

Library (royalty-free) containing hundreds of audio options.

Hundreds of templates, transitions, and filters to make your video eye-catching.

Here is a brief tutorial to use Wondershare Filmora Video Editor to create custom templates for your slideshow video.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1. Adding Photos and Videos 

Open Filmora and click on the "Import menu". Here select the photos and videos you want to use and click on "OK" to begin the importing.

import file filmora

Step 2. Positioning the Media Files on Timeline

Click on "File menu" > "Preferences option" > "Editing tab" > "Photo Placement drop-down menu". Here you can perform various functions like zooming of images, setting the duration of images, transitions and effects, crop and fitting. 

preferences filmora

Now if you want to add more images and videos repeat steps 1 and 2. 

Step 3. Use the transitions

Use transitions for smooth transitioning from one slide to another. Click on "Transition Setting Window" and set the duration for the transition.

transitions filmora

Step 4. Apply Filters and Overlays

Go to " Effect Tab" and select suitable filters and overlays for your video.

effects filmora

Step 5. Add Motion Graphics Element (Optional Step)

If you wish you can create motion graphics elements for your video. Click on the " Elements tab" and select the best suited for you.

elements filmora

Step 6. Record Voiceover and create a Soundtrack

Go to "Media tab" > " Record drop-down " > " Record Voiceover feature" to record and create soundtracks and voiceovers.

record voiceover filmora

Step 7. Exporting the Slideshow Video

After making all the adjustments in the video click on the "Export" and wait for the Export window to appear on the screen. Now here you can select the output format of the file and the location for exporting your slideshow video. 

export filmora

Ending Thoughts

Dear readers, now it's time, to sum up this article. We hope our efforts have made things simple for you. We have tried to bring you the best online templates available online.

You can now read our article and learn about the best slideshow video makers available online. You can use any one of them as per your need.

If you want to create custom templates for your slideshow video, then we recommend to try Wondershare Filmora Video Editor for easy and effective custom template creation.

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